Okechi's Greatest

Here is a Little section in my profile dedicated to a very talented and beautiful friend of mines. The incredible art styles of Okechi featuring yours truely.

1st Art.

Nikolai Nozomi & Mistress VKM

2nd Art

Nikolai Nozomi

3rd Art

Nikolai Nozomi & Mistress Okechi

4th Art

Nikolai Nozomi & Master [-Soubi-]

5th Art

Nikolai Nozomi & Mistress Ngbu Feating Master Okechi & Vuradimiiru (Miiru Nozomi)

6th Art

Nikolai Nozomi & Mistress Liera Antionette

7th Art (Christmas Gift)

Nikolai Nozomi feat Mistress Ngbu as Pixie item

8th Art

Nikolai Nozomi & Vuradimiiru (Miiru Nozomi)

9th Art

Mistress Okechi and her Pets ((Niko-Oni-Chann and Miiru-Chan))

Lucky Numbah 10

Nikolai Nozomi Feat. Mistress Okechi & Mistress Drejan Vith

11th Art

Nikolai Nozomi Feat. Master Diego Omem ((peepers: Master Okechi & Mistress Liera))

12th Art

Nikolai Nozomi Feat. Mistress Ngbu & Mistress Liera


Nikolai Nozomi

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Nikolai Nozomi
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Mokoni Report | 06/22/2013 9:04 pm
...I thought this account got permabanned?? HOW I SEE STATUS UPDATE AND YOU SIGN ON LAST MONTH?
Yami Kitsuneko Report | 09/17/2009 2:33 am
Yami Kitsuneko
i wonder if i'm remembered
Magus Report | 07/30/2009 4:54 am
Haha, thanks.
Psionu Report | 06/03/2009 8:31 pm
cool sig
Liera Antionette Report | 06/03/2009 8:46 am
Liera Antionette
Meh...Where are you?
Im ur lil misconception Report | 05/28/2009 2:18 pm
Im ur lil misconception
hmmm i would love to have something done byher. And a full profile made with those would be kick a**... pardon my french.....
Im ur lil misconception Report | 05/28/2009 2:07 pm
Im ur lil misconception
Ur welcome... I randomly look at profiles, the art work is amazing to say the least. Is it done w/ cg or copic markers? That is how i have most of my buddies on the friendslist.
Im ur lil misconception Report | 05/28/2009 2:00 pm
Im ur lil misconception
nice a vi by the way... and awesome art.
ChibiMoko Report | 04/26/2009 7:57 am
I tried calling you the other day and it didn't go through. What did you do this time?! gonk
Liera Antionette Report | 04/17/2009 7:39 am
Liera Antionette