Why hello there.
It looks like you have wandered into my profile.
Could it be fate that we meet?
Or you just wandered in by accident?
Either way, nice to meet you...well here are some things about me...

Dreamer,Otaku ,Simple ,Original ,Crazy ,Creative,Friendly,Nerdy

These are just some words people use to describe me.

I like making friends and talking to others, but I'm so shy, it's a crime.

I write my own stuff, short stories, little poems, and fan fiction.

I'm horrible at drawing, an awful singer, and a pathetic cook.

I'm not something special, when it comes to looks, but I like myself as it is.


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My Thougts/random things XD

Just a bunch of random things that i write down in here lol! XD


√Bestamvsofalltime ▪ Zombie's Fan Days AMV

Kaster - Rage Quit

Cyberpunkers - Dungeon (Far Too Loud Remix)

Cyberpunkers - Epic (The S Remix)

Liquid Stranger - Destroy Him My Robots

Pokemon Origin Full Movie English Dub

Haezer - Ghetto [Tasty Release]

Infected Mushroom - Now is Gold (feat. Kelsy Karter)

Klagmar's Top VGM #1,122 - BlazBlue: Continuum Shift - Hazama's Themes

Braken - To the Stars

Trauma Team Ending Song - Gonna Be Here

Overwerk - House (feat. Nick Nikon)

Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (BeatBox Remix)

Far Too Loud - Firestorm

Rabbit Killer - I.N.C.O.G.N.I.T.O.

Robotic - Tomorrowland (Darth & Vader Remix)

Madeon - Technicolor (Cormak Remix)

FMLYBND - Electricity (Candyland Remix)

Madeon - Minimix

Savant - The Beat

Savant - Technodrome

Savant - Face Off

Air Gear Chain Full

Tasty Network Nonstop Mix 2012 - Dj Lost.Road

Matthew Koma - One Night (Vicetone Remix)