O: :D

Hi! ^^;;
My name is...Kaitlin.
I am 18 years old
My birthday is the 27th of March
I live in this state called Virginia!
I have two brothers. o;
I'm extremely OCD
I hate even numbers other than the number 10
My favorite numbers are;
1, 3, 7, 10, 13...c:
I also have this irksome thing called Tourette's Syndrome. O:<
I'm in love with the most awesome guy ever. :l
No one can beat this kid. :T
<3 Message me if you want to know more, I'll talk about anything. ;D

A little more? :

13 things that I ADORE! :

1. Meeting interesting people.

2. The smell of rain.

3. Mountain seeing.

4. Camping!! ;D

5. The colour Neon Green and Purple.

6. Dipping popcorn in melted butter. xD

7. Animals. <333

8. Exploring!

9. Cooking.

10. Reading/Writing.

11. Video Games

12. Giving Gifts

13. Food. :L

13 things that I dislike an incredible amount : : :

1. Self-Harm.

2. Depression.

3. People who judge/ Bullies.

4. When my favourite book gets made into a movie and it makes the book seem terrible so no one reads it.

5. When people stare at me negatively.

6. Extremely hot weather/ extremely cold weather. ( unless I'm swimming or unless it's snowing )

7. When people yell.

8. When people say " you wouldn't understand ".

9. Abuse!

10. Any negative disease or disability.

11. Random Visitors

12. When I lose the first boss of Mario 64. :L

13. When people film me, without my permission.

BTW, when I say I hate self-harm, I don't hate the people that do it, I just hate that they do it, because everyone deserves to have a good life. c:

Cubone :::

Cubone was once very happy...He enjoyed life, had tons of friends, and best of all, he had his mother.....
One day while little Cubone was out playing with his friends, an evil man and woman came and tried to snatch little Cubone up...Cubone was frightened so bad, that he couldn't move or even yell for help...His friends thought fast and ran to get his mother. When his friends arrived to her little cave home, and told her what happened, she ran as fast as she could to get to him...

It was a long battle, between the evil man and woman...But they had gotten away...
Leaving behind a dead mother, and a broken and hurt baby Cubone.

Soon Cubone shut out the world, he never spoke or played with anyone...All he would do was hide in his little cave home and stay with his mother's corpse...

After awhile his mother's corpse had to be taken out, so he buried her under her favorite tree, but kept her skull and one other bone of her's...He now wears his mother's Skull and carries around his mother's bone, never wanting to forget his beautiful mother.

Dreamz ; ; ;

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
Total Value: 1,174,400 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Inari\'s Beads 12th Gen
Forest Green Wayfarer Boots
Benkei\'s Trousers Green
Smooth DJ
Forest Green Flap Beanie
Fragrant Heartbeat
Wild Dawn

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
Total Value: 1,441,831 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Election 2008 Donkey Plushie
Blue Sweetheart Teddy
Lala the Koala Plushie
G-LOL Azure Maiden Top
Rainbow Jubilee
Inari\'s Beads
Blue Pompaca Hat
Opal Borealis
Blue Striped Legwarmers
Powdy Pengy
Trendy Dark Skinny Jeans
Alternate Moira\'s Top

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.[/url]
Total Value: 1,809,969 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Nartian Star
Shiny Black Short Shorts
Dark Omen
Lunar Scythe
Ghoul\'s Acre
Gothic Veil
Shadow Spirit
Nightmare Scythe
Black Goth Boots
Nightmare Scythe

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
Total Value: 2,338,745 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Black Lowtoppies
Smooth DJ
Gray Peasant Gloves
Gothic Butterfly
Jubilant Flight
Dark Jubilee
Imaginary Friend
Sparkling Bright Lights


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neonmonster4 Report | 01/09/2014 1:08 pm
Oh...I'm just some random person...lol...but Isaw.the neon part and Iwas like OMG I gotta talk to her cx
neonmonster4 Report | 01/05/2014 11:38 pm
Xyuian Report | 09/13/2013 6:15 pm
thanks for buying~
Alex Knows Best Report | 09/10/2013 4:53 pm
Alex Knows Best
No problem Love! emotion_bigheart
iPandalita Report | 08/13/2013 10:54 pm
3nodding Got Kuroshitsuji season 2 though
iPandalita Report | 08/13/2013 10:54 am
Hmm it's about a young boy loses everything he once held near and dear to a vicious plot. In his moment of death, he strikes a deal with a demon: his soul, in exchange for revenge. Ciel Phantomhive is now the head of the Phantomhive corporation, handling all business affairs as well as the underground work for the Queen of England. His new partner is a demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis, whose powers as a butler is only surpassed by his strength as a demon. emotion_c8
iPandalita Report | 08/08/2013 10:24 pm
Watch Kuroshitsuji! biggrin
iPandalita Report | 08/08/2013 10:17 pm
I'm doing school work and listening to music smile You?
iPandalita Report | 08/08/2013 10:11 pm
Oh Hi whee What's up?
iPandalita Report | 08/08/2013 8:46 pm
Ryuzaki!!!!! heart
Ultimatum Sacrificio
Neon Teddy Bears

The kid that can't be beat. :I

This is me. c: