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It's been awhile since I updated my about me. Time for a rewrite, since I've realized things about myself and matured a bit. My name is Christopher, but call me Chris or Noire.
First off, I'm an anime fan, borderline on otaku. As long as it seems interesting I'll watch it. My current favorites are Free, Trinity Blood, Nightraid 1932 Full Metal Alchemist, D-Gray Man, Pokemon, and Soul Eater. I tend to go crazy when they're mentioned and will list my pairings, favorite episodes, favorite pairings... yeah...
I also read manga. I absolutely love Naruto, Soul Eater, Blood Lad, One Piece, Negima, and Flame of Recca (Thanks for the answer, Koinu-tan).
My favorite bands are The GazettE, girugamesh, and Fall Out Boy. my favorite music genres are Visual Kei, rock, and techno. My favorite singers are YOHIO and Gackt. I also absolutely love Vocaloid. My favorite Vocaloids are Gumi, KAITO, MEIKO, Kagamine Len, and Bruno. I listen to few of them, but I like a few of the UTAUloids, and my favorite is Namine Ritsu.
I'm also a minor fan of Doctor Who, Homestuck, and Sherlock.
My favorite animals are crows, wolves, pandas, cats, and dogs. My favorite mythical animals are dragons, vampires, kitsune, and phoenixes.
My personality is... strange, according to others. I'm stubborn but accepting. I love my friends but I'm a loner. I'm a major bookworm but I love being in new places. I'm also optimistic, and sometimes naive.
I'm out of High School and going for a Doctorate in history. If all goes well I'll be an archaeologist. I'm also a triplet, the middle child. Gay. Single. Christian in my beliefs. My beliefs are strange though: Anyone; religious, nonreligious, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, "pagan," New Age religion or otherwise; can make it to heaven as long as they do good with their life. I also tend to rush some decisions while taking others too slow. And finally: If you brush something off as a "first world problem", blame something on "but they were brainwashed!!!1!!", or say to someone being discriminated against to "just go somewhere else" I will probably never take you seriously again.
Shout out to my closest Gaia family: Blondie, Ginger, and Ghosty.
Another shout out to my close friends: Austin, Ambi, and Rosa. Love you guys.
Noire out, peace!

I do consider random friend requests, depends on my mood. However, if I've interacted you even in the slightest way beforehand I'd be more likely to accept.


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BIesse Report | 03/29/2015 3:19 pm
You're welcome, have a great one. ^^
Silver Evans Report | 03/29/2015 3:05 pm
Silver Evans
Happy bday bruh.
BIesse Report | 03/29/2015 6:10 am
Happy birthday! ^^
Holmgeir Report | 03/29/2015 5:22 am
Happy Birthday! emotion_c8
Ichigo Arerugi Report | 03/28/2015 11:42 am
Ichigo Arerugi
I am the master of all puns. The punchline is lined up waiting for me to hit 'em all down.
Ichigo Arerugi Report | 03/28/2015 11:38 am
Ichigo Arerugi
You look so foxy, m80 xd rofl
The Magical Yuri Toaster Report | 03/28/2015 9:33 am
The Magical Yuri Toaster
Ah I wasn't sure if your birthday was today or tomorrow but I guess early is better than late. 3nodding In any case, I hope its a good birthday.
Simply Tezi Report | 03/19/2015 11:04 pm
Simply Tezi
Your sig art is so cute! emotion_yatta
Tall Dark and Snarky Report | 03/18/2015 9:23 am
Tall Dark and Snarky
Kekeke, what style?
The style of divine intervention : When one thing looks good EVERY BLUE MOON.
Thank you though. xo)
Tall Dark and Snarky Report | 03/18/2015 9:03 am
Tall Dark and Snarky
I've seen your other art in your signature once or twice.
It all cute to me, kekeke~

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