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hai! welcome too my store^-^

feel free too message me for any sort of exchange or price negotiations! <3

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ninetys mewmew

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ma face +wishlist <3

hai! im Ondrea, im 20 years old. im very sweet too everyone but can turn deadly if you mess with me x3 i love anime, especially mirai nikki<3

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kawaii n cute <3
delicate defect progency
high priestess tresses
itty bitty bangs
sweet teddycare
sleepy sheepy confetti curls
sweet beddy bye
cute april M
springs rosebud
the lost cat reaper
airy calm summer
hop off my pink carrot
messenger mina
sweet cleric of love[/url

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i really love ondrea
ninetys mewmew
WiIe E Coyote
ninetys mewmew