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1littlewolfy Report | 09/24/2016 8:45 am
I hope that your birthday yesterday was all that you hoped for. *huge hugs*
Simply Keira Report | 09/23/2016 2:04 pm
Simply Keira
Happy birthday!
Hope you had a great day!
angelic snow angel Report | 09/17/2016 8:06 pm
angelic snow angel
Your welcome. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
Shadow Belmonte Report | 09/01/2016 4:04 am
Shadow Belmonte
Gosh, I couldn't swat something away, I feel bad, but I mostly resort to killing them.
One time I took some advice and tried to catch and release a spider to the porch.
Freaking spider, as soon as I let it out, it jumped out, and then jumped at me, and then chased me inside because it was coming at me.
I don't know what kind it was, but I slammed my screen door before it could come running back inside, and closed my glass door for good measure.
Neighbors probably thought I was nuts for running backward with a large glass vase and slamming doors, glad I didn't hurt myself, but I didn't want bit by an angry spider.

Yeah, different churches have different rules sometimes.
At my work, there are usually a group of women from a similar religious branch that come in to go shopping.
They can only wear dresses at floor-length, they can't cut their hair, and the older women always put their hair up into a bun, underneath a cover; girls' hair is only in ponytails, but they never braid their hair, never put decoration in their hair, never paint their nails or put on makeup.
Must be some kind of modesty thing, I don't know.
My church wasn't that strict - we could wear skirts and knee-high dresses, could put in hair decor or braid hair, could wear makeup and paint nails.

And nah, my coworker wasn't embarrassed.
She is the type who actually finds that hilarious.
Shadow Belmonte Report | 08/30/2016 4:08 pm
Shadow Belmonte
I sort of played with daddy longlegs, but not a lot; mostly ball-ball bugs.
But these days I don't even like them crawling on me, just creeps me out.
I get the vivid dreams of phobias because it's like my brain says, "Look, there is one, and with one comes another. Your territory has been invaded. You will lose."
Just like when a spider suddenly jumps up on top of my scanner as if showing, "I challenge you! Fight me!" and I'm like: *intense jumping and running and flailing and screeching and carrying on* emotion_0A0
When faced with a bug threat, the first thing is "OHMIGOD WHAT DO I DO!?"
Because my rational thought on 'be calm and assess the situation before dealing with the situation' just took a swandive out the window. emotion_facepalm

I never liked dressing up, even as a kid. x-x
When I was young, we were in a church that required women to wear dresses only; but outside of the house, my mom let us 'sneak' pants to play outside in - same as that the religion did not like women cutting their hair short and required it very long, so I guess that because I didn't like it as a kid having to be someone I didn't want to be - dressing up for a church - makes me dislike having excessively long hair and dresses.
But it's like every time I wore a dress, some bad event would occur, which makes me dread some catastrophic moment in my life.
Dresses = an upcoming disasterous event I could never forget, just like the rest. sweatdrop

Ugh, I had an old coworker who does that whenever she eats ice cream.
One day she just busted one out by accident, helping another worker lift a small chair, and it was so bad that it cleared out everyone from the entire backroom for over five minutes.
Luckily I was the only one who did not smell it, but I was trapped so far in the corner by myself for five minutes. XD
Shadow Belmonte Report | 08/29/2016 3:27 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Maybe, although my brain does have a way of making me phobic to things.

Seeing one ant = swarmed by ants in bed. x-x
Now I can't really sit in the grass because ants are there. gonk

Then bees - step on a bee each year growing up, become afraid of every flying insect by jumping like a fraidy cat (got laughed at by a coworker who witnessed my 'OMG itsabeee!' which was a butterfly.)
I don't even like to look at bee items!
Today at work a black butterfly flew in behind me, and I was turning at the time, and I jump hard and go "OOHGEE! AAH!" and then, "Oh, it's a butterfly."
Luckily no one heard me sqeaking in sheer terror. emo

I am a bit phobic of dresses (wearing them, choosing them to wear them) and also, public tooting.
Ironically, I am still a bit phobic of public restrooms, but not bad as when I was a kid.
Black tie events make me really uneasy, but I wouldn't consider that a phobia-type thing; let's just say that I don't know the difference between a fork and a fork, whatever kinds of forks they use. x-x
Shadow Belmonte Report | 08/29/2016 4:52 am
Shadow Belmonte
Intricate, nothing.
My brain played a few cruel pranks on me~! gonk
Shadow Belmonte Report | 08/28/2016 7:44 pm
Shadow Belmonte
No, I just had a dream that my mom's coworker (who is really 'uppity') invited me and my mom and my sister to an all-around perfect wedding.

Huge freaking church like Gothic style, lumbering beast both inside and out, and long rows of pews that flanked the aisle.

And the church was connected to another part of the building; it was so big, it had its own area for other events and special occasions.
So it's a silent wedding, everyone dressed super expensive, all black-and-white affairs.
Before the wedding starts, kids stop up the plumbing system in the church bathroom, so I am forced to seek out the bathroom in the other building.
Instead, a man is guarding the door like a bouncer, and he tells me that it is for other attending patrons of the other building only.
So I'm basically screwed, two bathrooms and I can't attend either, wedding hasn't even started, and I'm out of time to leave the church to go find a bathroom.
I go back, I arrive semi-late but get seated as latecomers show up, and then everyone goes dead silent.
All the while I'm struggling in my seat.
And then, right during the middle of the vows being exchanged - I let out not a small toot, but a loud, extended one.
And then everyone stops talking, even the priest, and they are all looking around, but the people near me look at me.
And then, the reaction - people were gagging, people were jumping up from their seats and moving away, and I felt so horrified.
Because I was feeling so mortified, I woke up.

I'm so glad I never attend weddings, or I'd die!
And so would everyone else around me! gonk
Shadow Belmonte Report | 08/28/2016 6:46 pm
Shadow Belmonte
My status was the total truth!

I'm not even sure where that dream came from, but I'm sure my mom's pot roast was the culprit. sweatdrop

It would probably be an actual phobia of mine. XD
Shadow Belmonte Report | 08/05/2016 7:20 pm
Shadow Belmonte
Luckily ours isn't a huge store, or I'd probably die. XD
One coworker I've known a few years, she'd tell me how she had to park a few blocks away and have to pay to park; trucks were unloaded onto pallets and processed in the basement level of the building; freight was loaded onto a lift and taken up to the sales floors of the building - more than one.
I was like, "...I'm so glad my store is small, because I wouldn't know what to think."
I've got a slight fear of elevators and lifts and such, would rather the stairs 9 out of 10 times, if given the choice, and only that one small number due to something like an injury.

I look forward to owning a washer and dryer, but first obstacle: cost.
Today I bought a 3-piece entertainment center (since ours fell to pieces, ten-year-old composite fake wood that's been falling apart) and it came up to $500.
Only this one is all silver metal and black glass, very fancy fancy~
It was either a metal and glass stand, or a real wood stand that cost $1000+, because my mom won't own anything composite again.
My sister's already freaking out, she's like, "You spent HOW much on that" and I guess my mom didn't explain anything, so I'm sure I'll have to step in and do the explaining.
Can't wait to do some assembly!
Just hope that everything goes well and nothing gets broken.

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