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Report | 02/25/2015 5:17 pm

yes ma

MY DAD BOUGHT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oK wwhats ur skype
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Report | 02/25/2015 4:02 pm

yes ma

oMg exclaim
I HAVE A SAMSUNG exclaim exclaim
n i cAN TEXT exclaim question exclaim
SKypE ?!?!??!
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Report | 02/19/2015 4:45 pm

yes ma

HANN AH??????
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Report | 10/24/2014 5:30 pm

yes ma

i've been good yo
im in highschool now and its rly fun !!!!!!! blaugh
how've u been ?????
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Report | 10/23/2014 7:21 pm

yes ma

this actually scared the s**t out of me omg
you have no reason to apologize!!!!! i was a shitty brat back then
hopefully im more mature than i was before :sssss
i hope you're doing okay
i really missed you tbh
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Report | 02/24/2014 11:53 pm

Real Makaveli

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Report | 02/10/2014 8:47 pm

tame impaIa

hi happy birthday hi hi hi hih ih i heart
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Report | 02/05/2014 7:13 pm


Hello hello, well insomnia's back and I got a job (although I do 8 hours straight and I sort of hate it) but I'll only work this month cus I'm going back to the capital city next month for my classes. Oh and it'll be officially a year I've been dating my gf next month as well. How's it going with you? How's school?
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Report | 02/04/2014 7:13 pm


I was struck with an infection that's hit my County. It's pretty deadly, and it was only yesterday that I was actually able to move for once.
I've been throwing up blood most of the time, and I get these moments where I literally can't breathe. I feel fine now that we're talking at this moment though.
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Report | 02/04/2014 7:09 pm


Whoa, I've really missed you to be honest. lol sweatdrop
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Report | 01/16/2014 7:35 am


I need you Hannah. I feel like s**t.
Where are you? :c
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Report | 01/12/2014 7:07 pm


Hey Hannah. My Kik is acting stupid.
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Report | 01/12/2014 1:05 pm

tame impaIa

don't you... forget about me
don't don't don't don't
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Report | 01/11/2014 8:04 am


Oh, I like that show.
Alright, have fun Hannah.
Remember, #DANNAH4LYF
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Report | 01/11/2014 8:01 am


I don't even know. She needs to tell me when.
I hope it'll be fun. I like this girl a little more than the other one, but still,
I just wanna watch the movie.
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Report | 01/11/2014 7:56 am


Oh man, that would have been awesome.
Someone else wanted to go see Frozen with me today.
Hopefully that goes okay, and not like the other time. -w-
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Report | 01/11/2014 7:54 am


Yeah, seriously.
I saw it with some people in the movie theater, and I just went as a third wheel.
I was in there crying, and the other people I was with were like so confused. lol
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Report | 01/11/2014 7:45 am


I cried during that too.
I'm such a dork. lol
When it comes to movies, I always cry.
I saw Wall-E two days ago, and cried. crying
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Report | 01/11/2014 7:42 am


It's okay that you haven't seen it.
I always cry when I see it though.
I'm a puss when it comes to movies.
I cried during the first Pokemon movie. ;n;
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Report | 01/11/2014 7:35 am


Hmm. I really like Forrest Gump because of the soundtrack. I LOVE Labyrinth. Lilo & Stitch is a good one.
Basically all Pixar movies are my favorite. Not a lot come to my head right now. o;
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