Don Marlow



Nicolas Marlow
Local crime don.

Nicolas Marlow is the ringleader of a large artifact smuggling circuit. It is one he built with his right-hand man from the ground after a stroke of bad luck forced him to flee the country. His present business is highly lucrative, and one he has an professional handle on. He seeks to continue expanding it until he owns an entire monopoly on his trade.

His interests are completely fixated on his business. Card games, drinking, and social events are more or less to build connections instead of their recreational purposes. The same goes for women, with exception to a certain female detective that caught his eye...


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Matteo Carcassi Report | 03/11/2015 9:16 pm
Matteo Carcassi
"Tsk." His tongue clicked in annoyance. His best friend was always right. Despite after years of dealing with still ticked off the gangster.
"Ehhhh what the hell..." He muttered. Sticking his hands into his pocket to feel the watch. "I ain't gonna live forever."
As he walked out, he asked over his shoulder, "So does that mean I'm technically older than ya? Ya know...since yer a newborn and all~"
But his feet swiftly carried him out the door before Nicolas had time to react. (Usually it was burning rage).

As headed outside, he walked to a nearby diner to borrow the phone.
"Hey Wolfyboy? I might need ya fer somethin'~"
Matteo Carcassi Report | 03/11/2015 7:53 pm
Matteo Carcassi
“Whadda ya mean I gotta go and get myself arrested??”
Matteo was unamused by the request.
“I got a reputation ya know! If I keep gettin’ arrested like this... everyone gonna think I’m easy pickings! And fer what? Ta spy on yer dame? C’mon this ain’t funny! I think yer transformation made yer new brains cooked all scrambled...”
But then again Marlow request to lay low for a while before revealing himself to world was understandable. But the gangster still didn’t like the idea of it….
Bunny Parker Report | 09/07/2014 2:54 pm
Bunny Parker
"Don't shoot the messenger now! And well....Teo's waitin' for you. Said he's down by one of the wrecked buildings." She answered, "He'll tell you why later. But...Can you get my honey snookums to pick me up? I miss the sun but it hurts my skin! And I need to go back to my work too!" her pink lips began to quiver. This was miserable for a vampire.
Bunny Parker Report | 09/07/2014 2:29 pm
Bunny Parker
"Marlow...Marlow!" Bunny shouted as she ran around searching for the crime-lord. Her paled skin glistened with a thick layer of high SPF sunblock, yet it couldn't stop her skin from turning slightly red. "Ohhhh! This hurts worse than bee-sting! " Quickly ducking into the shade to get away from the burning sun, Bunny waited for the crime-lord. "I have news about 'Teo! Or rather...from 'To himself."
mermaid symphony Report | 09/03/2014 4:52 pm
mermaid symphony
Without a single word the mermaid took down the number and left. Although she didn't get far before falling down on the floor again.
"Stupid legs. How do land walkers do this...?" Using the desks nearby, Symphony wobbled towards the exit. "I better ask Bellevieve..."
mermaid symphony Report | 09/03/2014 4:25 pm
mermaid symphony
"Last week." She answered with a hiss or worry."He was leaving the house saying he was feeling tired. I couldn't go with him or else he would have to carry me back..."
Her voice trailed off. It was huge pain to be used to walking around in legs instead of fins. You couldn't get anywhere quickly with legs! And you had to use more work to walk. It was the reason why the mermaid was quick to sit on the crime-lord's desk.
"I thought he went out to a job. If he was going on vacation he would have told me. He looked like he could use one..."
mermaid symphony Report | 09/03/2014 3:53 pm
mermaid symphony
"No. . .Vacation?? He never even told me! In fact, he never came back!"
The mermaid's face gave pale blue-ish color before she leaned in to make sure Matlow met her eyes.
"I thought he was away on business!"
mermaid symphony Report | 09/03/2014 3:01 pm
mermaid symphony
It had been almost a week since Matteo disappeared. For a while she assumed that he was away on business.
But now she was worried.
She was so worried that went to Marlow himself. Of course she was refused entrance at first. It just meant she had to be more insistent to make a walk-in appointment with the crime-lord. Thankfully, it nothing was nothing that her teeth and gun could handle."Where is my pretty thing?" Was the first question she asked before sitting on Nicolas's desk.
Elizabeth Barousse Report | 03/01/2014 12:30 am
Elizabeth Barousse
Isabel ran her hand to smooth down the dress she was wearing. It had been a long time since Isabel wore something fancy. She had to borrow Ritzy's.
But the message she got from Matteo said to dress nicely for a surprise. And when Ritzy found out about it....

In other words, Ritzy gave her a makeover as well.

Matteo also told her that Marlow would pick her up. (And was also informed to pick her up and to have fun)
"This better not be some trick..." Isabel muttered "This time I'll let Marlow know about it...."
Matteo Carcassi Report | 02/27/2014 11:59 pm
Matteo Carcassi
"I hope ya get yer break too, Nicky..." Matteo muttered softly before truly leaving him [b]"But damn it, whats so important about dat thing?"
Matteo knew that his pal had lost something.
But now, it beginning to make him curious. But so far, Marlow would only shrug it off or dodge the question.
"Then again, mah mouth can get me into trouble...And I know da boys would gossip more than Ritzy's broads." He snickered at the thought.

It wasn't too long before the men gathered around and prepared to leave.
"Hey 'Teo, do you think we should be in the same car together? I mean...well..." One said uncomfortably. "If the cop-girl is coming..."
The goons were unsure if they wanted to ride with the woman as well.

Matteo thought about it. "Hm...Ya right! Maybe we oughta let Marlow take the other nice ride."
Matteo smirked at the last statement.