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Well... um...

I write.

I draw.

I role play.



My name is Hannah

21. How the ******** did I reach 21? I don't even know.

I'm not good at arguing, but I am not easily if ever swayed to believing anyone else's arguments.

As you can see, I'm not very obsessed with my profile look

I'm allergic to cats

I have ADD

I don't do drugs *el gaspo*

I'm a GDer

Some people would say that I am beautiful, and believe me, no matter what you say I will not believe you very easily.

I am excruciatingly self concious

I supposedly have an above average IQ

I'm not popular - I never have been and I never will be. So shut it.

I am quite an interesting person, once you get to know me

I'll happily add anyone on msn, but that doesn't mean I won't block you if I find our conversations boring.

I am a fairly forgiving person.

I am not single. Did you need to know? I don't know or care, it's just something more about me.

And... well, yeah

I used to say I wouldn't put a picture up here.... but well... yeah xD



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what is your fav anime? if you have one

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I'll happily add anyone on msn, but that doesn't mean I won't block you if I find our conversations boring.

TOO BAD MSN DIED gonk . I miss my custom emotes emo .

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thxs for buying heart

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Thanks for buying!

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Pwny IV

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Pwny IV

Ohh, sounds like a headache. I always hated school, just the whole idea of being forced to "learn". I mean when you think about it, all school is, is a means to learn at an accelerated pace. Whereas, back in like say the ice-age, man had to learn through trial and error. And then gradually, man found ways to share his discoveries with other men, and thus, schools were created. I dunno, I just think its sort of unethical, granted I did my 12 years to get out of it, and thus further my life, but I sure didn't like it.

I Prefer to teach myself how to do things, rather than rely on others to do so. A bit of a strange quirk to have, but I manage. biggrin
Pwny IV

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Pwny IV

Hey there hannah, I've not talked to you in forever. I took my leave from gaia for a second. How have you been? 3nodding
razor sharp intellect

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razor sharp intellect

~ New User Name! ~
Leothalis v2

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Leothalis v2

No thanks, I already bought her for 10m.
Leothalis v2

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Leothalis v2

So what's the absolute lowest I could offer on Fiametta?


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