Warning Adult Situation A Head

Welcome to my profile. Honestly, I don’t see why you’re here reading about me, unless you’re seriously interested in me, just leaving a comment or stalking me.

Before I get deep into my about I’m going to answer the same things I get all the time.

-1- I have a lot of rare things. No, I will not be selling any of them any time soon or maybe ever, who knows. Also just because I have a ton of things so doesn’t mean I’m rich and have tons of spare gold. So STOP BEGGING me for gold.

-2- I’ve had a lot of accounts and like to leave the past of them in the PAST so take a chance to get to know me again and just be happy with what you get.

-3- Don't add me to your friend list if you’re not going to talk to me. I hate having a million people on my list of people who stop talking to me. If you stop and leave all the pming to me I'll remove you. I don't ONE SIDE things!!



-✖- Hello, my name is Ryan, I have a problem I’m semi addicted to Gaia.
I spend most of my time here so if I’m not online then it must be something important or I bought a new game. Also, I rarely here on Wednesdays in the day because that’s the only time my Real Life is active happen. I also get distracted a lot, so sometimes I’m offline and come back online as soon as I remember Gaia has logged me out.

-✖- Not really, as you can see I don’t do a lot of things outside this site. It’s kind of one of the only place I still have. If you’re wondering why that is it’s because I have some Mental Illness that prevent me from working or being social offline. I put a link to lead you to where that you can learn more about what I deal with daily.

-✖- My body is 29 years old, but really I’m only 13 years old. I have a condition called D.I.D, which means I’m a second personality to someone. I came into existence in 2004 sometime in the spring, although I couldn’t tell you what the exact date was.

-✖- I live in the biggest City in the state of Montana. It’s kind of lame and a last spot were fashions come. We are kind of so lame we just got a Fat Boys here in town.

-✖- Have you read my my thread?
Well guess what it is kind of true I’m used to be working my way to be a Mortician.
I’m your Gaia Undertaker Baby!

I asked a lot of people what they would want to read in an about and 9/10 said they would like to know about peoples likes and dislikes goals and so on. Well I’ll put it on here and on my interest so people can tag me. Whatever that is?


-✖- Alternative, Easy Listening, Dance, Electronic, Emo, Genre, Rock, Grunge, Indie, Jazz, Classical, Oldies, old Pop, Punk, and Japanese/Korean rock

Mangas and Animes

-✖- Shounen-ai, Shounen, Shoujo-ai, Sci-fi, Supernatural, Tragedy, Romance, Psychological, Mystery, Horror, Fantasy, Ecchi, Drama, Comedy, Hentai, and adventure

Real Movies

-✖- Romance, Mystery, Horror, Gorge, Suspense, Psychological, Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Comedy

Video Games

-✖- Harvest moons, Kingdom Hearts Series, Tales Series, Final Fantasy/ branched games from FF, Pump It Up, Ace Attorney, Naruto games, Zeldas, Wii fit


-✖- Writing, Sleeping, Drawing, Taking Pictures, Walking, Reading, Gaia, Driving, Listening to music, Painting, Sewing, Playing the Piano, and cleaning other people’s house.


-✖- Studying the dead and culture of death. Writing in boy love rps. Questioning everything and anything.


-✖- Yes, I informing people about all of my fun disorders, so welcome to the bullet about my mind. I have all the following: Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar disorder, Borderline personality disorder, Depression, Dissociative identity disorder, Emotional disorder, Gender identity disorder ( This means I'm male trapped in a Female body), Insomnia, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Panic attacks, Panic disorder, Paranoid personality disorder, and finally Social phobia. Why am I telling you all things though? Well it’s not because I’m a wonderful sick ******** it’s cause I want you to know in Special words. I’m messed up and these disorders effect how I will react to you and people. I hate explaining it over and over so I decided to just, be super and put it in here for you all.

Yay moving on.


-✖- My host really joined Gaia on August 28 of 2003, though this account was made for me a long time after that. Oddly, ever since I joined Gaia I haven’t been a big popular avi. I can remember once I had 11pm at one time. That I think was my record. I never made it in the high numbers on Comments or filled an Inbox, or even had more than 2 pages of friend. I guess that is really sad in its own lame way.

-✖- I have almost every MC on gaia from 04-Current. I'm still hoping to get the 03's I wanted and some of the new items Gaia keep throwing in box prize chance thing.

-✖- A few years ago I started to Rp, I’m not really wonderful at it but everyone I have rped with seemed to think I’m good enough. I’m really busy with that many I have right now so I would offer to do on with you but way too busy.

-✖- I used to do Freebie Avi art but I stopped once again because I have neither time nor the inking pens. Only because I broke the last ones I had for doing couple art and getting it snubbed.

-✖- I have a bad habit of falling for people on gaia. Like a lot of people, and I love to flirt with everyone I can. Though honestly I would kill for someone special for me on gaia. Just a relaxing love life between pixels only. [This is a lie keep reading you’ll find out soon.]

-✖- Want to date me well... [ You can't] I’m Bisexual, but I lean more toward men than women [only because of a disorder I have] Sometimes it’s easier to call me Gay, but if you know me you know why we don’t. Oddly I like my Men more girly or a brat then my women and my Women more strong and dominant. Yeah I know I’m messed up. Oh I play both seme and uke just matter what mood I'm in. Just so you know I don’t like those labels so don’t read into seme uke seke crap with me.

