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Not much to talk about, except I'm a girl who love video games so much. I mean, REALLY love it. I play most of the genres, but I kind of prefer RPGs (open-world is good). I also play some FPS, MOBA, and some mobile-platform games whee

Currently playing:
-DOTA2 - still addicted ever since its launch sweatdrop
-The Elder Scrolls: Online - never thought a game could be this amazing, well, not much to do now since I've done mostly every end-game contents, so I just hang around and do some magical stuffs 4laugh
-AOV - when I'm away from PC and have nothing do

Besides playing games, I also love astronomy and history! 3nodding

Find me!: 3nodding (oh, please, if you want to add me comment here first, I don't like random people who beg in my profile)

Facebook: Ivy Marcia
Twitter: Elestrea
Steam: Elestrea
Uplay: lierre88


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Arczeighard Report | 11/13/2017 7:28 am
Main warframe skarang biggrin
Arczeighard Report | 11/10/2017 6:39 am
Gamau ah, bayar haha

main warframe aja masih patah2, gimana Elder SO
Arczeighard Report | 11/09/2017 4:58 am
Ya sepertinya sih makin sepi ini game, karna inflasi yang gila-gilaan dan makin gajelas gamenya hahaha

warframe karna pengalihan dari dota aja vy, dota udh aneh gw males mainnya hahahahha
Arczeighard Report | 11/08/2017 4:42 am
Naikin CL jadi gede itu cari partynya yg susah vy wkwkw

Duit gw masih sama aja kyk gw tinggal dulu tuh ga brubah

Udh jarang si online RO2, lagi main warframe wkwkwk
Arczeighard Report | 11/03/2017 6:56 pm
Gw main RO2 lg skarang hehe 3nodding
Arczeighard Report | 11/03/2017 6:54 pm
Bukannya sama aja ya duit earn dari zOMG nya skarang sama kmaren2? Hahaha

Jadi platinum?
Arczeighard Report | 11/02/2017 1:30 am
Baik juga kok aku wkwk

Ilang gimana? Ada yg buka kali? Aku gatau loh ya punya km haha

Enak nih main dulu balik lagi, barang pada naik harganya

Ada apa km skarang main lagi? Haha
Arczeighard Report | 11/01/2017 8:57 am
Apakabar nich? Wkwk heart
Arczeighard Report | 10/30/2017 7:01 am
Dih masih online aja kamu heart
RedSparkz01-6 Report | 06/12/2017 2:12 am
Hahaha, I was thinking about it but, I know it'll be an abandoned account sweatdrop a few seconds after creating it. lol
Ooh~ we could when we get the chance to be online at the same time. emotion_kirakira Don't feel pressured about zOMG, you already have school giving you that. Take your time dealing with school. wink

Yup, the 6th. It is absolutely fine, thank you~ heart emotion_hug

You can pass that written exam, you're awesome, remember? emotion_dealwithit Then I shall prepare a lot of cookies in advance. emotion_awesome
Wow, I guess it's true most Pisces are perfectionists. rofl I rarely had a reliable group, the only person I could count on from the group members was my rl bestfriend - when we were together in a group. rofl I asked for my rl friends help almost all the time even though we're not in the same class. Try asking yours, they might surprise you. wink heart
You can always tell your teacher if you have had enough that some of them refuse to do their part. 3nodding

Thanks, I will try my best to not get stressed. lol
Ikr? I do go for that 'act-like-an-employee' and when some think I might be the owner's daughter due to the way how the workers' approach and listen, I pass it off saying it's what my job position is for.
No special treatments. We take the business seriously and argue like the rest when problem arises. But yeah... It doesn't feel right coz it's a different experience from actually striving to look for a job and landing a job. Cooped up from the world, just like how my parents want. But I will continue rebelling against them and try to get a job somewhere else again after my two years rest. LOL. rofl

Hhmmm... confused I will seriously think about whether to get an FB account or not. lol
How's your day, Tiffa? heart

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