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I'm just a married guy, who likes working out, sports, building stuff and owns a business consultancy firm.
We have a lot of pets at home.
I have Skype, just ask.

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Started Gaia in 2007 but only became active in 2010.
I'm an ex-moderator and an ex-forum assistant.
My username comes from my router, because I was uncreative.
This account is shared.

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Report | 01/30/2015 10:12 pm


Yeah true, but i guess each to there own. And you know i have a par time job, plus studying. at lest i haven't just given up and lived off the doll completely.
Oh so is that why you didn't go? You didn't like a guy?
Just working, and i don't go back until march.
Lying Cat

Report | 01/30/2015 9:05 pm

Lying Cat

Sorry, this is Silver. Logged out, and had this tab open ._.
Lying Cat

Report | 01/30/2015 9:04 pm

Lying Cat

Downstairs apartment
They might live right above us. We're almost positive, but got no proof. And the problem is, I only took a glance at their faces before they ran away.
I tried to memorize their faces. I've done what I can.

Report | 01/30/2015 2:57 am


you know im not a teenager lool.
Oooh really, that would be fun, how come you didn't go?
Hahaha so 6 guys going no chicks?

Report | 01/28/2015 7:09 pm


just looking after my baby lol. Before i go back to uni and work. sad
How's everything going with jase and everything else??
Silver Angel Storm

Report | 01/27/2015 7:48 pm

Silver Angel Storm

I'll ask my dad about it. I was home alone, so I don't open the door at all. ._.
They came back to break the glass sliding door too.
We got that fixed qwq

Report | 01/25/2015 2:20 am


hii, how's it going?
Silver Angel Storm

Report | 01/24/2015 6:24 pm

Silver Angel Storm

I almost never answer the door. ._. Which I should probably start doing maybe
I don't have money for security cameras crying
I live in an apartment anyways so no idea how to get those installed

Report | 01/23/2015 6:37 pm


Thank you very much for your patronage~!

classified_northkittenstar heart
Little Angelsea

Report | 01/20/2015 6:10 pm

Little Angelsea

Yup they diiiid~
How were your holidays though? ;o


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