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Not much to talk about, except I'm a girl who love video games so much. I mean, REALLY love it. I play most of the genres, but I kind of prefer RPGs (open-world is good) and Action. Play some FPS as well. Oh and I do play MOBA, it's DOTA2. smilies/icon_3nodding.gif

Currently playing:
-Dragon Age: Inquisition (So far the best game I've ever played in 2014, will spend a lot more time on this one since the world is just very big)
-Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Still adventuring around Mordor, nice game and concept, though haven't really into it yet)
-Thief (Like the atmosphere. While not perfect, I think the dev really make a good job at remaking this game)
-Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga (Hard game, but very interesting gameplay. One click and poof---you're a dragon. Love the story also. Currently replaying the game since Steam Cloud messed up my old save data)
-DOTA2 (yes yes no comment on this, I'm just addicted)

Gonna try Far Cry 4 later since I kinda have so many to play already smilies/icon_xd.gif

Find me!: smilies/icon_3nodding.gif (oh, please, if you want to add me comment here first, I don't like random people who beg in my profile)
Facebook: Tifa Urne
Twitter: Elestrea
Steam: Noctiva
Uplay: lierre88
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Len's amazing journal

A very amazing journal of mine lol


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oh, geez. got cut again. when i previewed the comment, it showed me it all fit in one comment!
anyway, here's the rest. sweatdrop

so i'm gonna go back and strike that out. lol basically, i don't like to end things that has life. no matter how much annoyed, angry, or want to put an end to someone, taking life away isn't anyone's decision.
how about u? what would u do if u were given that chance? =)
(hahaha, that's alright. XD )

aw, how cute. whee

(^ u ^)b

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ahahaha, i thought you meant in general. :sweat: aside from school events that require girls to wear a dress (but wore long pants at the bottom XD ) and the school uniform, never wore a skirt or just a dress before. i'm too conservative that i don't even want to wear sandals even sometimes when at the beach (rubbershoes ftw! XDDD ). but i'm [u]forced[/u] nowadays to wear sandals from time to time. :zombie:

i wish i have a time machine so i can see u when u were still a kid. i bet u were an adorably cute little girl - wearing such cute clothes! :heart:


oops! omg!!! sorry, i was thinking of the gloves u showed me that was of Link and how they got the costume wrong while i was SUPPOSE to type u cosplayed Len. :gonk: this is what's been happening if a person keeps thinking too many things at the same time! :gonk: :face-palm:
let me turn my ava so u can see what it looks like. XD ...Tada! :rofl:

i did regret it, hence i let it grow again. goal this time: to let it grow longer than before; below my knees this time. only, so i won't miss my short hair as well, i only cutoff the upper half of the hair short in a style that will still look like long boy-ish hairstyle. :)) but even that grew long below my shoulders now. =___= still, when i tie the bottom half and hide it, people think i cut my hair. which is perfect coz i mastered cutting my hair to a style where i can go from long to short or viceversa. transformer hair. lol. XD
there's truth to that. sometimes it does feel messier when it's lenght is from below the shoulder until the back's lenght. but it doesn't feel that way anymore when it gets longer than that. at least that's my experience. you should keep it short if u want. u look cute :heart: atm. :whee: (saw ur pic w/ ur fb link on ur profile.)
that's great, avoid using hair gel, hairspray, etc.. we share the same opinion. if it looks good in it's natural state, then that is one awesome hair and haircut. i only use either of them coz sometimes it gets windy and i'm not really fond of fixing my hair like girl's do. combing it w/ my fingers isn't enough sometimes and it frustrates me to need to go to the bathroom to comb it in front of a mirror. it takes too much time! :gonk: you have one awesome hair if you don't have a problem with strong wind. :kirakira:

i feel ur pain. bcoz they had a value to u that's why it still hurts after all these years.
wow, ur friend is amazing. =o what is ur passion then? (world domination? lol JOKE! XD )

true. i rarely play zOMG but i', sad for the friends who do. we did met and became friends through that game. seeing some who are already hiatus since 2009 was already painful. now a lot more are gonna leave. :zombie:
hahaha, don't forget those who u try to have a conversation w/ don't like to have one. XD
arrange a get-together-slash-bonding-time/day w/ ur friends once in a while. =) we go out for bowling or eating somewhere together.

