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Last Login: 01/16/2017 1:47 pm

Gender: Female

Location: Tennessee

Birthday: 04/30

Occupation: Noah's Ark Circus Performer

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Name: Nina
Always and/or normally in a good mood
Have seen Disturbed,Shinedown,Three Days Grace,Staind,Breaking Benjamin, and Creed in concert
Dislikes: Hot Weather,Drama,Ghetto Talk,Musicals,Assholes,and Idiots
Loves: Skulls,Cats,Horror movies,Dark colors,Jackets,Hoodies,and Flip Flops
Favorite voice actors and actresses: Colleen Clickenbeard,Monica Rial,Laura Bailey,Bryn Apprill,Jad Saxton,Cristina Vee,Erica Mendez,Christine M. Cabanos, Kari Wahlgren,Cherami Leigh,Brina Palencia,Stephanie Sheh,Michelle Ruff, Caitlin Glass,Carrie Keranen,Wendee Lee,Alexis Tipton,Dawn M. Bennett,Sarah Anne Williams,Erica Lindbeck,Erika Harlacher,Jamie Marchi,Matt Mercer,Crispin Freeman,J. Michael Tatum,Derek Stephen Prince,Vic Mignogna,Josh Grelle, Micah Solusod,Grant George,Todd Haborkorn,Travis Willingham,Troy Baker, Johnny Yong Bosch,Ben Diskin,Liam O'Brien,Steve Blum,Kaiji Tang,Eric Vale, Lucien Dodge,Sonny Strait,Patrick Seitz,Kyle Herbert,and Ian Sinclair
Favorite foods: Pizzas,Cupcakes,Cheeseburgers,French Fries,and Ice Cream
Favorite colors: Pink,Yellow,Purple,Red,and Green
Favorite video games: Mortal Kombat,Assassins Creed,and Super Smash Bros.
Favorite DC characters: Batman,Huntress,Green Arrow,Zatanna,and Johna Hex
Favorite Marvel characters: Wolverine,Iron Man,Thor,Elektra,and Blade
Favorite holidays: Halloween and Christmas
Favorite seasons: Fall and Winter
Online almost everyday
Been on Gaia since July 5 2009
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