Nicholas, 21, Married, Business Owner.

Likes: Jason, playing sports, working out, building things & modifying cars.

9 parrots & 38 kois.

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Ooh I like being stalked. Cause when people look at my profile, my Flag Counter pageviews goes up (it's currently at 80,000+ pageviews), making me look supah populah~ (I know, I'm totally lame, don't say it.)

Lol I was totally kidding with those questions. xD But anyways:

1. Yes, not lately. <---I hate the ocean.
2. Nope, but I remember throwing rocks at those lazy things when I was younger. <----WHAT? D:
3. My dad got a chuck on this thighs' taken off my by cockatoo. <--I thought cockatoos were supposed to be cute. *disappointed*
4. No, but grocery stores sells kangaroo meat, and they're delicious. <---WHAAAAAT? They killed Kanga and Roo from Pooh Bear? D: First the koalas then the kangaroos. Excuse me while I call PETA. >:U
5. That a lot of us are bogans? Nope, probably only the ones in the outback, but we live in the city. <--I had to Urban Dictionary what "outback" means. It confirmed you're from Australia, cause it says that's Australian slang for the place in the center of the continent where the Australian equivalent of hillbillies live. Do THEY ride kangaroos to grocery stores? emotion_awesome
6. Yeah and it sucked. <--- Why? o: Lotr tour = Lord of the Rings tour.

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*pffft* xD You sent me a better picture so what, I could tell you how you two look even better than I had previously thought since the picture's clearer? xD

But photobucket says that the picture has been deleted or removed. ;o;

*teensy bitty disappointed, but not gonna tell you that, no way* >o>

Even if I have your permission to copy your avi, didn't you copy it off of someone else, so it would be like I'm copying off of the original person? xDDDD

Ok ok so I've figured it out. You mentioned something in a comment several days ago that gave me the impression that you're in Australia, famous for churning out tan, athletic surfer dudes!!! And Chris Hemsworth!

Do you surf?

Do you have a pet koala?

Do you get mauled by crazy animals every time you go outdoors?

Do you ride kangaroos to go to the grocery store?

(What? Stereotype? What's does that word mean? Never heard of it before. Nope. o3o)

Have you ever been to New Zealand? Done the LotR tour?

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*spills milk*

You and your partner are the most handsome couple I have seen. *o*

But that doesn't say much cause I haven't met any male couples before. xD

I look at other avi's for inspiration, and then spin off of their avi's to make mine, teehee. >:3

I would fail if I even attempted to make a beautiful avi though, regardless of whether or not I looked at someone else's. @_@ I did try before, miserably. I feel like most people on here make either cute avi's, sexy avi's, or funny avi's....not pretty ones, so it's rare to see.

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How do you make such beautiful female avi's? *o*

I kid you not, that avi is so beautiful. @_@

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Hello! I know you might not remember me, but you help me clean out my closet, and I just want to let you know :33 I am buying a bundle, and I will be giving a free item to whom ever messages me first. The catch is the item must be a cheap item. I will let you know when I he received the bundle and put up all the items if your interested. 😄he a pleasent day

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Thanks for the purchase.

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LOL. Me, a female body builder? xD Only after a thousand reincarnations would that ever happen.

I just pray to dear god that my future husband can mow the lawn, haul furniture, fix cars, fix computers, and...well, fix everything in the house. If he can't, then we'll both be screwed. ;o;

I'm on the pre-medical track, so...compared to an office job, it'll be minus the boredom and plus the social interaction, excitement, and stress (so I'll probably die earlier as well. But that's all right, cause you're apparently stressed too, so we'll die about the same time and won't have to look for new friends).

Wow, you are so active and you actually get things done. Not like the lazy bums of the rest of America (including me). xD Your pond looks great! The lily pads are a nice touch too.

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<o< Do you feel like your life is going to get cut short because of your ex-job?
I'm aiming for a job without too much manual labor. I'd suck at manual labor anyways. ;o
If you have pictures of your aviary, they'd be fun to look at. o:
Please add. ^O^ Most of my friends aren't dead yet, but they are approaching death. x')

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The Gaia app is very boring indeed. =o=

Wow, you can build things. *o* Definitely a great skill to have. *doesn't know the difference between a screw and a nail* I know, I'm pathetic. I've been told. :'(

Not many people have aviaries in their backyards either. O.O


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