hence in a life-or-death scenario. not all of heroes die, but majority of them do. soldiers are a perfect example of heorism. well, it is good that they gave recognition for their sacrifice, it's the least they could do for the 'heroes'. but reality and it's cruelty still hits me like it's thrown at my head; "it's just a title. hehh..." [i]i say w/ a forced, and dry, empty smile[/i] "nobody does like to find them dead. yeah, sure, a title of recognition is the least they could do for the dead heroes... haha..." [i]long pause[/i] "but it doesn't give them a chance to be happy w/ the people and the world they just saved."[i]plainly feels unhappy afterwards.[/i] something like that. XD
i don't want to be a hero. if i were to end something, it has to be something that shouldn't have existed, something that ruins the balance of life or earth. [strike]something evil?[/strike] i don't want to say it like that coz it would look like i'm very religious or supersticious. like in fictions, u know, "i shall thwart evil" and such. so i'm gonna
_beth mu_

Report | 11/21/2014 6:19 am

_beth mu_

jiahh, donasi dong neng haha

Report | 11/21/2014 3:39 am


Samasama gong :*
_beth mu_

Report | 11/19/2014 7:12 am

_beth mu_

ivy dah.. tumben ol malem" haha emotion_awesome

Report | 11/15/2014 5:46 am


50 nomer totalnya, gue cari di internet yang bab 4 gak ada ._.
ada banyak nih:
Dirge's Chant
Pure Marionette Restrung
Abrasive Tattle Tale
Yahefiel's Hope
Sinful Spice
Pride of Hubris
Sumafo Obsession
Kama's Persuasion
Star Fighter

Report | 11/15/2014 5:15 am


terima kasih donasinya *sembah2*
btw bio gimana nih?

Report | 11/07/2014 5:27 pm


well that makes two of us xD i too need more weekends to rest DX work s good but really tiring..
yup! you got it smile i'm on attachment as part of our school thing ><

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ooohh~! well, idk about cosplay, but i do love to cross-dress ever since i was in elementary (i think that was waayyy before cross-dress cosplays were fairly known) just coz boys clothes had more nice taste. my style was never (and i think can't be) done w/ girl's clothes. i have a thing for lots of chains, lots of pockets & zippers... gothic and rock themes of the sort. didn't even know i was actually cross-dressing until i learned about that word in high school. that reminds me, you looked so nice in your legend of zelda costume. emotion_kirakira emotion_kirakira heart heart heart
yep, u rocked out that blue hair alright. and made it work w/ other items very well, too. 3nodding
yeeaaahhh... um... that's coz irl i had a long hair that reaches o my knees. then i cut it short coz 1)something personal, 2)i've always wanted to try cutting my hair myself w/ the many styles/designs i have in my head if i can rock a short hair - and i did successfully cut it to my liking to a boy-cut length in a sort of anime-sh style, 3)to stop people calling me Rapunzel. then i missed my long hair so i let it grow again and it's length now is below my knee. i cut the upper half to a boy-cut still coz i don't wanna get rid of that short look. so if i feel like having a short hair i just tie and hide my longer half and style my upper short half w/ gel, wax, hairspray, etc., for that still anime-ish boy-cut air. that way, i don't have to miss either of them. i have so many creative ideas in my head. rofl anyway, the times when i feel like having a short hair again when i don't have the time to fix my hair into it, i make my avi do it for me and just watch it. then viceversa when i don't have time to fix the short half back in place w/ the long - my avi will fulfill that feeling by making it wear long hair, then stare. xd

oh, my. does everyone in your class own a PSP? the thief should experience something stolen from him/her as well, as punishment. emotion_zombie it really is a good thing you saved them in your
computer before hand. emotion_brofist
yep, that busy. and stressful. hahaha. lol aw, thanks so muuuch, tifa. really glad you like them. emotion_hug everybody starts w/ not-so-good drawings. you'll get there w/ practice. 3nodding

hahaha, that's how we like it; random topics to get rid of boredom! rofl

d ( O u O ) b
you can trust that i don't leave friends in the air just like that. i notify friends before leaving. i am here to stay as long as there is still a friend. 4laugh
it means a person is happy to be together w/ these people if they can't stop. s/he feels comfortable w/ them. xd
yeah. games can't please everyone. xd glad they are true friends though. 3nodding

hero is just a title for me. a plaque card to honor someone for giving their own life for someone else - as compensation. like, "he lost his life for that person. none of us could do that coz we're cowards. but he did. he should get something big like, a title! how about HERO?" the title is a reward. the fact it's a title for someone who did extraordinary things that's always in a life-or-death scenario. w/c most end up dead. =___= (not good @ explaining things. hope u understood. sweatdrop )
i guess it really is an old game. sweatdrop

we're close. i'm like a doting big sister and him like an adorably attached little bro. it was unnecessary, an ice cream would have been enough. but he'll do anything to make it up to me no matter what. xd

yes, it would. 3nodding ok, i'll check it out.


we weren't that close before, still like strangers getting acquainted. but now is different. emotion_yatta
_beth mu_

Report | 11/07/2014 9:15 am

_beth mu_

wokeh ^^


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