I want to thank the friends I made along this journey, and I wouldn't have been happier meeting the people I met.
Of course I took time to think of this decision, and honestly I'm okay leaving gaia now.
I have much ahead of me, and my time here is over.
I spent many years here and I just can't say thank you enough to the friends I made.
I'm leaving my contact below if you want to still chat with me.
All my items and gold are being sent to my close friend asap.

Thanks for a good 9 years Gaia, but its my time to finally leave! I love you my friends and the people that read this.

I'm going to miss you all.


Contact / Social Media :

Skype : Jemmmxd
Snapchat : Jemmmcx
Kik : Jemmxd
Vine : ye
Twitter : yeye
Facebook : Ask for it, whatever.

You can also PM me if you like.
But if you contact me from any above, tell me who you are and you came from Gaia.

goodbye. heart