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Not much to talk about, except I'm a girl who love video games so much. I mean, REALLY love it. I play most of the genres, but I kind of prefer RPGs (open-world is good) and Action. Play some FPS as well. Oh and I do play MOBA, it's DOTA2. smilies/icon_3nodding.gif

Currently playing:
-The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (will keep playing this until I get bored. I mean, this game has no end right? smilies/icon_lol.gif)
-Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut (oh yes Jensen. Replaying HR because the boss overhaul looks cool. Still hate the way they disable the yellow filter though)
-DOTA2 (yes yes no comment on this, I'm just addicted)

Come add me and we can chat about anything smilies/icon_wink.gif

Find me!: smilies/icon_3nodding.gif (oh, please, if you want to add me comment here first, I don't like random people who beg in my profile)
Facebook: Tifa Urne
Twitter: Elestrea
Steam: Noctiva
Uplay: lierre88


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Len's amazing journal

A very amazing journal of mine lol


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wei smile

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oh my my! thank you very much! hehe~ i don't know if my computer has enough space though >w>
but wow.. you...my personal teacher.. 4laugh i'm greatly honored!

ehh.. your laziness..? is 4 hours at least..? hahaha! you're exactly the same as me.. ><
my mum would always tell me not to sleep so late.. but i still do xD haha! sometimes, it can't be helped..

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hahaha, too long again. NOW i got cut off again. xd (i really need to work on my communicating skills so i can interact w/ people w/ the right words to shorten what i'm saying.)
last part where it was broken:
" hahaha, i think 'fairly' if not much. and both of us the same. only, i make my explanations longer coz i don't really know how to explain through words. not a people-person. sweatdrop
but yeah, same short points in the past. xd

oh, and save the drawings on your own photobucket account or whatever you use to store your pics for only.
here ya go (drawings) :
1st/sketch ; 2nd art ; 3rd-A ; 3rd-B ; 4th-A ; 4th-B ; 4th-C
gosh, i'm sorry for the lousy arts. i stopped more than 4 years drawing (only did doodles and scribbles during those 4 years) before deciding to draw again which was the year when i did your 1st art. then i stopped again for who knows how long 'til i drew your last avatar. so disappointed at my last work of your avatar! gonk and i fear it will get lousier since i stopped practicing at all after that. hahaha. lol . . . sweatdrop . . . emotion_facepalm

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hahaha, can't help it. i love everything in that theme. :sweat: aahhh! ur in blue!!! perfect!!! -saves pic of your avi- coincidentally we're both in short hairs as well. :heart: i'll definitely draw us both together. one day! one i have time! ( * u*)9

ah, yes. sorry about that. it's part of the setting i made w/ my photobucket to shuffle a different link on my pics so no one can steal them when they remember to get back to them. :sweat:
here ya go: [spoiler][url=http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l114/wizard_6/Gaia/Gaia%20art/tifasaviart2.jpg]1st/sketch[/url] ; [url=http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l114/wizard_6/Gaia/Gaia%20art/tifas2ndaviart.jpg]2nd art[/url] ; [url=http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l114/wizard_6/Gaia/Gaia%20art/tifa3-1-2.jpg]3rd-A[/url] ; [url=http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l114/wizard_6/Gaia/Gaia%20art/tifa3-2-2.jpg]3rd-B[/url] ; [url=http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l114/wizard_6/Gaia/Gaia%20art/tifa4.jpg]4th-A[/url] ; [url=http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l114/wizard_6/Gaia/Gaia%20art/tifa41.jpg]4th-B[/url] ; [url=http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l114/wizard_6/Gaia/Gaia%20art/tifa42.jpg]4th-C[/url]
gosh, i'm sorry for the lousy arts. i stopped more than 4 years drawing (only did doodles and scribbles during those 4 years) before deciding to draw again which was the year when i did your 1st art. then i stopped again for who knows how long 'til i drew your last avatar. so disappointed at my last work of your avatar! :gonk: and i fear it will get lousier since i stopped practicing at all after that. hahaha. :lol: . . . :sweat: . . . :facepalm:[/spoiler]

it didn't. i figured my comment ended up long again, so i didn't bother coloring my text anymore. :awesome: and not gonna bother coloring on this comment either. :awesome:

i certainly don't know if you'll get offended by the word "weird" so i'll just say, you're "interesting" as well. and yes, you are one of my friends. :hug:
hahaha, i know what you mean. :rofl: lol, a talker? but it's hard to shut yourself up when you're talking to friends and have a topic that interests you, right?? :XD seems like you have funny friends. nice. :big:
lol, that's so ironic! hating each other but they're stuck together?? rofl! :rofl:
it's hard to explain, they should just try the games your playing, maybe they'll understand that way. :kirakira:

