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November 13, 2003

....Call me Nightmare, Night, Harley, Harlz, Ms. Q, Ms. Quinn, Arsenic, Arsie....
Pretty much any name will do, so long as I can tell it's towards me.

Ahem... now onto a bit about little ole'me.

I'm just your average girl.
Obsessed with DC Comic's Batman.
Mainly Joker and Harley Quinn.
I play MMOs like World of Warcraft, Diablo I, II and III, Guild Wars, Lineage II and various other lesser known games.
I also doodle and write in my spare time.
Costumes are a slowly budding hobby for me.
They are fun to wear, so I have begun to invest time into making them myself, as that is cheaper and allows a better fit and depiction of what I want in the outfit.

Hum.... i'll think of more to type here another time.


mad and in love

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September 5, 2009

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Mad Mr Hatter Report | 09/11/2014 8:06 am
I agree completely, I can understand pulling a friend aside and telling them that a relationship is unhealthy if they are being verbally, mentally, or physically abused by the person they are with... but that is all, I believe in people making their own choices in life, because while one persons relationship might be crap, the other matter how similar it could appear to be might be absolutely perfect...which is exactly my case, perfect. Of course, you were different then everyone else, clubbing just seemed to consume everyone at the end, and while you went clubbing we did other things outside it, like cosplaying. I do regret we didn't hang out more, but I was a different person back then, regrettably... I'm not proud of myself, of who I was... it took a good man in my life to show that I could be a better person. My thoughts on life and what not, everything happens for a reason, and everything was pre-ordained...fated to happen anyways, so no need to cry over the small stuff. I think you are right in not pushing Robby into marriage, when and if he's ready he will be... and if not at least you got yourself a good man to make you happy :}
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 09/05/2014 8:51 am
[[Oh okay, sounds fine then :} I'll just remember that if you are ever questing and need help, if I got money on hand I'll aid you in yours ^^. Exactly, healthy foods are preposterous in price, which is why like I said I have taken to quantity and not quality... well... I suppose that phrase doesn't work here but what I mean is that I will eat less, but eat what I want because I love food too much. The insanity might come back at a later time, I hate working at gyms, so I'll probably just work out at home. My thoughts are that if I am going to waste time in my day to work out, it better be hardcore and exhausting so I can burn as many calories as I possibly can. Aww thanks for the inspiring words and support via mine and my loves relationship, that is one of the big reasons why I kept in touch with you all this time and didn't just say 'forget it' all I ever wanted was for my friends to be happy for me, happy that I found the love of my life and that for once I'm complete. I'm just thankful you support me that way. Hopefully one of these days Robby decides to risk it... because that's what it is, Patrick and I were through with relationships, I had happily decided to be the single old lady with the house full of cats... or dogs... and he swore off women, and then we met and decided to give it a whirl... hardly a year later we were married :} no regrets, just over joyed I didn't decide to wait until Halloween the following year lol. Open to marriage? Well that's a good sign, I think you keep putting in time and patience with him, maybe if he sees how serious and committed to him you are in dating then he might 'risk' getting married to see if its better? I know after I got married Patrick and I got closer. Oh and finally got a new job, took a damn month I don't know what these people are doing lol. Working at a Bakery, same old s**t I was doing in San Diego, just at a different store.]]
