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Not much to talk about, except I'm a girl who love video games so much. I mean, REALLY love it. I play most of the genres, but I kind of prefer RPGs (open-world is good) and Action. Play some FPS as well. Oh and I do play MOBA, it's DOTA2. 3nodding

Currently playing:
-Dragon Age: Inquisition (So far the best game I've ever played in 2014, will spend a lot more time on this one since the world is just very big)
-Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (Still adventuring around Mordor, nice game and concept, though haven't really into it yet)
-Thief (Like the atmosphere. While not perfect, I think the dev really make a good job at remaking this game)
-Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga (Hard game, but very interesting gameplay. One click and poof---you're a dragon. Love the story also. Currently replaying the game since Steam Cloud messed up my old save data)
-DOTA2 (yes yes no comment on this, I'm just addicted)
-The Elder Scrolls: Online (Bought this from Steam Sale, liking it so far, but I think it lacks the usual 'Elder Scrolls' things)

Gonna try Far Cry 4 later since I kinda have so many to play already xd

Find me!: 3nodding (oh, please, if you want to add me comment here first, I don't like random people who beg in my profile)
Facebook: Tifa Urne
Twitter: Elestrea
Steam: Elestrea
Uplay: lierre88
Origin: lierre08


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Len's amazing journal

A very amazing journal of mine lol


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Report | 06/12/2017 2:12 am


Hahaha, I was thinking about it but, I know it'll be an abandoned account sweatdrop a few seconds after creating it. lol
Ooh~ we could when we get the chance to be online at the same time. emotion_kirakira Don't feel pressured about zOMG, you already have school giving you that. Take your time dealing with school. wink

Yup, the 6th. It is absolutely fine, thank you~ heart emotion_hug

You can pass that written exam, you're awesome, remember? emotion_dealwithit Then I shall prepare a lot of cookies in advance. emotion_awesome
Wow, I guess it's true most Pisces are perfectionists. rofl I rarely had a reliable group, the only person I could count on from the group members was my rl bestfriend - when we were together in a group. rofl I asked for my rl friends help almost all the time even though we're not in the same class. Try asking yours, they might surprise you. wink heart
You can always tell your teacher if you have had enough that some of them refuse to do their part. 3nodding

Thanks, I will try my best to not get stressed. lol
Ikr? I do go for that 'act-like-an-employee' and when some think I might be the owner's daughter due to the way how the workers' approach and listen, I pass it off saying it's what my job position is for.
No special treatments. We take the business seriously and argue like the rest when problem arises. But yeah... It doesn't feel right coz it's a different experience from actually striving to look for a job and landing a job. Cooped up from the world, just like how my parents want. But I will continue rebelling against them and try to get a job somewhere else again after my two years rest. LOL. rofl

Hhmmm... confused I will seriously think about whether to get an FB account or not. lol
How's your day, Tiffa? heart

Report | 04/04/2017 10:59 am


Of course I still remember you! You are -- and will still continue to be -- on my profile as an awesome friend! heart 3nodding
Yeah, I don't blame you. I have been wanting to leave, too. But alas, I can only still get in touch with some friends through this site.

Hahaha! No problem at all. I truly understand. xd Our convos were always over the top, something people normally would do through phone calls for long convos, not comments.
Omg, your birthday was on March 8?? OMG!!! BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Yours is only 2 days after mine. Why has gaia not notified me even years before? So sorry~ crying

Ooh~! I am so proud of you! Good job! ( O w O ) b
Wait, network security... omg, if you catch me, can I beg for you to let me go? rofl
Why does Uni suck for you? Lol. No one in group projects doing their own jobs?

Well, I was a website developer and designer for 2 years, but I stopped hoping to take a break last year, January. Only, I didn't coz I wanted to get away from home so I ended up working as an assistant manager in a far away company.
Ended up going back home in the end coz I went to see a lot of doctors for different opinions and all 6 told me the same - I need to stop working and rest for a minimum of 2 years with no stress.
Pretty useless coz I was forced to work for my family's own business, again. So, currently, for me my life is idle at the moment coz I don't consider working for my family as employed. It feels more like a cheat in life. Lol.

