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Parle de moi

Hi! Okay, so, I'm Nerdy Oatmeal! My real name is Olivia but I prefer to go by my username on here. Most people call me Nerdy, some call me Oat. I'm fine with either. I've been on Gaia since July 2010. It's a long time, I know...

A little bit about me... Well, why don't we start with my beliefs first, yeah? I'm Pagan. I used to be a devotee to Thor but we've gone our separate ways and I've moved on to Wicca. I like to call it Kitchen-Wicca since what I do tends to revolve around cooking but it's not Kitchen-witchery. Hence, Kitchen-Wicca.

However, I believe that people can believe what they want to believe as long as they don't think of their beliefs as "superior" or "the only belief that is acceptable in the eyes of society". Though I don't agree with Christianity and sometimes find it a little... For lack of better way to describe with words, gross. I don't disagree or hate it either. The main reason why I find it "gross" it is because I was force-fed it for my whole life all the way until sixth grade. It just sort of reminds me of those times and I didn't like having that stuff forced upon me. However, I do not judge those who don't want to burn me at the stake so I guess that's something.

Call me crazy, but I believe in faeries and nature spirits. I believe that some of them exist in different worlds than we do and some of them like to come into our world. I'm also a big activist for marriage-rights and women's-rights. I mean, you should be able to marriage who you love, right? And, in an ideal world, we should all have an equal chance at things that really shouldn't have to depend on race, gender, and sexuality like our dream careers and all that cool stuff. But, sadly, I know that this isn't an ideal world we live in... but I like to think that it at least as a little more potential to be that than most people allow it to be. Woah, geez. That got deep really quickly... huh.

I've got quite a few interests... I mean, I love Doctor Who. (NO SPOILERS. I'M NOT CAUGHT UP YET.) And there are a TON of different anime I like. Just to name a few....

•Darker Than Black
•Attack on Titan
•Soul Eater/ Soul Eater Not!
•Black Butler
•Black Lagoon
•Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
•Blue Exorcist

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE SHERLOCK!!! (smilies/icon_heart.gif Johnlock for life. smilies/icon_heart.gif) I'm slowly getting interested in watching Hannibal and I'm TOTALLY IN LOVE with Supernatural. (Destiel is my current OTP) Oh! And I'm a HUGE LOTR and Hobbit fan!! I love Harry Potter too. (HUFFLEPUFF PRIDE. LOYAL, FORGIVING, AND TRUSTWORTHY. WE CAN FIND THINGS.)

I'm a a bit of a Nerdfighter. I absolutely adore Hank's music. He is just a general role model for me and he reminds me to be a good person. Speaking of music, I love Rusty Clanton!! He's amazing. I also adore music in different languages like French and Japanese. I love just about any music that isn't overplayed. I like classical, alternative, jazz, some rock, punk, and... most old artists like the Beatles and Queen. I'm also really into musicals and disney songs... Basically, my taste in music is everything under the sun.

Anybody who wants to RP with me, go ahead and send me a PM. I might be interested... if I have time. It all depends on that. smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif


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Sarria_Holyfire Report | 09/06/2014 4:31 pm
To say the least. XD
Sarria_Holyfire Report | 09/06/2014 4:22 pm
Lol it looks like there putting on a show for three guests.
Sarria_Holyfire Report | 09/06/2014 11:28 am
Lol Demetrius claims Domination.
Sarria_Holyfire Report | 09/06/2014 11:24 am
Time Skip. Lol so what were your thoughts when you read his thought change XP Or is Dakota gona tell us.
Sarria_Holyfire Report | 09/06/2014 10:56 am
Love it! ...Demetrius is not himself or more himself (depends how you look at it) right nowXD
Sarria_Holyfire Report | 09/06/2014 10:11 am
Oh dear, when he wants something he seems to be terribly persistant. eek
Sarria_Holyfire Report | 09/06/2014 9:55 am
True... urg the anticipating, I half hope they don't some to soon. 4laugh
Sarria_Holyfire Report | 09/06/2014 9:48 am
That is a good question, how well he react? I half want to ask teddy now.
Sarria_Holyfire Report | 09/06/2014 9:26 am
I think their planning a walk in scene. XD Demetrius is failing at trying to keep things under control. Dakota's ripping his pants off description even if it was just text was my favorite.
Sarria_Holyfire Report | 09/06/2014 9:12 am
There going to be in so much trouble though.


le tumblr


Oh hey that's me

Haha, a lot of this stuff has probably changed since I've written it but I'm too lazy to change any of it

Lol So much of this has changed but I'm way too lazy to go through this. But no matter what, I can 100% guarantee you that I'll like always Nutella, Tumblr, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tom Hiddleston (Aka: Real Life Disney Prince), and Benedict Cumberbatch (the sexiest motherfricker alive).

Actually, I'm genderfluid.
So, although I am biologically
female I sometimes feel
more like a male,
a mix of the two, or neither.
So I'm okay with any pronouns
that are no otherkin.
I'm okay with they/them/their,
he/his/him, she/her,
zie or ze/zem/zir, xe/xem/xir, etc.,
but I will most likely
respond to she since that's
just what I'm called most
despite that fact that I
feel female less often than I
do anything else.