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 08/27/2014 8:18 am
I am good on money, got my Kodona... then got the second one cheap and sold it, I forget I already paid you back right? I don't like not giving my friends back what I borrowed. I hate trying to lose weight too, I have a serious problem, my metaobolism works at an okay pace daily I drop between 235-229 ick I'm seriously 30 lbs over what I want to be, and while being 6ft helps stretch it all out, I still am not satisfied with how I look, and I loathe wearing corsets with some of my I really need to get in shape. The only one I am fine with is my Wonder Woman cosplay because the corset look is fine. I just need to eat less, like if I am craving mexican just get a burrito and not toquitos too, I need to stop thinking about how good food is, and just eat to survive rather then living to eat lol. .We have been doing the workout program 'Insanity' which... it lliterally is lol, currently though since we have neighbors downstairs (apartment) can't be jumping around xD I know what you mean about the water, I used to drink iced tea and only iced tea, but now I am drinking equal parts at least. When I and Patrick go grocery shopping we buy all healthy junk and then allow ourselves one splurge, whether it be hashbrowns, bacon, pancakes, cupcakes, etc... my current fatty staple has been 'Green Tea ice cream' but at least its not too bad. We also have been eating veggie pasta, and they have these vegetable/fruit popsicles which are refreshing and healthy. And thanks, I cannot express how perfect we are for eachother... he makes me laugh all the time, and when he's down, I'm there to make him happy again, we always say we are out of eachothers league, I still don't know how I got so damn lucky especially after dating a bunch of d-bags, not to mention that not only do I get a cosplayer spouse... but a Joker too biggrin Oh yes! Totally forgot about Mr. Bean he is great too, I ttried watching Dr. Who, saw the same episode twice, and the other I saw they were like on the moon in a hospital... I was like 'wtf is this?' lol. Hang in there with Robby as long as he truly makes you happy (which it seems he does), I don't know maybe one day he will cave, I'm sure I've asked, but has he ever expressed why he doesn't like marriage? Ah, nevermind just read ahead. Still not all Marriage is bad and has the potential for failure, my folks were married twice before, and my grandpa was married like 4 times before he found the right woman, the one he's been with for 40 years now, while on the other hand my grandparents on my Dads side of the family were highschool sweethhearts, they've been married for 60 years, and my aunt (my moms sister) has been married to the same man for 30 years. Marriage does strengthen relationships sometimes, I know it did with mine and Patricks (hur, people probably think I'm gay... oh well xD) but never in all my life have I been happier then when I am with him, Is he at least allowing you guys to be open to the public about your relationship? Well just keep doing things like dressing up as Doctor Who characters even when you don't wanna and maybe he'll come around :p

