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The Feeling Is Gone Report | 12/25/2009 7:57 am
Merry Christmas!
Gialaday Report | 11/16/2009 9:03 am
elie,its samantha...i miss you lots!
Suites Birthday Fairy Report | 07/03/2009 6:41 pm
Happy Belated Birthday

From the Suites Birthday Fairy
(V)alina Report | 08/01/2008 1:56 pm
It looks better. The teal in your top and head are different from the tint on your underwear. Try for something lighter? I would actually do less teal/aqua (keep the amount you have now) and work with some black and white like your skin (I like the stripes).

Use less small items, since it adds weird splotches on your avatar if you use to many (like grainy places that just look like pixelated mess).
(V)alina Report | 08/01/2008 12:53 pm
To be honest, your avatar reminds me of the first time I saw you. Really try using what I showed you about bringing things together and not having so much going on. Stick to 2 or 3 matching colors, because your avatar doesn't fit right like it used to. I really advice using TekTek instead of buying things without a direction to follow.
l r o n e e Report | 07/31/2008 11:24 am
I've really never heard of that show before =| maybe it's only in the U.S It's going to bug me now User Image

Not enough money oh noes! I'm just wearing a non-covering outfit if you know it. Last time I went these people came over to me and asked me if I was single. A lot of them were dressed as Rito and Ryuk (sp)

I hope you have lot-o-fun though <3
l r o n e e Report | 07/30/2008 6:16 pm
Oh neat!

My friend Layla and I are going to a death note convention in a few weeks =)

I'm dressing as Misa =D
l r o n e e Report | 07/30/2008 5:11 pm
Ohh.. What convention?
l r o n e e Report | 07/30/2008 4:42 pm
Haha ohh umm I didn't mean it ma daddy took me to an internet free cottage D=

Anyways I'm good back in B.C. gawd I hate Ontario D=

So how's your life lately?
(V)alina Report | 07/30/2008 10:49 am
That's true. I can't stick to a single avatar either. Have fun though, fixing up your avatar. XD;;


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