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"You didn't expect me to stay
in the dark forever... did you?"
Pitch Black | Formerly Kozmotis Pitchiner | The Boogeyman & Nightmare King
Pitch is everything a child fears, and he thrives on the fear of children, taking a cruel delight in turning their pleasant dreams into nightmares. But what Pitch hates is when children overcome their fears and don't believe in him, particularly when parents tell their kids that the boogeyman is just a bad dream.

As such, he is hatefully jealous of the Guardians, who are believed in and beloved by children. Eventually, his hate and jealousy would convince him to undertake a conspiring vendetta against the Guardians and destroy the children's beliefs in them, and he could usher in another Dark Age.

Pitch however does have a sad side, as he has suffered loneliness, has longed for a family, and was shunned just for being what he is, something he thought made Jack Frost similar to himself.

---Darkness came in the shifting of a villain named Pitch. The dreams he hungered for most were those of children, the pure of heart. He could sense children from seven planets off, and with a mere touch of his hands, he could leave them plagued with nightmares for the rest of their lives.---

Powers of Shadow and Darkness
Pitch has various shadow powers, such as traversing great distances through shadows and darkness; he can literally become a shadow, and affect the physical world by interacting with other shadows.

While literally hiding in the darkness, he can't be touched or seen unless he deliberately makes his presence known. As darkness is everywhere, Pitch can appear from any shadow or dark corner almost instantly. This is why he hides under beds, because beds are always dark underneath.

Powers of Fear and Nightmares
He can create Nightmares shaped as dark horses/mares with golden eyes; they are manifestations of Fear or corrupted pleasant dreams pulled from the mind of a sleeping child for Pitch to control.

Pitch thrives on Fear, primarily the fear of children, but back in his day, during the Dark Ages, he fed on everyone's fears, which made him incredibly powerful. He appears to have an intuition and power of insight on personal fears, enabling him to determine what any individual fears, which he uses to play mind games or break one's spirits. He claims to always know people's greatest fears.

Black Sand
He has his own version of the Sandman's Dreamsand, but Pitch's sand is black and induces bad dreams. He can corrupt Sandy's Dreamsand as well as any pleasant dream a child is having, turning those dreams themselves into nightmares. Pitch also has the ability to morph his black sand into weapons such as a scythe or a bow and arrow.

According to Pitch, it took him "a while" to perfect his Black Sand, for the purpose of turning Dreams into Nightmares.

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