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About Me

Hello, welcome!!! cat_whee
I don't know much about writing bios so prepare yourself for what you are about to read XD!!

~ The name's Sora NeoSkyrer (Neo Skyrer). You guys can just call me Sora or Neo. My name doesn't match so, mehh >W<
~ I'm 20 andddd so far, I luv me uni life hahahaha... Engineering is great so far, including the subjects interest me XD!!!
~ I love chemistry.. All the theories and concept omg... I was born to love this subject!! heart
~ Favourite pastime? Definitely Kendo practice. Goshhhh I couldn't live without kendo... the Shinai (bamboo sword) in my grip. It keeps me calm and sane haha CX
~ I'm 5% calm at times and the other 95% well, I'm mostly random so you'll have to get used to that ~W~
~ Oh and video games, I play video games a lot (whenever I'm free though haha)
~ I would be forever thankful to have met many wonderful friends in this life. They are valuable to me and I'll always be willing to help them out. NO. Matter. What.
~ Okeey, if you have any questions about anything and needs my help or something, just shoot me a PM *winks*... well depends on the situation

If you want me to whack you on the head just ask, maybe the next thing you know, I might be behind you with a baseball bat or a plushie, depends on the situation..


Smile. Don't look so sad whee
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