"Much madness is divinest sense...

My name is Alex.
But Nork to you profile creeper.
I am 8299 days old as of now.
I am located in Shithole, IN.
I am a blogger/ranter/singer/gamer.
who has nothing to do, and all the time in the world to do it.
I am married to a wonderful brit.
Yes, I realise that my avi is a female.
Don't ask for a life story, we don't have enough time in the day.
I listen to a lot of music, but mainly metal and it's many sub-genres.
I am a metal vocalist in training, still trying to perfect it.
If I had it my way, everyone would happily drink tea and shut up.
....unless they had something profound to say.
.......or funny.......
I have no idea what to else to really say, shocked you're still reading.
I feel that I drink entirely too much.
I hate being called a grammar nazi.
What the hell is so wrong with proper spelling and grammar?!
Or punctuation for that matter?
If you have something negative to say to me, prepare to stand in line,
I hear the line is mind bogglingly long.
I like gorey suspense/horror films. The cheesier, the better.
B grade kung fu films are pretty epic as well.
Pretty sure I should of been born with a game controller in my hand
(or a lightsaber, in a galaxy far, far away...)
Something like 7K+ hours of gaming according to Steam/Raptr
And that is just what was able to be tracked
8 days of Halo Reach time...who does that?!
I think at this point I am just rambling, pm me if you wanna talk...
...I pretty much stay bored with my ADD an' all..

...Much sense the starkest madness"


the rambles of a punk rocker




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Psycho Mantis Lives

Report | 03/01/2013 5:49 pm

Psycho Mantis Lives

I played it just the other day. I haven't gotten to pick up my copy yet though.
I had some unexpected bills that needed to be addressed.
Thankfully I was able to preorder the special edition.
It's being held at an undisclosed location.

it's cool that you've been able to spend time with friends.
The majority of mine live too far away to hang out on a regular basis.
Psycho Mantis Lives

Report | 03/01/2013 5:27 pm

Psycho Mantis Lives

I noticed.
I've been on regularly (mainly late nights while working).
How've you been?
Psycho Mantis Lives

Report | 03/01/2013 5:20 pm

Psycho Mantis Lives

Long time no talk bro.

Report | 02/24/2013 12:07 pm


What??? D:

Report | 02/16/2013 11:32 am


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your national anthem

Report | 02/14/2013 2:35 pm

your national anthem

gonk gonk gonk
your national anthem

Report | 02/14/2013 1:54 pm

your national anthem

lol ya thats no good
your national anthem

Report | 02/14/2013 1:48 pm

your national anthem

the city is cool
i live in more of a country area though, but im not far from the city
your national anthem

Report | 02/14/2013 1:43 pm

your national anthem

ew that suckkks, mine always wanna go out
your national anthem

Report | 02/14/2013 1:39 pm

your national anthem

yeah, ill see my friends of course


"Tally up those points for me
We're settling the score
After everything we've started
[color= grey]You're going to keep begging me for more"[/color]