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Hello and welcome to my profile! I'm Nintendraw, but most call me Nin or Ninten here. I'm an American/West Coast college student in the sciences who loves drawing, reading, writing, roleplaying, 3D modeling, and video games. I am forever questing the Tama Warrior and Yan Tigress items. I work in a lab, but am usually online here daily.

More specifically about my hobbies:
  • I draw anime-style (as you can see in my Art tab) using either a 0.5 mechanical pencil or my fingers (touchscreen fingerpainting ftw!). Artists or groups I want to be able to imitate someday include AVodkaBottle, GunnerGurl, and EndlessRZ on DeviantArt and Idea Factory/Otomate. Digitally, I use Gimp for base colors and Sai for shading. Here are DA and Tumblr.
  • I love reading historical fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy (not in order), and Piers Anthony, Steven Saylor, George R.R. Martin, and J.R.R. Tolkien rank among my favorite authors (again, not in order).
  • My favorite RP genres are urban fantasy, fantasy/historical fiction, and sci-fi, and I love original plots. I write oneshots as well, and have attempted novels. I provide no less than 700 words per RP post under normal circumstances, and on average, I provide 1000-1500 per post. All my relevant RP info can be found up and down the page here.
  • My primary 3D modeling softwares all relate to MMD. This includes MMD, PMD Editor, Metasequoia, FaceAndLips, and VMD Spectrum. I also have a barely passing knowledge of Blender.
  • I game almost exclusively on Nintendo portable systems and have owned every one of them except GBA Micro at some point in my life. I've played Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Fire Emblem, Smash Bros, Final Fantasy, and Otomate. I have PSP emulators too.

Thanks for visiting me, and maybe we'll see each other around Gaia sometime!


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Some of my favorite pieces from my gallery! Find more here.
I have a GFX shop here too!

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Zaffhi Report | 09/04/2015 12:15 pm
The hairs are Mocha Catte and Toffee Catte c: They're recolors of each other but they're so cute
Sweet Heartless Riku Report | 08/21/2015 8:32 pm
Sweet Heartless Riku
Thanks~ I wish the boots were a little more on the shiny side, but I'll deal with it.
Kiryu Thunder Report | 07/30/2015 2:39 pm
Kiryu Thunder
I heard a lot of people like using SAI since it has the variety of brushes and textures. They also like the fact that it's looks less intimidating than PS suite. I think i tried it a while back in the past but I'm used to Photoshop since i was taught how to to use it. ^^; I'm still lost in SAI unfortunately but i'm always looking for a good tutorial.

I never really got into GIMP since it always made my computer run a bit slow. Weird huh? but i heard that GIMP still has a ways to go before it reaches on par with SAI and Photoshop. Though Fire Alpaca is also gaining popularity these days as well.
Kiryu Thunder Report | 07/30/2015 11:31 am
Kiryu Thunder
OAO whoa! That. Looks. Awesome!!!

Great job on the shading. 3nodding
Kiryu Thunder Report | 07/22/2015 11:55 pm
Kiryu Thunder
Oh god! I never liked those waiting times. XDD I especially don't like them when i'm watching anime since they tend to leave you at a cliffhanger and you're dying to know what happens next.

i guess i mean the nose. It was the feature that i was drawn to when i first saw the picture. weird huh? Whoa! The evolution is huge! but i can still see some elements of his design that remain the same. I still draw my first cool avi because he is the most simple one i had. XDD i think it's because it's easier to get all the details correctly when it is simple though i know some of my friends get their kicks from drawing in a lot of details for characters that have a lot of frills and lace. i never have the patience to sit their and draw all that though. Haha.

You know...a drunk lugia gijinka adds an element of surprise into the character mix. XDD Also very humorous as well.

I chose the Cubdrop. biggrin I always go with a water element whenever di get to pick one. But yes, I think this is Moga v2.0 . They should really bring in the pokeball thing though but i think people would razz on gaia for ripping off pokemon. Yeah, I got several eggs too. I just refresh the game and they pop up in the home area.
Kiryu Thunder Report | 07/22/2015 11:17 pm
Kiryu Thunder
YAY! I knew it would be available. XDD it just takes time. Tell me how it is when you start playing.

