I kinda hate asking for this, but..I need help getting things for making avis. Any donations are welcome, and appreciated.


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Xx Satanically YoursXx Report | 05/22/2017 3:29 pm
Xx Satanically YoursXx
Hey, wassap fam? sorry I haven't talked to you in a while, lots of
stuff requires my attention lately. (sigh) I just noticed your teddy it's super cute!!
Sora with Wings Report | 05/22/2017 12:27 pm
Sora with Wings
altho i think

is quite fitting tho

that u name the bear


rofl *COUGH COUGH HACK COUGH* -gives napkin- rofl
Sora with Wings Report | 05/22/2017 5:26 am
Sora with Wings
-presents formal apology-
i am sorry i thought ur bear was buckteeth. :B;;;;;
-offers pie as compensation-
Sora with Wings Report | 05/21/2017 9:23 am
Sora with Wings


-literally cannot see the bear/did not know it existed omg- rofl carry on, carry on~
Sora with Wings Report | 05/21/2017 6:18 am
Sora with Wings
then wat is sticking outta ur av's mouth? D; -squints at it with nose up against monitor-
Sora with Wings Report | 05/20/2017 2:46 pm
Sora with Wings
are u SURE u dun have buck teeth? cuz u look like u has buck teeth. -shines flashlight in ur mouth- > >
Sora with Wings Report | 05/18/2017 3:11 pm
Sora with Wings
i donno, she was odd. like. it felt like all the ideas i worked the hardest on were the ones she just couldn't get into. also, with her, i had to write the plot to revolve around HER characters and make them the center of attention or she would lose interest. it kind of got annoying sometimes.

but for the most part she was really creative and got really into her posts, you know??? like all passionate about it like i am, and that's what i like best. i don't like when people just, like, bleh, they can't think of what to put, just make stuff up off the top of their head, etc....and i put some big thing happening and they just kinda read it all deadpan and then put something boring in response....

and like when people just aren't like, carried away by the plot. like feel as if u are THERE and all this is HAPPENING. and they put off the wall crap cuz it's all they could think of. bleh.

so altho she had some annoying quirks she was still the best person i ever RP'd with. :/ literally everyone else i try with ends up fizzling and can't think of what to post. or they insist on typing these big long paragraphs even though they don't have anything to actually SAY, they're just putting a bunch of pointless bland filler just for post length. i hate that!!

had someone on roleplaylives, and we were just putting small things at first, then i was like 'hey I could go places with this!' and started thinking ahead and was like 'ok! i thought of a couple things that could happen! ur character can choose of a couple options here and then i have some things i can do based on their choice so u decide where it goes!'

well they just up and quit responding, then went to some other random post i put somewhere else, replied to THAT, and put "i didn't have any ideas for the other one but i have some ideas for this one so i replied to this instead." i got mad and stopped replying to them. >.< it's like oh sure, when i have ideas, u quit. only wanna do it if we do YOUR ideas. blah!
Sora with Wings Report | 05/18/2017 10:06 am
Sora with Wings
oh well that sounds interesting!! my irl friend and i (before we stopped being friends) loved to rp but we didn't like the same thing... like i would do final fantasy 7 and kingdom hearts and she would do megaman and speed racer sweatdrop the stuff we liked was SO RANDOM it was tricky to make crossovers work smoothly, we'd do any plot we could think of just so we could get our favs characters in there.

i made up a purgatory plot where they all die one way or another and are stuck in purgatory (or get banished there by someone, whatever) and the plot could be either they are looking for a way to escape, or trying to get to heaven, or just trying to make a home in this other-world, whatever we wanted. i had like, so much stuff that went with it, heaven/hell was there, there was a system of "holy weapons / damned weapons" with special powers, and just, I made a whole vast universe out of it with gods and everything. it was easy to get characters in there, especially if they had already died in their original setting (practically everyone in KH or xenosaga dies at the end, so that saved me the trouble of wanting to rp with them but having to bring them back to life) and so on.

but of course after all that brilliant work and time, she didn't like it! bah! such a waste. :/ thought about recycling it for my own story, or using it for an rp with someone else. stare
Sora with Wings Report | 05/17/2017 4:58 pm
Sora with Wings
this makes no sense to me. explain. DO U HAVE BUCK TEETH? eek
Sora with Wings Report | 05/16/2017 5:03 pm
Sora with Wings
-random luff-
that skeleton dragon thingy is cool but i can't read wat it says :0
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