Mad Mr Hatter Report | 08/21/2014 9:45 am
I'm so sorry I up and dissappeared last night, I was grasping at straws trying to get that damned item, I have been wanting it since it first came out but hate using real money to buy pixels, I used to do that which is how I amassed my small fortune, but all of it is tied up in various accounts. Well I got my pants -poses all awesomely- my friend Alice gave it to me biggrin still I'd like to buy the other from the chap I spoke with, especially considering if he is selling below the market value, then I can eventually sell it for profit and make extra money -coughs- or just enjoy a second one lol. I suppose if I am trying to act like I dont have one I should probably take this crap off me lol. Oh! Congrats on the shore command biggrin I'm glad you wont have to sail all the time, will you be sad? I mean you seem happy now, at least you wont be as far from Robby. I know what you mean about the weight, living indoors doing nothing made me gain 20-25 pounds, really I ought to lose 30... but I love to eat, so I try to have fruit for breakfast, and then small lunch and dinner, quantity will be the only thing that works for me here. Doctor who and Saw? That ought to be interesting... I tried in vain to get into Doctor Who xD guess I am very particular about my British shows... I dont mind British comedy but that is about it, and it really only stems to Monty Python stuff... Fawlty Towers etc. No idea what Patrick and I are doing for Halloween yet, or what we will be. Life has been good, looking for a job now, should have one next week some time if all goes well :} they just need to get my drug test back which wont be a problem, I don't even drink caffeine lol. Besides that... not much, just hanging in there... trying to get my novel out, hoping to get it published :} thanks again for the money loan, I wrote down how much I owe you, when I get the money I will pay you back.
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 08/20/2014 8:48 pm
Gosh I adore you, thanks Hun!
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 08/20/2014 8:44 pm
Hey! I hate to ask... Especially since it's been awhile, but do you happen to have any billions I can borrow and pay back tomorrow im at 28 billion and change some guy is going to sell my dream item Kodona for 40 billion rather than 70 D: besides. That madness how are you?
azuneko1 Report | 08/15/2014 10:34 am
thank you for purchasing heart
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 04/23/2014 6:13 am
Of course you’d be on the friends list :} you were always so cool and loads of fun to hang out with, and yeah I am sad I didn’t take advantage of being able to hang out with you more when I was living in SD, my fault… I was kind of dumb back then, had my head stuffed up my a** or something lol. As for Ventriloquist, yeah I’ve seen that picture biggrin I have recently done some research and saw some chick do her cosplay, but I have never seen the Harley/Vent one done, you should totally do it! Miriya is from an old anime called Robotech (and yeah she’s my step daughter), the character itself is cool… kind of an alien enemy turned frenemy by joining the ‘good’ side, she’s like this hardcore fighter pilot or something. The real reason she wore it though is because her name is Miriya in rl xD my hubs and his ex named her after the anime because they loved it so much, I’m jealous of her name… well maybe not jealous that sounds bad but I always wanted a different name, mines so dull and blah lol. He hated how his L cosplay turned out, ‘never again’ he says, one time deal… all of us proving that unless you are Asian or small and adorable you should probably not cosplay anime xD at least in my opinion. I think the Arkham Joker is actually my favorite Joker he has done, but it might be because the suit looks less costumey, while he bought it he made serious alterations, trying to keep it to the game with the proper patches and buttons, tears, and stains lol. I’m glad you like my Mystique :3 Patrick made the belt, because all of them looked so dopey, and sewed the skull into the wig… I just painted the blue jumpsuit thing ha. The makeup… eh don’t even get me started, I’ll be happy if I never have to fuss with liquid latex ever again. Sorry to hear about Robby’s quirk, I really don’t understand it myself if I were a dude and I was dating you I’d be shouting to the Heavens, ‘******** yeah I’m dating Natoshia!’ lol (and since I’m secure enough in my herterosexuality I feel I can say that without sounding lessy lol) but sometimes that is what makes people, people, and as long as you are happy, I am happy for you both :} everyone needs to have someone special in their lives… for myself, I don’t know what I would do if Patrick wasn’t in it… (and now I am wondering how many people think I am gay xD oh well… read between the lines…heh) I’m excited though convention this weekend, yayyyyyy! So looking forward to this vacation, we both need it, especially him :}
Mad Mr Hatter Report | 04/18/2014 6:04 am
I know that would be awesome, and I miss you too, really you and maybe like one other person are the only people I miss (besides family of course) from SD, everyone else I either lost touch with, fought, or simply wasn't that close too. I'm happy you and Robby are still close, you guys are so cute and perfect lol... we have so many damn pics its not even funny, but I will send you some of my favorites, and also some of the new cosplays I did. In the future I need to do Wonder woman (got the costume done pretty much, just need to sew the stars on the side of the pants) and Ventriloquist II I just need to finish making Scarface (he's a slappy dummy from goosebumps lol, even found a little toy tommy gun for him xD) Anyways, here are some links to our pictures (oh we have so many, so I'm just posting one of each new costume we did)

Montreal Comic con Toecutter and Mad Max
Festival at Mt Si Washington Joker and Harley
Philadelphia comic con Mystique Snake Plissken and Snow White
Philly Comic con Joker Arkham Asylum Harley Batgirl
This one we aren't too proud of xD last anime maybe ever: Philly comic con Miriya Alucard and L

Mad Mr Hatter Report | 04/14/2014 7:16 am
We are really hoping to get back to California, we have friends and family there, its also where my step-daughter lives, her mother is in Washington so it would be really great if she at least at one of her parents close by to her. I might post a couple pics of the con we are going too in a few weeks, if you'd like to see them I will send you the link :} I'll keep you posted if anything changes as far as moving goes.



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