About Me IRL
I'm just a married guy, who likes working out, sports, building stuff and owns a business consultancy firm.
We have a lot of pets at home.
I have Skype, just ask.

On Gaia
Started Gaia in 2007 but only became active in 2010.
I'm an ex-moderator and an ex-forum assistant.
My username comes from my router, because I was uncreative.
This account is shared.

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Report | 10/24/2014 4:24 pm


Yeah I figured it wouldn't be the whole thing... I'm not savvy enough to know what to copy and what not to copy. XD!

OoooOoOo that looks really awesome. 8D

Report | 10/24/2014 3:39 pm


haha lots of ppl asked for sure... I guess some were shocked bc I usually look older/younger than usual... idk
true. I have like 2 advisors... and later one more when I declare my major. so that's gonna be tough meeting them.
I totally agree with you. my cousin still got a job from a top company even though my uni isn't that good.
just curious, what are your phone plans? my friends told me that they get free texting and data, but I have no idea how phones are charged these days. gah
hey do you think it is weird if a girl ask a guy out?


Report | 10/24/2014 5:19 am


Lol, naw, too lazy for that, plus, I don't think it'd be as simple as a quick select all copy pasta.

Report | 10/24/2014 5:12 am


There used to be some ones Gaia had, with more options than the main ones you see, but I forgot how to get to it.
I also am too lazy to buy one from someone silgubaerkjbhsdf dg XDa [especially since for a decent one, it'd probably cost at least a few bil. :T]

Report | 10/23/2014 2:29 pm


XD Yeah, sflghsdflgknsgf -sob- I liked that old layout. It was a bit garish, but it had nostalgia feels for me, since a friend was nice enough to do it for me. kgjsndfklgadfg ; w;

Report | 10/22/2014 3:24 pm


haha good idea since im making some new friends at my uni
most of the people at my work are upperclassmen. I think im the only freshmen so far sweatdrop
lol, good point. I know that my advisors want me to "explore" college by taking classes that I know that I won't like. gah
hm, technology? wow sounds impressive still, i think my uni is ranked like the 80th-100th for science or tech related majors.
yeah, i live in a crappy town

Report | 10/21/2014 10:14 pm


true. I guess my current job can help me get a reference Dx
srsly. you already feel like an expert, better than my academic advisors for sure.
crap, I guess im out of the game. hm, here we call it the MCAT? I know that medical admissions is tough.
wow sounds complicated, but worth the shot. haha well my university and my town had a simple admission for sure.
we didn't go through interviews or anything. sounds like your uni is tough and challenging! xDD

Report | 10/17/2014 9:14 am


haha true. im probably consider volunteering at a place that does office duties.
I just need to go through a background check and weekly commitments for like 6 months. do you think it is worth it? gah
true! my uni only requires 3.0 GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and an essay. i guess that's not that tough, since the ivy schools are way more competitive
how about your uni or med school admission process?
Little Angelsea

Report | 10/15/2014 4:07 pm

Little Angelsea

Sorry for late replys (èwé) Love your new avi tho
Always can lol depends if you work hard for it or not
Why do you say that i'm lucky?
Oh yeah it does, but i don't wanna depend on surgery to be pretty :d
are you on gaia's app or..?
Nope, le me no has a pancake butt, le me has a nice butt

Report | 10/14/2014 3:07 pm


Yeah the links on it died. fkladnfgknd ; w;' A friend had made it YEARS ago gisbrkldsgf and idk where to find those little semi-custom options Gaia used to have for profiles, so bleh, back to the classic thing for me. XP

XD Well, I suppose so long as it doesn't get moldy or like... get idk .. if dirt finds it way in via transit. > 3>


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