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I'm just a married guy, who likes working out, sports, building stuff and owns a business consultancy firm.
We have a lot of pets at home.
I have Skype, just ask.

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Started Gaia in 2007 but only became active in 2010.
I'm an ex-moderator and an ex-forum assistant.
My username comes from my router, because I was uncreative.
This account is shared.

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Twiggy Bear

Report | 08/01/2014 5:30 pm

Twiggy Bear

Lol fine fine i will
Lol ah gosh xD that sucks x.x

Report | 08/01/2014 4:53 pm


Nothing as of yet. I haven't been able to go on and find the time to look for materials in a very long time and when i do come back, everything's inflated again -lol-
And that's why i don't like going to certain cafes, i went to a cafe once and tried to call for the waiter, the girl looked at me, turned away, went to the corner and started playing on her phone... what even.
I only listen to her as long as she doesn't touch anything in my room =_= it's not THAT messy and yet she throws everything away. -I just have piles of books stacked up next to my table instead of reinserting them into the bookshelf =P~
That's in Melbourne though. Sydney taxis are white, silver or even black sometimes. Ferrari for me has to be red, i don't know why...
Um, it was a choice between noodles with beef or rice with chicken i think, but i'm pretty sure it was the veges that put me off finishing it. For one i don't think it was hot enough, two the sauce was very WEIRD, three the rice was literally porridge.
-watches a Korean TV program called Hello Counselor... see's a lady ages 46 and her body is that of a 20 year old, her face ~30 ... she's a belly dance teacher though =];;;;-
When i make an item, if i ever make an item, -emphasis on the WHEN-
Custard Tops

Report | 08/01/2014 7:22 am

Custard Tops

What's GCD?
Fluffy Jishubunny

Report | 08/01/2014 3:24 am

Fluffy Jishubunny

If normal ones mean chocolate brownies, yeah~ Hahahaha!! I got one from KFC and mom bought a box from Butterbean~ hehe~

I think I'll still gain weight with all the sweets... haha!

Report | 08/01/2014 3:05 am


forgot to say.... THANKS AGAIN FOR THE NEW LINK ^^

Report | 08/01/2014 3:03 am


Haha that's not the reason why people don't get hired though. Most of the time (for part-time jobs) it's because they're too old therefore more expensive than hiring someone younger. Or their resume/cover letter just didn't sound appealing enough.
Rofl, she does get angry easily... But she's more of a "oh by the way did you know....?" kind of person.
If you get a dark coloured car you normally would have a lighter colour for the interior leather or what ever material the other one is called. I guess you could say that's true but yellow would just burn my eyes depending on the car. -some cars don't suit some colours fullstop- (in my opinion)
No, i'm just a VERY fussy eater BUT i must say it tasted very weird, and my friend told me later on that Southern China Airlines probably has the worst airplane food ever. (why couldn't she have warned me earlier crying would have spared my stomach)
I know it is, but i've never been to korea and all i ever see are pages of korean people before and after plastic surgery because of my friends... -sigh- and LOL
I'm not rich enough to look around in the marketplace crying i should vend more often. Also, i'm not quite sure just yet.
Twiggy Bear

Report | 08/01/2014 1:31 am

Twiggy Bear

Lol and i don't like milk much but ill try :/
Awh thats awesome :3

Report | 07/31/2014 10:00 pm



Report | 07/31/2014 9:57 pm


lol. nice selfie! if I remember I saw this picture in your profile before and you were wearing a cowboy hat?
well I dislike how the media portray homosexual and stuff in a girly way
I have rl friends who are gay and lesbian, and I understand. they are totally normal and cool! xDD
back in hs, I went to a few gay&straight alliance club just for fun (haha probably one of my school activities)
our state also passed same-sex marriage so everyone is freaking out about this
Twiggy Bear

Report | 07/31/2014 2:31 pm

Twiggy Bear

Lmao omg xD
and ive been good just tired xD wbu?


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