If I'm not on Gaia, I'm likely lurking on Facebook. Ask and I'll tell you my tag.

There's a lot about me. Where do I even start? How about with the love of my life, my other half, robd1978. I'll be married to him irl sometime in the near future, and I'll have no regrets at all. He doesn't come on as often as I have been, but feel free to drop him a line. We're always up for meeting good people and having good convo.

Some facts about me:
-I've been diagnosed with Asperger's at 19, which is a form of autism. It's caused me a s**t ton of problems but at the same time it's made me stronger in many ways. It's both a blessing and a curse, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
-I'm a mom to a sweet, social, goofy little Tabby and wouldn't give him up for anything. Cats always have a special place in my heart, including the ones who had to leave me.
-I'm very opinionated and will fight tooth and nail for things I believe in, and I don't give a s**t if you don't like it.
-I'm known to have a short temper and low tolerance for ignorance, insensitivity, racist bs, and hypocrisy. Don't piss me off, or you won't like what I have to say. If I have to be a b***h, I will.
- I was born and raised as a gamer. Been playing games for many years. It's good for the soul, and takes you on trips into many, many worlds and it's amazing.
-I'm not much of a talker, unless the subject interests me. I'm the quiet type that's more comfortable just listening to people.
-I only have a few friends. Most people are evil and two faced and there's very few I trust. I'd rather have a few real friends than be surrounded by lies and deceit. It's be nice to meet new people though.
-Last but not least. As I mentioned before I am into the psychadelic scene. Which means I recreationally use drugs. Such as pot, acid (LSD), Molly (ecstasy) and sometimes adderal and speed. Think what you want of that but it has opened me up to a new appreciation for music and helped me to think in more creative ways than I imagined. Many musicians and bands have done those and it helped them come up with the most amazing songs. It opens your mind, kills your ego and brings you out of the shell you never thought you'd come out of. It's a part of my life, and if you have an issue with it, be on your way. I'm not the type to try and force anyone to do what they don't wish to do, because I'm above that peer pressure bs. What I expect from you is to do the same for me, don't try to force me to change in order to fit your standards of how someone should and shouldn't be, and what they should or shouldn't do with their lives. it will end in failure and you WILL lose a friend.

I like:
Hentai (I do have a naughty side)
Smoking (MJ, ecigs, shisha tobacco, but NO actual cigs. My dad, uncle and even my fiance was a smoker and I don't touch those)
Psychadelic scene
The colors purple, dark pink, peridot, sage green, and maroon.
Music (I must have it in my life at all times)
Mythical stuff (dragons, unicorns, fairies, ect)
Paranormal things, spooky things, stories that creep you out (such as creepypasta)
Sea life
Moose (don't ask. I just like moose)
Animals in general

Any questions feel free to ask. I'm an open book. Mostly.


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You're welcome! Good luck on your quest! smile
X-mas angel22

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X-mas angel22

No worries glad I could help you
Eros Winter

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Eros Winter

Hello! Tried to PM this but couldn't so here is the condensed version: you donated to me a while back for my giveaway, my book is now out and I'm doing my first giveaway tomorrow. it should last all day, so stop by if you get the chance! Since you helped me, you'll get special privileges.

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I see xD That was fast, I just donated it a few minutes ago ` v `

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You're welcome c:

What item was it?

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Yeah, well no need to worry about it it happens hah, oh yeah and it's understandable.

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Heya just wondering how you are it's been a while since we talked, oh lol you deleted me?
Princess BrB

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Princess BrB

no problem! my pleasure!

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Thanks for selling! ^_^/

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np 3nodding


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