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About the girl behind the Meido

i am single and happy as can be, i can be pretty sadistic when i want to and have a good sarcasm level, i can also be very quiet and formal but once you get to know me you will see i will go through hell and back for my friends, if that includes you, know i am there for you day and night.

my daily activities are my studies, writting,drawing and i like to be outside as long as the weather is good, i have several hobbies, baking,cooking,drawing,writting,sewing and sometimes another hobby is added depends on how much i like it.

when it comes to cooking i dont cook dutch food ,i am a type that likes to cook outside her own culture, currently i am busy with japanese, from bento to evening meals, with baking i like to try new things from cakes to cookies and more.

i love light and natural colours, i am addicted to music ,mostly musical soundtracks and anime soundtracks, though my favorite is celine dion and celtic woman, i rather have someone be honest and straight forward with me then lie in my face or behind my back, also roleplaying is something i love to do to kill time wich is a lot.

i have a strong dislike to liars, backstabers and those who harmed me or my friends to a point i simply cant forgive them, even though i am dutch i do not like many dutch type of meals wich is why love to cook as much as possible, i also have a strong dislike towards people who gossip or make fun of someone behind that persons back wheter it is a stranger or not i just hate it, if you have trouble with something you see just look the other way .

when it comes to anime i like a small list, though the stand outs are hetalia, uta no prince sama,sailor moon crystal, and a few others, and even though its no anime i also like my little pony friendship is magic i dont care what people think about that its my choice.

my journal will be used for updates about my cooking and pics even sometimes, also maybe if needed in the future hospital updates for friends who want to know.

well...i think thats about it for now......see ya later


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Quizes and other fun

here some fun quiz results and such from both my character her good side and her bad side, i will make 2 entries for those and labeled Dark and the other labeled Light


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Quest: Maid/Meido/Yandere items
Side Quest: avi arts 0/10


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