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Not much to talk about, except I'm a girl who love video games so much. I mean, REALLY love it. I play most of the genres, but I kind of prefer RPGs (open-world is good) and Action. Play some FPS as well. Oh and I do play MOBA, it's DOTA2. smilies/icon_3nodding.gif

Currently playing:
-The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (will keep playing this until I get bored. I mean, this game has no end right? smilies/icon_lol.gif)
-Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut (oh yes Jensen. Replaying HR because the boss overhaul looks cool. Still hate the way they disable the yellow filter though)
-DOTA2 (yes yes no comment on this, I'm just addicted)

Come add me and we can chat about anything smilies/icon_wink.gif

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Facebook: Tifa Urne
Twitter: Elestrea
Steam: Noctiva
Uplay: lierre88


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Len's amazing journal

A very amazing journal of mine lol


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sini gong brain clam bassken lake

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oh, my. i failed to notice my reply getting longer. just chatted away without a care. rofl

anyway: this is the part where my comment got cutoff from my monitor's view anyway. xd

arrow i like inventing something. i love creating things. i adore the knowledge i learn everyday - that interests me. XDDD
oh! i imagine stories, too. heart coz that's how far w can get atm. rofl i know what you mean, but i don't smile to myself coz i got sent to my own world, i smile just to myself coz i know i thought of something interesting. i have a few friends irl who really gets in to their own world - they won't notice anything or anyone even if it's in front of them. rofl
lol, tell 'em you just thought of something for a story and they won't think of it weird. if they do think it's unusual, then they're weird. your reason is valid, theirs aren't. xd

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[b][color=red]i see. :XD

they have to, coz it's their way of tempting us to waste real money. :burning:

:lol: yeah.

ah, yes. i know the feeling. i procrastinated a lot on a few games back then coz i never want them to reach the end. :lol:
but after years of being addicted to games, i find myself bored and want something new. almost everytime. :rofl:
it's like, "ooh~! adventure!" then suddenly i notice "it's just like the other games i've already tried - adventure, setting: (usual traveling like forests, mountains, town to town, planet to planet, and so on...), plot: usual save the 'blah blah blah' or survival", and the list goes on coz i think i've tried (if not all) most genres and all that. so i move on. not finishing out of boredom and gave up games eventually. but then the reason i played games was because i was bored, and STILL am (as i have already previously mentioned :XD ). so i ended up looking (in desperation) still for something new. real world is more boring and without games to make my day fun is just dreadful and my life is colorless. :lol: alas, i still haven't found anything that would satisfy my craving. i'm not even updated on what new games appeared on the face of the planet anymore. i'm taking my time (sooo slow) to look at what games came in last year, 3 years ago, 5 years ago, last month, this year, that year, and so on. :lol: i now usually watch a game's gameplay on youtube before playing them, if i've played something like it before, i then watch the next gameplay of another game on my list. plus, i've become very picky w/ games now. if it's to satisfy my boredom, then i want it to be very interesting including their graphics, art, etc... :rofl: no offense to all the gamers in the world!!! (||| = A=) //jumps back w/ peace signs// :sweat:
oh, ok. i'll look into Elder Scrolls' gameplay when i get the chance. :3nod: don't forget to get up from your chair every now and then so your blood will continue to flow. :rofl:
right now, every game, within 5 days after they got my interest, seems normal and plain to me. :awesome: . . . :facepalm:

i hope they'll all the games you lost from their product back as compensation!!! they should download each, and every one of the games for you! :donotwant:
yeah, you already worked hard to get to those current stages/chapters/quests, it's painful to find they are gone! :donotwant: if they really feel sorry, they at least have to download the games again for you. it will teach 'em a lesson. they won't be able to sleep. :dowant: nyahahaha!!! :twisted: //cough// pardon. my random evil thoughts popped out all of a sudden. XP

yeah, it's very much possible in a couple more years. especially if it's the country of japan. i know i can't do anything about it, but i want to be the one who invents it and introduces it the world. i never did lie having something over my eyes. i find it annoying and uncomfortable. even the glasses i'm wearing. (=___=)
getting the game in to the real world would be something. coz everyone can play it! ^u^ //for everyone!// and those who stress about eyewear won't have to worry about anything either! *u*
yeah... //scratch record sound, reality speaking// not happening. someone else will make it before i can even fulfill that dream. (# = ~ =)
i just listened to a news on tv that they already built a virtual beach inside their very own office in a building. that's exactly how i wanted the game come to life; to the real world. :facepalm: oh, well... i know what equipments i need, but i don't have them. we can't really do anything about it unless we're both that rich to afford all the stuff needed. :emo: . . . . . . so much dream-crashing. :lol:

i like inventing something. i love creating things. i adore the knowledge i learn everyday - that interests me. XDDD
oh! i imagine stories, too. :heart: coz that's how far w can get atm. :rofl: i know what you mean, but i don't smile to myself coz i got sent to my own world, i smile just to m

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tapi yang warnanya bagus harganya gak manusiawi -.- ntar loyal bazaar gue buka gak bisa beli apa2 tinggal receh wahaha

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SELALU emotion_bigheart
iyak biar tidurnya gak bablas wahaha.. mau beli wings mikir keras nih gonk crying gonk crying

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i try to! xD haha! but naturally, i can't come online whenever i want during the school semester >~< it always takes up a lot of my time..

hehe~ i'm glad it does biggrin it's the truth~ you really mean a lot to me as a friend~ biggrin and well.. as a princess.. xD
i hope that it will stay this way for a good long time~ ^O^

well Gaia ain't gonna have any profits if we keep spending gold xD haha! stressing us out just to squeeze out our real cash hmm? =w=
well~ that's business for you xD

i live in malaysia~! hehe~! but hwo are you gonna teach me from where you are? surprised

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lagi seru baca novel cyin, yowesslah ini juga kagak pada online wahaha
magandang gabi emotion_awesome

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mau maen apaan?

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itu udh bagus haha
banyak duit ye?