Well, First thing i'd like to say is i'm surprised that you wish to take time to read my "About me" section of my page. Not many people usually look at those.

Name: Nephy

Age: 20

Status: In a relationship

Height: 5'6

Eye color: Hazel Green

Hair color: Auburn brown

Weight: 130lbs

Body Build: Athletic

Sex: Female

I used to be a homeschooled girl, but now i'm studying Criminology and Psychology in college. I hope that my future job will one day take place in the law and profiling people.

I am a writer, singer, dancer, painter, instrument player, a lover, a fighter, and a cook. I'm what you would call "Multi-Talented". Not that many people are like me. Nor will they ever want to be like me. Normally i would thank them for that. Its hard to be myself from time to time.

But lets continue on with the tour of my profile shall we? I am a delicate being. But also a savage one. I will cuddle and I will bite you when needed. But anyway, I am girl not to be messed with.

Well.. I love rainbows and everything to do with the color red. I love Hardstyle music. Techno, country, some rock, and some rap. I've currently began listening to Dubstep, So far i like it.

I was raised and currently still Living in Texas. Although i was born at a Military Base in Pensacola Florida. Other than that there isn't much left to say. If you wish to add me elsewhere just let me know?

Skype; Nephy.D

Well there it is everyhting. Go nuts. Have your way around the tree and back. Hope you all are having a grand day. And thank you for reading my profile.

Nephy Bombastic

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Last Login: 02/09/2014 8:47 pm

Gender: Female

Birthday: 08/18

Occupation: Writing, singing, Dancing, ROTC


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