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Mizu Takishima Report | 09/26/2015 10:39 pm
Thank you heart Karen helped me with 90% of it XD
Odd Cinderella Report | 09/23/2015 3:51 pm
Just remove the ears. That's it. Lol.
Odd Cinderella Report | 09/22/2015 2:06 pm
Yes, yes! Any chance you can edit it slightly? sweatdrop
Odd Cinderella Report | 09/21/2015 7:46 pm
I'm ok. Hey, listen, I got a question: Do you still have the original copy of the commission I asked from you a while ago? You know, that light blue one with big, pointy ears? ninja
Odd Cinderella Report | 09/21/2015 3:03 pm
Odd Cinderella Report | 09/15/2015 3:56 pm
Oh you did?
Odd Cinderella Report | 09/14/2015 12:12 am
Ouch. That's good. But, ouch.
Crystal Sailor Pluto Report | 09/13/2015 8:35 pm
Hello there, Nikko. ^_^ I'm sorry I haven't said hi in awhile.
Odd Cinderella Report | 09/13/2015 7:46 pm
How are you?
Odd Cinderella Report | 09/13/2015 11:22 am
Hallo! It's been a while.


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Hobbies: Drawing,Playing Games,Being Lazy

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