About me if you're interested

Hello! I'm Nic, or DJ or whatever you please to call me, I'll respond to almost anything! So, I'll try to keep this as painless as possible, correct? Wonderful, lets go.
-High school student
-On soccer team
-On swim team
*Goal Keeper
*Right or left defense
*Center forward (At times)
-- Swims:
*500M Freestyle
*400M Freestyle relay
*200M Freestyle relay
*200M Medley relay ~Backstroke, Freestyle
*200M Freestyle
*100M Freestyle
*100M Backstroke
*50M Freestyle
*50M Backstroke
-Loves tea
-Loves roleplaying
-Usually won't be the first to talk
And I think that's it! If there's anything more you want to know, feel free to shoot me a PM or something and we can talk, alright?

Reading: Supernatural books
Writing: Chapters and snippets for a book of mine
Learning: Psh, nothing
Loving: Sleep
Hating: AP World
Listening to: Say Something
Looking forward to : Going out an taking rad as hell pictures

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