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Nicky the Lesbian

Nicky the Lesbian's avatar

Last Login: 09/28/2012 5:21 pm

Registered: 01/16/2009

Gender: Female

Birthday: 06/22


Heya, My name is Nicky... I am a lesbian... Uhm... I dunno what to say, lol. I try to be literate but normally I am not... If you wanna chat just PM me... I am a rather shy girl... I am not one of those, OMG you a girl lets ******** people... I am very shy when it comes to that........... Only certain special peoples... Anywaaaaayyyyyy If you wanna talk to me then message me... I tend to understand and help people that don't ask for it... I am good at that....... I apparantly found something to talk about lol...

My Fwiends! I care for all of ya... Especially a certain few!

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fckin catalina wine mixer Report | 05/06/2012 4:51 pm
fckin catalina wine mixer
So I haven't been on in a while, and I see you haven't either.
But if you do you should definately send a message or something my way.
Take care Nicky wink
Babycarter57 Report | 03/04/2011 10:16 am
Are u gayyyy
iwabo7 Report | 07/13/2010 11:14 pm
nicky! razz
fckin catalina wine mixer Report | 07/12/2010 10:53 pm
fckin catalina wine mixer
Nicky :{D (<--- it's a mustache see)
I hope you get on one more time if only to see this >.<
I'm leaving earlier than I thought,
but I never forgot about you,
and I missed you the whole time you've been gone.
Pathetic right?? (stfu XP)
Hope you're doing better than most of the lame asses on here.
I wish we could've met somewhere else,
but I'm just glad I did at all.
Have a XD
and I'll alwayd only be Bob for you wink
fckin catalina wine mixer Report | 06/22/2010 7:56 am
fckin catalina wine mixer
Happy Birthday bud wink
kool kat 10002 Report | 06/06/2010 11:57 am
kool kat 10002
been a long time since we've seen u at sporkalos zomg clan
so how bout u give us a visit and check out all the new things going on
Charali Report | 05/29/2010 5:45 am
Pssst you ain't ugly! =O oh and sorry I'm a random person. ._.
aristakitty_1 Report | 05/04/2010 3:17 am
fckin catalina wine mixer Report | 03/13/2010 12:12 am
fckin catalina wine mixer
lol that doesn't count,
I wasn't on!!
Murdawithaspork Report | 03/07/2010 12:00 pm
hey, been awhile. well i finally finished your get sporked badge. its in the clan banners forum. and i love your dream avi's, you should submit one in our contest. you could win some major gold to go towards it! and give us your b-day in the main forum under birthday faeries for more free stuff! and there is always the freebie forum! come back we miss ya!

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Whats going on in the life of me... / Things that happened to me...

I plan to write about things that have happened about me... For anyone that cares... Aswell as things that are going on in my current life... Again, for anyone that cares...

fckin catalina wine mixer
fckin catalina wine mixer

Total Value: 865,680 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Grace of Anteros
Grizzly Hoodie
White Drome Egg 4th gen.
Yama no Tamago 3rd Gen.
Celebrity Snare Snoop Dogg\'s Dobermans
Fallen Wish 4th Gen.
Silent Night
Black Drome Egg
Wingding 2nd Gen (phase one)
White Traveller Trousers
Sexy Present (Valentines Day 2k9)
Inari\'s Beads
White Spacey Body Suit Leggings

Tears still emenate from somewhere..... They glow as they flow down my cheeks.... I have nobody, Sitting alone in a dark room.... Scared of whats gonna happen next.... My only friend, of whom is a pillow.... I am this way from betrayel..... I have been destroyed by those once precious to me.... Scared of all the people judging.... My only friend, of whom is this simple pillow that sooths me to a gentle sleep.... A dream, the only place I find harmony, The one place where this deep dark pit of agony can dissapear.....


Other Sissy!

Really special friend... :)

Ma Buddy Bob

These are all my wonderful friends that helped me with supplies to make stuff from halloween of 2009. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!

Yay! I is happy that it worked out! I designate you as a sissy!

Another sissy

And another sissy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tis Ugly Me.

My Beautiful Baby girl Ashy.