yup, a lot of potential indeed. :3nod:
yeah, makes me think if they're going for a realistic story in a fantasy story. (=___=|||) you know, the betrayal of people, the hatred, revenge, and etc. that starts the whole story, the guy always dies coz he IS a guy (bravery or sacrifice) - if not alone, he dies first before the girl, and the you-only-turn-into-a-hero-when-you-are-dead thing. :facepalm: oh, the feels...! the feels!!! :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: coz, you know, in reality, people set goals or do stuff for "that point" (whatever they planned out). and in reality, majority of the people who turned heroes are dead. :zombie: i really don't know if they intentionally made final fantasy that way coz that's it, or so as the series goes on they make it more interesting than the last one as planned? meh, idk. i'll ask them when i can finally go to square enix. you got me curious. :lol:
not fate/stay night, just FATE. :lol:

oh, that's good you accepted it. well... there was this time where my cousin accidentally(?) erased some of my game data coz he thought i would appreciate him cleaning them up, and he compensated by buying me other new games. 4 erased game data = 4 new games. :kirakira:

goodness! that's incredible!!! :whee: that would be super cool and nothing to be embarrassed about. :kirakira:

oh. i can't seem to find it either. this is a bummer. :zombie:

cool. :brofist: lol, you don't like your penmanship in Indonesian? :XD
hahaha, ok. someday then. :awesome:

hahaha, i think 'fairly' if not much. and both of us the same. only, i make my explanations longer coz i don't really know how to exp
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thx y

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haha! it's perfectly fine~ ;D i feel you >w< when i get a lot of replies, i usually miss out on some too >< no biggie wink

oh my~ 2 hours.. i totally understand DX mine was so bad i usually don't do work until the evening.. which means..
a whole day of playing and wasting time! xD muhahaha! you should try it!

yeah.. one thing that hasn't change is those absurd prices in the marketplace Dx i give up.. i don't even want to buy anything from there anymore..

i see i see!! surprised but the thing is, how and where do i download DOTA 2?? and how will you teach me? >3<

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hahaha, it's fine. oh, my gosh. i wanna draw ur current avatar. it's white n black theme is calling for my attention! ( ; > ~ < ) but... nooo! i can't, i don't have time; work! nooo!!! burning_eyes crying

yeah, i suddenly felt too comfortable talking about the topic. xd d normal font wasn't intentional. the code broke off coz comment got cut off. sweatdrop hahaha. rofl

completely w/ you on that. although for me it's mostly me-"ditching"-the-boredom and rarely coz i "run away" from it. mrgreen
i'm honestly weird - in a good way. and seriously think 'normal' is BORING. being weird is amusing as i can safely say i have a wonderful friendship irl w/ a few groups of people who are weird as well. emotion_kirakira why did i specified it to "friendship"? coz i don't like people. i literally stay away from them except when i see one or two who needs company. two is the most people i approach. aside from that, i stay far away from the crowd. huge hatred for humanity. long story, but the reasons are quite obvious as to why. no offense. except for the ones i like and came to be my friends. that includes online friends. emotion_hug everyday is an interesting day when i'm w/ them. we don't get to be together when it's time to go to our own respective home so, i play games. sadly coz they don't play much of the games i play, i kept playing a lot of games after another to entertain myself. and that's why a became i gamer. but now i moved on from that phase. oh, and drawing keeps me entertained as well. hahaha. lol

you're right. maybe it's coz when we were younger, d games then, we thought they were cool. and we appreciated these old games. they were simple in maybe everything but definitely had a unique feel. now everything's just like copy/paste changing only the appearance. a.k.a.: boring game. been there, done that. rolleyes
there's this game on my waayyy older (rofl) cousin's laptop that he gave to my mom years ago called FATE and i want to keep playing it even though there are some pixels from certain angles. it's an adventure game. we could say it's old, i don't think i'm addicted to it that's why i keep playing, but it's simplicity, uniqueness in graphics ad color are what makes me contented and happy about it. hitting it old school. xd

true, the warranty doesn't include that. but d games~ crying i wanna make someone suffer when it happens. they should compensate w/ their own money! muwhahahaha!!! >DDD
//laughing towards the sky now dark, thunder and lightning in the background
ahem. my devious side got out for a while. pardon. sweatdrop

aawww, thanks ever so much, tifa. u have no idea how MUCH u lifted my spirits up from being gloomy at d idea. emotion_hug even thinking about it w/ d knowledge that i will still never get there doesn't bother me anymore at all. ur so awesome. emotion_awesome

i hope u find the news about it. 3nodding

well, yeah... but let them. not like we're doing it for the money like they do. it's for the entertainment and joy we want. emotion_dowant

yes, we certainly do. emotion_dealwithit and yes, i think it's weird IN A GOOD WAY. wait...
if you meant dream journal as in hopes, ambitions and such, i don't write 'em down. mainly coz i never get them done. like the other lists i have that keeps getting longer and longer. emotion_awesome
if you meant dream like when we're asleep, i have a journal on that, too. emotion_brofist
either way, i think it's amazing that you write them, hopefully, i want it published someday so me and the world can read those dreams you put together. biggrin

ah, look. it got longer again. i guess it means we're both getting to know each other even more. lol
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minta linknya donk biggrin
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steam tu apaan?
game online lain?
Angelic Chibibelle

Report | 09/13/2014 7:12 am

Angelic Chibibelle

np =] sux ur game would b so laggy