-❤- Reason My heart is not for the taking… -❤-

Kerian Nightlove
⋛⋋ My Lover ⋌⋚
Keri is one of the most important people in my life. Every day he reminds me of something so important while somehow making me fall in love with him every day. He is my Tsuma-Sama... Well maybe one day -winks- Together since Monday, May 30th 2011~
[Sat 13th or Sun 14th "Was called his soulmate."]
And on February 18th 2015, we were Married here on gaia.

Important people

-✖- Being on Gaia for so many years you meet a lot of great people. A few of my greats have even taken our friendship so far we have our own special thing. These Boys and Girls stole pieces of my Heart and been around for me every time I have a fall.

*☆ My Co-Writer ☆*
Mana and I met in art freebie//rp thread. While playing around with her character I talked her into rping. Well... After writing for a month our rp turned into a story. Our characters are amazing together too. Mana is an artist and she draws Ryan and Marcus sometimes. So we have a great story and amazing art. Some art of Ryan x Marcus

My Pimp
*$ ❤ $*
This is my Pimp~ Jealous right? I mean look at him! GAW ... He so knows how to treat me right when my Boyfriend is missing. You better love him or I'll cut you!

-Your New Cardigan-
This is Zane, we are “not-boyfriends” but really we dated once upon a time ago. But things happened and we had to break up. But after a long time [a year] we got back to talking and being the same good buddies we are now. Zane is really amazing in the sense that he can solve almost every problem I have. On top of that he gives me signs and plays with one of my fetishes. Tease! But anyway you should ask my “not-boyfriends” about his harem pants!

Suicidal Paper
Sui is the most Amazing person in the world. Seriously don't hurt or touch Sui unless Sui allows it or I'll hunt you down. Sui is Super important to me and I have Sui's Piplup it sleeps with me every night. Jealous Much? You know you are!

Isin has become like family to me, and has helped me through some tough times. Isin is also the current owner of an rp that I’m in and we have a pair of characters who are awesome together.

Riku is also like family too me, though he’s more my precious baby that I need to bubble wrap. If it was for his roleplay I wouldn’t have met Isin and all the wonder people who are in the Timer rp with me.

Yume Yokohama
Yume is one of the first people I ever started writing rp with. We been in a lot of rps together and even had a one x one of our own about a trap and a nerd. She also spoils me with gifts, which is never necessary, but it’s always nice.

-✖- Didn't make the list well keep trying cause I'll let you rock my profile someday.

My Personal Links

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-✖-Signs Made for me

-✖-Art Made for me

-✖- My Roleplay “Bound by Blank Pages”

Amazing Places
These are Thread I hang out in and Support you should go there and hang out. That is if you don’t already.

-✖- Foxy's Game Corner! Open! Chat, Hangout, and Have Fun!

-✖- ✨Ѧѵaℓoȵ Ѧℓ℘ℌa✨ Spring/Summer Parties![/ur]

-✖- That is it…
No really there is nothing left to Read…
Get out of here unless you wanna comment or stalk me…


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Kouhai Jubes

Report | 09/10/2017 1:41 am

Kouhai Jubes

I know, but I wanted to xDD
Kouhai Jubes

Report | 09/10/2017 12:14 am

Kouhai Jubes

I don't recall if I've ever commented on your profile or not... >W>

So here ya go, senpai.


Report | 06/04/2017 4:04 pm


A lot, it's a big rp but I already placed an order with a friend of mine. smile
OS Lord Dante

Report | 05/17/2017 8:08 pm

OS Lord Dante

OS Lord Dante

Report | 05/17/2017 12:11 pm

OS Lord Dante

that's always good to hear, idk, my biggest worries in life here recently, have been keeping my job and saving up money bc I need to buy a new car lol
OS Lord Dante

Report | 05/15/2017 8:48 pm

OS Lord Dante

npnp, and that's not healthy lol
OS Lord Dante

Report | 05/14/2017 11:50 am

OS Lord Dante

js don't worry about boundaries with me, im an open person lol, and if you do something that bothers me or anything of the nature, il tell you straight out, its one of the ways im a very blunt person lol
also, if for whatever reason you do something that actually pisses me off and I tell you to drop it or not do it again or ill do whatever, listen, bc I really wil do whatever I say it is lol, I cant count how many people ive blocked or ripped thr a** a new one because they didn't listen lol
OS Lord Dante

Report | 05/14/2017 11:44 am

OS Lord Dante

I wouldn't take it as flirting tbh just bc whats sexy about sweat pants and a beater lmfao
and eeeeey lazy crew~ rofl rofl rofl
OS Lord Dante

Report | 05/14/2017 11:34 am

OS Lord Dante

tbh I love my shorts tyvm rofl
tbh im honestly wearing sweats and a beater rn tho, im lazy lol
OS Lord Dante

Report | 05/14/2017 11:05 am

OS Lord Dante

its beyond annoying as s**t lol
finding good looking clothes especially is a pain in the a** xd


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