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Birthday: 06/06

The Book of Life - I Love You Too Much


All about the Nerd Girl

* Is named Nicole
* Prefers to be called "Ni" "NiChan" or anything remotely close
* Is a June baby
* Started in Gaia as Artistic_NiChan in 2004. Formerly known as [.NiChan.] on this account though.
* Is a plus-sized woman - "ya don't like it, well you can kiss my shell."
* Loves TMNT
* Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, & No More Heroes = smilies/icon_heart.gif
* Johnny Yong Bosch, David Hayter, Micheal Sinterniklaas, & Reuben Langdon = Love
* For seiyuu - Toshiyuki Morikawa & Inoue Kazuhiko = smilies/icon_heart.gif smilies/icon_heart.gif
* Hates people who abuse me and my friends
* Favorite color is red
* Is a fangirl of a lot of things
* Favorite animal is the turtle
* Is single - probably will be that way for a long time
* Trigun is smilies/icon_heart.gif
* Is very emotional
* Has a weak heart due to numerous heartbreaks
* Loves to cook
* Loves to draw
* RPing is a fun thing I like to do.
* Fav Video Game Character: Dante
* Fav Anime Character: Vash the Stampede
* Doesn't take pic request (rarely anyway)
* Loves all of my Gaia friends
* Posts art on FA and DA
* Be nice to me, I'll be nice to you
* My favorite Trigun quote is this:
"I think I'd like to do something nice for somebody. I think it's good if you smile at someone, and they smile in return. Voluntary love encourages people to create a sense of friendliness. Love that is unconditional gives us respect as people, however, it's wrong to force love, to try to keep it alive. If the strain goes on eventually it will bloom into the flower called lie. The deceptively thorny flower that hurts people. "

* I has a crush on someone. *giggle*

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Ivy Report | 12/12/2014 11:27 pm
My friend and I went to a place called Geek Bar, and their pizza selection was, of course, named after TMNT. I had the Raphael pizza. It was delicious and spicy.
Then we went to a coffee bar called The Wormhole, and I ended the night with their Cool But Rude latte, which was also delicious and slightly spicy.[/end random turtle post]
Umpenscrump Report | 12/10/2014 6:42 am
Ni, you look so pretty.
Makoto_Gin Report | 12/09/2014 3:31 pm
Well that's good, my mother is doing the same but for health reasons.

Yeah, Facebook can be asses like that sometimes, I like how they thrive off of ad revenue but can't even do basically administration s**t for the site like people showing real gore for fundamental reasons or the lulz. I did see your current status and glad they're going to have that bonehead take down your fanart. I don't think it would have been an issue if he linked back to where he got it from since it's pretty damn obvious you got noticed on Twitter, but that would be too much like right.
Makoto_Gin Report | 12/08/2014 9:08 pm
I noticed that, what's that about?
At least you can lay claim to some weight loss, I hope that's not the result of stress and hopefully your blood work checks out.
Makoto_Gin Report | 12/08/2014 7:51 pm
Everything okay? I noticed some of your past few status, and they haven't been the most cheerful.
The Magical Yuri Toaster Report | 12/07/2014 7:54 pm
The Magical Yuri Toaster
Awwww that's really nice of you. I'm not too good at that sort of thing but I think having a friend to practice with would help a lot.
The Magical Yuri Toaster Report | 12/07/2014 7:33 pm
The Magical Yuri Toaster
Same here. My life motto is basically if it isn't hurting anyone I don't care what you do. I extremely laid back in that way and I try to understand where people are coming from too. Even if I don't like something or completely understand it does not make it bad by default. I dunno...I don't like conflict much. I always want people to try to understand each other.
The Magical Yuri Toaster Report | 12/07/2014 7:21 pm
The Magical Yuri Toaster
Like I said before I don't have too much faith in FB. Its sad but I've seen lots of things that should be removed not be. It really pisses me off when its stuff like your case and like pages not getting taken down that are outright racist or bashing the LGBT community. stressed
But I really hope they do right by you. *crosses fingers*
The Magical Yuri Toaster Report | 12/07/2014 7:12 pm
The Magical Yuri Toaster
I'll smash 'em all over the head and you'll feel better, ne? mrgreen
The Magical Yuri Toaster Report | 12/07/2014 7:05 pm
The Magical Yuri Toaster
Oh I see. I hope so too. I thought maybe someone was a butt to you and you needed me to whack someone. *holds out hammer*

I want my Nitemare Headband now biznitch!

Thank you for the capsules, Houkie!