Samm ♡

Call me Neffy, if you don't mind.
I am 18, July 24th is my birthday.
I am in a relationship with my amazing Brad. ♡
I am a mother of 2.
I have graduated High School and am going to school for dental assistant.
I love to make friends, so add me ^u^
I love the colors black, red, purple, and blue(only light shades and dark shades.)
Pokèmon c:
Horror movies make me laugh.
I also love to draw and read and write.
Music is a big part of my life.
I enjoy swimming and summer is my favorite season.
I play lots of video games both PC and game console. Mainly xbox and ps2.
I am a foodie.
I fangirl over many fandoms, just ask which ones.
I am proud of myself amd how far I have come.

My favorite word:
The act of mentally undressing someone.