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Birthday: 04/24

Andrew, 15, from Las Vegas, Nevada. There really isn't anything that I think is interesting about me that you would want to know of, but I'll share some stuff. For one, I really hate it when someone yells into my face because they're being loud and obnoxious .. like stop it. When I'm bored I usually download pictures of random people from my school and start photoshopping it. I started playing the guitar last year because I promised this girl that I'd play her a song, however I strongly think that I suck at playing the guitar lol srry. I have a strange infatuation with homicide murder cases and serial killers. People think I should get help, but I think getting help is really scary. I'm not popular at school and I love it because I hate getting the attention. I listen to pretty much anything music-wise. I'm a nice person, but I'm offensive most of the time lol srry. I don't really have much of friends to talk to, so if you're reading this and want to become my friend then please begin talking to me. Unfortunately for me all of my friends on here have moved on and lived their lives except for me. I still get on Gaia and sit there hoping for the best. Sometimes I wish that I could finally tell the girl that I love how much she means to me and how much I appreciate her presence in my life, but I could never do that because she might not think I'm being serious. It pains me to see her sitting there listening to the sound of her own bullshit. I love telling inside jokes. For those who want an apology from me then I'm sorry and forgive me or not. I don't really have alot of hope in the world anymore. I witnessed my mother cheating on my father at a young age and was like "duhfuq b***h" 2 my mom. Normal conversations are boring. I think school shootings are godlike. I was born in Apr. 24. Funfact - I was born 4 days after the Columbine. My favorite color used to to be the color blue, but now it's the color white. I wish I had a Gibson guitar. I'm extremely lazy. I'm a huge creep. I get uncomfortable around normal people. I memorized everything about Ted Bundy. I broke one of my friend's sanity. When I lay down I think of you with another person and it makes me happy because you're happier with that guy than you are with me. I've got dat existential narcissism. andyup.

fear the nobodies