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That Thing You Do With Your Hands and Mouth

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That Accident

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Gender: Female

Birthday: 05/01

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Shad-chan on 08/30/2015
Kiru_Kitty on 08/28/2015
Auria Shirokawa on 08/22/2015
Katurn on 08/19/2015

Doormat with Tacks

tumblr // portfolio // store // rlc

★day job:
office. I'd prefer an art industry career.

★night job:
concept/storyboard artist for games/storybooks and freelance.

★contact for commissions:

★contact for career/commercial hire:

space / stars
(black) cats

in a relationship

★games enjoyed★
transistor / limbo / one shot / lisa / year walk / the fall / middens / gingiva
off / ori & the blind forest

★guilty pleasures★
psychological horror movies/games / horror shows

★favorite toons★
steven universe / adventure time / courage the cowardly dog / samurai jack

★anime watched/enjoyed★
count of monte cristo
madoka (ugly sobs)
cardcaptor sakura
anohana (sobs)
wolf children (sobs)
soul eater
saint young men
red line
summer wars

★anime to do list★
tiger & bunny
death parade
paranoia agent (need to rewatch)
madoka movies
panty & stocking (rewatch/finish)
Zankyou no Terror
usagi drop
cowboy bepop (rewatch)
samurai champloo (rewatch)
baccano (rewatch/finish)
serial experiments lain


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Acidic Corruption Report | 01/05/2015 8:12 pm
Lmao exactly. Watermarks are like my only protection against theft, idgaf who doesn't like it. lol I'd un-watermark it for the commissioners and just put my signature on it or if I was selling adopts, but I wouldn't un-watermark an OC of mine or art I hold dear to me. Especially for how long art takes. Maybe when thieves spend hours and days on a piece of art will they ever know the struggle.
Acidic Corruption Report | 01/05/2015 8:07 pm
Thanks for the tip haha. As an artist myself I don't post any of my art online without a signature or some form of expression that it's my work of art.
Inkdust Report | 10/12/2014 7:49 am
Your avatar is WAY cute! Love the pumpkin theme!
Mindbreak Report | 09/05/2014 12:39 am
OH MY GOD, omg I hate that! When I get quoted with art I
always say thnks and what I like about it, it's the least I can do..
and when I can afford it, send tips, ALMOST ALWAYS, dude...
I have a perm freebie thread where I offer, clearly stated,
CRAPPY MS PAINT FREEBIES, one dude still went all:
lol u angry with me this looks like an old lady or something
I don't even remember... I said nothing, didn't want drama,
but my gaia buddy went all nuts on his butt hahaha
I didn't get too upset because that dude isn't all that appreciative
to others as well, (stalked his posts), he asked a freeber to redo a drawing
and afterwards was all "much better thx" dude?!

sry for poem o-o
anyway, luckily there are also very nice folks in there!

and yah I has all ze infos :B
thank you heart
Mindbreak Report | 09/05/2014 12:21 am
omg I can't believe those people! I see that a lot in the freebie forum!
dude, that artist is taking HIS time and effort to draw FOR FREE
for freakin' YOU and you go all: yeah thx.
well fu** you, excuse my language sweatdrop

no seriously, love it! thank you so much ;u;
so I can PM you whenever? awww
she looks so sassy, so perf! she had to
go in my sig > wink heart
Mindbreak Report | 09/04/2014 11:25 pm
I added the drawing in my sig if that's ok with you (with credits of course) , I love it : D
Diabolica-III Report | 07/01/2014 4:09 am
*leaves you a sausage just because* yum_sausage

Your art is wonderful by the way!

MinteaPierrot Report | 04/09/2014 2:59 pm
Thank you very much for purchasing Orangeade Style, Please enjoy your new item!
RavenDarknessAtarashi Report | 04/09/2014 7:31 am
Arigato for the purchase! (See my store for more!) ^-^
Picasso_Esque Report | 03/30/2014 7:18 pm
Thank you for buying smile

This be my art and samples of what I do ;3 Look Below~~