AHa! there are the glass ears! You know, he looks more manly when you draw him in the SR style. I hope your fingers weren't too sore after all those lines though since it looks like you put in a lot of time to get them right. However, that's what you gotta love about drawing your characters right? their outfits slowly evolve into something unique and cooler. i think i might've done that for some of the avis that i've drawn already.

Hmmm....well i guess it depends on how you draw in the make up. it could look tastefully tribal. wink Those are always a nice touch if you're going for a "Primal" theme. Imagine that....a primal Lugia.
Kiryu Thunder Report | 07/21/2015 4:29 am
Kiryu Thunder
I see. isn't there a function in drawing programs that allow you to easily create straight lines? Then again, I'm pretty spoiled with Photoshop. Eh? What is this spectacular crash you speak of? i rarely invest in warranties because i find that by the tie my computer breaks down, its time to get another one. The last computer i had was at least 7 years old. XDD I personally prefer windows computers since I'm not a fan of the apple interface. I don't find it's intuitiveness very productive for my taste unfortunately.

Thanks! That's a huge confidence booster since I've been sort of down about my sketches since I got a bit overwhelmed with my last couple of commishes. But i know the art shop market is a tough one to break out in but i think it's a matter of timing and luck when it comes to these things. Eh...i think we might be able to crack the mysteries of successful shop keeping soon though.

Ooooooh look at all dem Bishies~! *^* I definitely like the premise of there being two sides of the characters. Plus you're right! the art is so pretty! But definitely give it a month or two and you;ll be happily playing it. XD I'm guessing you're trying to draw Alen or Adamas ? I personally like Ru's look.
Kiryu Thunder Report | 07/20/2015 3:17 pm
Kiryu Thunder
OH YEAH! They do a lot of flipping when they draw. XDD I was always wondering about that. yeah, I think its a matter of practice but usually forward slashy involves a lot of fast movements? I know whenever i draw digitally with a mouse I'm really slow so my lines tend to be wobbly looking. Not the most attractive thing to look at to be honest.
I guess you can use a laptop's pressure sensitivity but nothing beats a drawing tablet in that field since the technology is more developed. I heard that they're more reasonable. By the way, you're planning on getting a Surface as your next computer?

Ah I see. I do that too with the current comics I'm reading. I found my dad's old copy of the Asterix and Obelisk series so i've been trying to read french. But since you mentioned Otome games......I am now interested since I usually like looking at all the art. whee what's it about?

YUP! She's my example of my new style. It's my version of drawing characters that fit under the category of cool and lady like. Still practicing it though but I definitely want to sell these on Gaia at some point. What do you think?

Kiryu Thunder Report | 07/20/2015 12:08 pm
Kiryu Thunder
Well, we're all still practicing. i remember trying out realism and it totally looked like my hand had spasms on the paper. XD With practice, i bet it will get even better though. You can do it!

Haha you know, I should try it. XD I can always depend on you to tell about these cool observations. To heck with it...I'm gonna do it. rofl Oh god, I know that pain of repetitive finger strain. NOT FUN! But you know, mouse art is just as good without the tablet....Just less control. Therefore, your Jin painting deserves bragging points.

Hmm...I thought you were studying Japanese since you asked me about the characters at one point. XD

oh yeah, Here's a picture i did not too long ago for my friend. yay for bad cell phone pics

Kiryu Thunder Report | 07/20/2015 11:13 am
Kiryu Thunder
I saw that! You drew that from RL Ref. That's a good practice since you can get more detail from a live model. haha you're way ahead of me when it comes to the digital art thing. my eyes get watery after sitting at the computer for a bit so I prefer doing things the old fashioned way. Shading is challenging so I can totally understand wanting to leave it for a bit.

It's a cool place to visit and definitely worth your time since you're studying a bit of Japanese already so I highly doubt you'd get lost. wink Yup, I'm thinking of changing it a bit since my proportions look a bit off. So far, it's been a success. I recently made a bit of art of my older gaia avi. need to find the link to it though