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Is Neso going on hiatus or quitting Gaia?
I want freedom from Gaia for a bit so yes I will call it hiatus until my birthday August 19th. I need to stop my 10 year reign on the site. As much as I love this place, I can never really quit Gaia. I have too many memories and friends and plenty of good times had. So if you miss me or don't need me around. Feel free to delete me. Your choice. If you keep me it's all good as well <3

I will still be around on Skype however. So no real goodbyes here or to be said from me. Just letting friends know. Also I'm putting my wing alchemy on hold since inflation is a pain in the a**. xD One day I'll finish my Lucifer Wings.

I love my friends and I hope you all understand this. :3

Skype: happytechnofox
Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day/night everyone <3

x curious o

My zOMG Mule
(Yes I am aware I suck at female bases) <!--3
I do love how she turned out though xD