Report | 03/08/2017 6:07 pm


Hey miss Happy Birthday! yum_cupcake

Just enjoy your special day. smile

Report | 12/05/2016 7:40 am


Hai ivy wkwkw 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding

Report | 11/10/2016 6:43 am


Jangan di ceraiin ya gw vy heart heart heart heart
Anthony Kazuma

Report | 07/21/2016 11:43 am

Anthony Kazuma

Hmmm. Intersting Profile... hello btw.
Yukio Ravenfrost

Report | 03/10/2016 10:03 am

Yukio Ravenfrost

Happy birthday asena! 3nodding
Yukio Ravenfrost

Report | 11/14/2015 3:23 am

Yukio Ravenfrost


selama ini hiatus ? rofl
hahaha iya inflasi lg

Report | 08/12/2015 11:30 am


Part 2

it's what parents do. but yeah, it would be nice if they allowed their kids to go to another country for short trips, but still under adult supervision. bright side, it's not your parents who are there, lol. XP
idk, i guess it depends where. in my uni, yeah there are some fake people, but there also real ones who are just as nervous as everyone else but still stay true coz deep down, everyone just wants to have someone they can get along w/ in their university and not be alone. actually, even some of the fakes are only like that to get in or be part of a circle. so when i see the whole picture, only few are really fakes - just the ones who don't care if they'll lose a "friend" or two as long as can they get any kind of attention or feel superior than everyone else. just stay true and the friends you'll make will be w/ the same kind. i know you can do it! stay strong, len! coz u are awesome! *u*)b

oh~! i hear ya. i actually like to be detective as well. emotion_kirakira but i just prefer to be a lawyer coz i hate it when the evidence isn't presented right. couldn't defend the client and win the case. it always angers me when the person in the wrong gets away. btw, i don't judge either, i just want fairness. lol working together indeed sounds nice. ^^ i saw a movie once (years waaayyy back) where the detective was so admirable and did his utmost effort to find all the right evidence and getting his life in danger a lot of times just to prove the person is innocent but the lawyer wasn't that skilled at all that he never used all the proof (nor explaining them right) and info already given to him on a silver platter by the detective, he ended throwing everything in vain. all the effort the detective pout into, gone. the criminal got away. made me face-palm and irritated @ that lawyer. (= ~ =)

ahehehe, that's why i say it COST-play. coz it is. rofl oh, do tell me if ever you decide on which character to cost cosplay! ahehehe... sweatdrop
hahaha! it only actually proves to me more that guys ARE better dressers than girls! rofl rofl rofl and he said "thanks". lol lol, since most gaians change a lot - some even every minute or few seconds - guess they are moodier than us. lol

oh, sure! i would love share anything in common w/ a friend of mine! heart notify me if you did try my style? *u*
cool, your friend might turn into a professional hair-dresser in the future. and that your hair is awesome that's why your friend like to braid it. ;D

nah, you ain't thinking too much. i do feel and think that often, too. if it isn't natural, ten i guess we're both thinking too much. lol

end lol

sorry for any typos, was rushing. @~@

Report | 08/12/2015 11:25 am


Part 1 lol

yup, most of the time parties don't go as planned. just keep it small, only you and your friends, if you want to make the number a tiny bit bigger, maybe invite other close friends/acquaintances.

oh! i'm really sorry about that. i heard it is quite painful. but on the good side, your feet can breath and take in sunlight! emotion_kirakira (seriously wished i can let mine breath but too conservative and shy to wear sandals in public. sweatdrop )
yes, that might be it. guess you'll have to wait for your nail to completely recover before you can wear any converse shoes. sweatdrop
ahahaha, finally, someone who feels the same way about polo and sandals as combination. lol the thing that i hate about t-shirts is if they have ridicously large and nonsensicle prints. but i do prefer to wear t-shirts as much as possible if they are decent enough to be worn almost anywhere. it feels more simple and comfy to me. XD
lol, but that's the fun part - giving people a surprise! it's sometimes funny to see their reactions when they know a person is boy-ish but never bothered to know if she likes to do some girl stuff like that, too. then bam! surprise! maybe just say something like "well, i am technically a girl" next time. (but it doesn't really matter if anyone points tat out.) rofl

true. not all of them get the right treatment or the promises they were told of. oh~ i am quite curious as well if your newly elected president could make a difference. surprised yeah, coz that's all there is to it, the person sacrifices oneself, the end can't be in a very decent way. most of these so-called heroes are dead, only few of them survives, luckily. thank goodness.

i guess no one ever noticed the flaw in the codes until they got a new programmer on the team who did saw it. and maybe trying to put any kind of protective code wouldn't make the whole program or system work w/ it and make the enmtire thing useless? have to admit, zOMG was a good browser game than the rest i've tried. guess that explains why the "rest" weren't as good as zOMG coz they know some things won't work probably? let's hope they are still trying to renew zOMG's whole program so we can all play again. it was a big hit here after all. ^^ hahaha! i so love that idea of yours! definitely it would be great if they were able to do that w/ towns 2. XD and yes, you are definitely right, towns is for chatting. rofl
well, then... how very interesting (in a very good way). sometimes things are less interesting if one doesn't sometimes switch to a different mood. like you, it's only my opinion though. the rest of the world might disagree w/ us though. lol
i always think of the friends i make anywhere online, so don't worry. i really won't go w/ out saying anything. ;D
we met @ zOMG. then we went to rally w/ that theme. ;D


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