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Hello there! I'm the one and only, so thank your divine figure of choice, Nishido, founder of the Zombie Extermination and Gardens Maintenane Service for Hire. We do a bit of both, and everything with the same tool box.

I'm an amateur science-fiction writer, a furry, a 98% honest person and a big time pervert. Shameless and sincerity are separated by a very thin line; almost as thin as a g-string. You can quote me, if you know what I'm trying to say.

I'm a venezuelan man. Hablo Español, and understand pretty well the English because of an alien chip I got inserted over my right eyebrow when I was two. Eventually we got to five, but I ate the other four. And yes, I'm in a way a bit insane. So genius have to be.

That's all I want to say by now.


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Vitacora del Capitan, Fecha estelar...

I just was thinking... So be afraid.


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Nishido_Satsunoyama Report | 06/04/2015 9:40 pm
Just for disclosure, zombies WERE people; and they don't ask you if you want to be like them, they just seek to either change you or destroy you,
consume you for their own selfish needs. I do not seek to destroy the mindless ones out of hate, but as a necessity of self defence.
And F.Y.I., I am known to be friendly with the self-aware undead; by instance I'm fully supportive of that little one dude from "In the flesh", who's also gay, so there's that;
and I have been known to admit I believe the other little one, the girl from "iZombie" is a real cuttie, despite of being aware of the necrophiliac implications.
Hey, I'm only human, and she has a real cute butt; plus she played Tinkerbell once, and I do like me some Tinkerbell; but I digress...
In conclusion, zombies are not a race, I am not a racist (though if I see you carrying a rifle to pick up your daughter at the airport I'm calling you a cracker),
and I seriously, seriously, seriously need to stop thinking of that girl on her pyjama shorts. Or maybe not, who knows? emotion_dealwithit
applesauce600 Report | 06/03/2015 11:34 pm
Everyone visiting this profile should know that it's owner is a hate-monger. He attempts to trample on the basic human rights of an entire people for being the wrong race. This includes the right to live without being prosecuted unjustly and the right to go where they want, freely. He talks about how he has the knowledge and skills to keep zombies at bay, but what if they don't want to be at bay? Segregation and confined living should be a thing of the past, just like this person's racism. HE'S RACIST.
impress the empress Report | 05/24/2015 2:17 pm
The most probable causes of human extinction are intelligence and irresponsibility. I think those two factors are pretty high up there. I doubt we'll make it the 1.6 billion years it'll take for the sun to increase in size and luminosity by 40% so that all life on earth dies from everything being cooked off of the planet lol
impress the empress Report | 05/23/2015 7:56 pm
Holy s**t, yeaaahhh that stuff doesn't happen here in the US haha
Maybe like a mom a dad and a kid? India has the craziest s**t I've ever seen, though. Four kids, a mom, the dad, three chickens, and a dog on one damn moped lol
I have no idea how they don't die. No clue. emotion_0A0
Inhospitable Veracity Report | 05/23/2015 7:22 pm
To be perfectly honest, that guild has been dead for years. I'm not even sure how you found it.
impress the empress Report | 05/23/2015 4:04 pm
Bullets, sometimes. Shrapnel, you know. Lasers, maybe? Sometimes glass and steering wheels, if they're not wearin' their seatbelts!
impress the empress Report | 05/23/2015 3:50 pm
I agree. It just seems pointless. I have no idea what goes through some people's brains lol
impress the empress Report | 05/23/2015 2:16 pm
You're very welcome! emotion_kirakira It's nice to see some folks that are a little appreciative! I didn't donate for YEARS after, back in like 2009, I donated like 200k to some chick for her dream avi ( at the time, this was an impossible amount of gold, of course), and she didn't even thank me.

She just accepted the request, and then... bloop. Nothing.
I was so discouraged. I was like nope. This is why we can't have nice things talk2hand
I'm glad to have actually helped someone out who deserved it!
impress the empress Report | 05/22/2015 3:45 pm
PS Idk what that OPERATION SEX! comment was about, but I want you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed it. This is also the first time I've had the same captcha twice. And in a row. Hmmmmmmmm~
impress the empress Report | 05/22/2015 3:43 pm
I do, but it keeps recalculating. I think it needs to update, 'cause this GPS has never mapped anything like you before~


Long live the Optimal Zombie Extermination Service!

We won't try to cure them with love, but with lead.
Click the logo to join my guild! smilies/icon_biggrin.gif


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