All alone, or in twos,
    The ones who really love you
    Walk up and down outside the wall.
    Some hand in hand,
    And some gathered together in bands.
    The bleeding hearts and artists
    Make their stand.
    And when they've given you their all
    Some stagger and fall.
    After all, it's not easy
    Banging your heart against some mad bugger's wall.

    -Pink Floyd

    ♥ Every time I meet someone who has never heard of George Carlin I die a little inside.

    ♠ I'm engaged

    ♥ Don't send me a random friend request until you've at least spoken to me for a little while, please.

    ♠ RIP centaur body, July 24, 2008- November 19,2012. It just wasn't meant to be.

    ♥ My interests usually fall under the categories of: science fiction, comedy and video games.


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Alright, I'm glad you're not too upset ;u;

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Oh wow that effin' bites! :"c
I'm so sorry!! I'm sure you might be able to find someone who can give them to you! If I had them I would :c

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Thx for buying!~

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I feel like the government just has 99 excuses, but we're surely not one sorry had to reference that lol

Oh geez, thanks so much! It was actually really helpful! Occasionally they do weird forum mini events like this and I get so confused haha

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And I totally understand that. There was no way I was gonna get student loans either. I hate when they pull that as an excuse though, " oh well we have ways of people to get money for college." You mean you have ways to get people to pay x2 what their college education is really worth.

And that's what I don't understand. Yes that may happen, but you DO have a lot of teachers who love their job and want nothing more than to teach. What about doctors? They're paid out of the wazoo but are they really any different? I don't think so.

I saw, but what are they for??? Usually I'm on top of events but I'm confused on these qAq

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Hey, you gave me items, so why not return the donations! I keep delaying my questing; My quest is around 8mil so I'm not in any rush haha
Yes! It's my forte and I really would love to pursue it.
Yeah, I think it's ridiculous. Why should we pay a football player millions, but we don't pay our teachers, police officers, firemen, etc that much?
Even on the opposite spectrum, if you wish to have educated citizens, Education cannot be an arm and a leg to afford. I'm going to a cheap community college and I'm STILL paying too much. My parents cannot afford my education and as a straight out of high school student, I'm trying to pay off college debts with just minimum wage. Eugh.

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Oh wow! Is it okay if I donate? c:
I'm in early childhood education at the moment, but I'm gonna switch to an Animation major c:
Juniper Tea

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Juniper Tea

Thank you for your purchase.

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Oh how wonderful! What are you questing for? c:
And I am doing awlright! I'm a bit tired coming home from a long work/school day!

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Hello! Hope all is well! Sorry I haven't been online much...School and work has swamped me ;u;
How have you been?


Adult female. Bored.
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Thank you.