My profile abuses invisible scroll bars.
    So, if it looks like it randomly ends,
    it probably doesn't.

    The best have tried, and failed.
    There is no hope for the rest of you.

    Twenty-Two / Gender Irrelevant /
    Someplace in NA / Robosexual /
    Unitologist - Altman Be Praised.

    I work in a Group Home,
    they're cooler than half of you assholes.



    Special thanks for letting me jack & modify their code to:


    and anyone else that I have learned code from.

    I code profiles, but due to a job, I may or may not take extended time.

    I can do near anything you can request. Sometimes you may have to provide an example, or an image, such as:

    This, or this.

    It doesn't have to be perfect, just get the point across.

    My prices vary depending on the layout.
    The older, established layouts that I have, will be cheap, around 20M.
    If you have something you specifically want, it will depend on how complex it is for me to code.
    The more recent profiles that "I" use, will run upwards of 1B.
    If you feel it's worth more than the price that I set, feel free to tip.

    More examples of profiles I have coded:

    Example 1
    Example 2
    Example 3
    Example 4
    Example 5
    Example 6,
    Example 7.

    If my style doesn't appeal to you, these people are also amazing at coding profiles:



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