Registered: 04/06/2005

Gender: Female

Birthday: 06/06

TF MTMTE - Kaon - Eye


All about the Nerd Girl

* Is named Nicole
* Calling me NiChan, Ni, or NiNi is fine.
* Is a June baby
* Started in Gaia as Artistic_NiChan in 2004. Formerly known as [.NiChan.] on this account though.
* Learning to love myself
* Loves Transformers lately and sometimes TMNT.
* I f*ck*ng love giant robots.
* I would love to meet Peter Cullen someday
* Hates people who abuse me and my friends
* Favorite color is red normally. Sometimes hot pink.
* Is a fangirl of a lot of things
* Favorite animal is the turtle
* Is single - probably will be that way for a long time
* Is very emotional
* Has a weak heart due to numerous heartbreaks
* Loves to cook
* Loves to draw
* Loves crocheting/knitting
* RPing is a fun thing I like to do.
* Doesn't take pic request (rarely anyway)
* Loves all of my Gaia friends
* Posts art on FA and DA
* Be nice to me, I'll be nice to you
* My favorite Trigun quote is this:
"I think I'd like to do something nice for somebody. I think it's good if you smile at someone, and they smile in return. Voluntary love encourages people to create a sense of friendliness. Love that is unconditional gives us respect as people, however, it's wrong to force love, to try to keep it alive. If the strain goes on eventually it will bloom into the flower called lie. The deceptively thorny flower that hurts people. "

* I has a crush on someone. *giggle*

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Mars-San Report | 06/06/2016 8:43 am
Happy birthday!
Elrom Report | 06/06/2016 5:46 am
Happy happy birthday! It's time to celebrate!
Happy happy birthday! Enjoy your favorite cake!
Happy happy birthday! I hope it's full of bliss!
Happy happy birthday! May I give you a ki-
♪ *COUGH COUGH COUGH* E-excuse me... redface
izuna_13_13 Report | 06/05/2016 10:22 pm
I saw your post in the What Are You Thinking thread and just wanted to wish you a happy early birthday, NiChangelo! mrgreen
Blood_Wolf1 Report | 05/03/2016 10:29 am
Majikina Report | 04/25/2016 3:16 pm
Wanna go for a ride? heart
AtreeX Report | 04/24/2016 7:30 am
I agree! And it was worth it until, y'know, that piece of crap didn't show up, haha. ; w;"
AtreeX Report | 04/24/2016 7:21 am
I like scarves because I actually wear them, pfft.
My experience just amounts to a few knitting lessons in third grade and YouTube/the Internet. I picked up crochet from YouTube and depression, ahahaha!

YIKES. What an accomplishment though! You sound like a wonderful friend. C:
The longest scarf I ever made was about six feet long, in single ribbing. The piece of crap I made it for never showed up to claim it.
AtreeX Report | 04/24/2016 7:07 am
I'm like that with scarves, haha. Although the problem is... I have way too many scarves now... OTL
And oh my gosh, thank you for sharing!! You make such lovely pieces. I would share mine in return but honestly, it's pretty embarrassing. ; w;"
Your shawls are so intricate, holy carps! I don't know if I would have the finesse or patience to do that.
AtreeX Report | 04/24/2016 3:09 am
My favorite thing to crochet are shawls.

Please tell me about this!!
I've never made a shawl before and haven't had a desire to, but I'm interested! What makes shawls your favorite thing to crochet?
Madame Linwe Report | 04/22/2016 9:46 am
Madame Linwe
Your current avatar is so gorgeous! Also, happy late gaia anniversary!

I want my Nitemare Headband now biznitch!

Thank you for the capsules, Houkie!