Go duck yourself.



    23♂, ♑
    College/Full Time Job

    XBL: Not Toast
    Skype: NotToast
    LoL: NotToast
    3DS: 1435-6467-0677
    Steam: Not Toast

    My philosophy on life is that I might die at any moment.
    The tragedy, is that I haven't.

    I'm a huge d**k. So be warned now, that I will almost guaranteed hurt you.
    I run people off without even realizing.

    But that doesn't mean I'm unreasonable,
    talk to me if I've offended you,
    if I feel you deserve an apology, I'll be more than willing to give it.

    I'm an apathetic cynic who is wasting their life away. Sadly, I don't really care much to do something with it.

    I'm the best of the worst,
    and the worst of the best.



    Special thanks for letting me jack & modify their code to:


    and anyone else that I have learned code from.

    I code profiles, but due to a job, I may or may not take extended time.

    I can do near anything you can request. Sometimes you may have to provide an example, or an image, such as:

    This, or this.

    It doesn't have to be perfect, just get the point across.

    Due to me not really wanting to code profiles as of right now, the price has been massively inflated to try to persuade people against comissioning me.
    So, the default price for all profiles will be 50B as of right now.
    If that's in your price range, then hit me up, and I'll be happy to code you a profile.
    I as well have a week guarantee, and ever day after will decrease by .5B

    More examples of profiles I have coded:

    Example 1
    Example 2
    Example 3
    Example 4,
    Example 5.

    If my style doesn't appeal to you, these people are also amazing at coding profiles:




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