I suppose I should start with the basics.
Call me Belle or Noc if you'd be so kind.
I was born on February 25th. Mark it in your book, I'm expecting a present.
My age is none of your concern.
My location happens to be under your bed.
My eye colour is brown, I know, common right?
My hair colour is black, I like the colour, just not how curly and frizzy it is.
My skin is tanish.
I support gay rights and am against bullying.
Dementedly is my waifu <3333
I adore animals! Wolves, meerkats, and saber tooth tigers being my favourites.
Black, blue, magenta, red, and aqua are among my favourite colours.
I adore music! Any kind at all really. My taste varies.
I don't know what I want to do with my life in the future.
I currently have a job in the zoo.
I love roleplaying.

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Wanna know more? Hit me up, maybe I'll want to talk with you.

Remember when getting high meant swinging on the playground?
When protection meant wearing a helmet.
And the worst thing you could get from boys were cooties.
Race issues meant who ran the fastest.
War was a card game, and drugs were cough medicines.
The only things that hurt you were skinned knees and goodbye only meant for tomorrow.
After a while, you learn the difference between holding hands and falling in love. You begin to learn the kisses don't always mean something. Promises can be broken just as quickly as they are made. And goodbyes really are forever.

Love hurts. Boys lie. Friends cry. People die. Parents yell. You always try. You're never good enough, And you don't know why.

You may hear me say this a lot:

'Take a lick, b***h. I'm poison; ******** deadly.' ~ Jay, Inject Me Sweetly.
'Reeces pieces butter cup, mess with me I'll ******** you up.' ~ Dahvie, Keys to the Bakery
'Evolution was wasted on people.'
'IDGAF.' ~ Blood On The Dance Floor
'I'm sorry, do I look like I give a s**t?'
'Sexy ******** ********.'
'I live above the influence. No drugs, no smoking, no drinking. Got a problem with it?'
'I live on the corner of 'Kiss My a**' avenue and 'No Friggin' Way'.'
'They say memories create who you are, what if mine do nothing but destroy me?'
'Life isn't fair, you learn to live with it.'
'Ignorance is your new best friend.' ~ Paramore, Ignorance
'I have this condition where I just can't give a flying ********.'
'You know how there are different kinds of intelligent? Well, you're none of them.'
'My haters are my motivators.'
'You my friend, are a dirty frog ********.' ~Fluffie