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Wicked awesome. Deal.


In a world of patent leather, pop colors and waaaaay too much classical literature, there exists Matt. His natural surroundings developed by irreverent poetry, and electronica, he is a force to be reckoned with. So long as all opposing forces are Rocky Horror, and modernist art galleries. Please don't feed him...
(but... if you have to... he likes flan)



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Lady Lynne Mist Report | 01/28/2013 8:27 pm
blaugh blaugh blaugh blaugh blaugh blaugh DUDE!!!!! THEY MADE A FRENCH HORN ITEM!!!! xd xd xd xd xd
Neferatius Report | 11/07/2011 7:31 pm
Awesome. : D
Neferatius Report | 11/07/2011 4:01 pm
Swell. Just swell. Excited for Thanksgiving. How's yours?
Neferatius Report | 11/06/2011 9:06 am
xxPeneConPan Report | 06/30/2011 1:07 pm
Haha, that's so nice. xD
Thank thou, kind sir. razz
P4nda_n00dlz Report | 12/31/2009 1:38 am
Mmmm happy burfday

And before you tell me anything about my sleeping schedule after looking at what time I posted this, to answer your question before you ask it; no, I don't sleep. Ever.
Neferatius Report | 12/09/2009 9:53 pm
I'm sorry? D:
Cyborg Slunk Report | 07/21/2009 7:53 pm
AHH!!! YOU REMEMBERED!!! YEAAAY!!! Thanks buddy! Hey, I hardly ever get on Gaia, so write me through e-mail! My internet time is limited... so my email is ^___________^
Justineer Report | 06/09/2009 7:43 pm
Matt! Love your Chthulu-inspired avatar! Too cool.
Neferatius Report | 05/20/2009 12:42 pm
XD Yea, my grade wasn't as good as I thought it was. I think I'll be prepared for my senior panel though.

Someday....I too will be a Japanese business man.


I find myself fond of ice cream trucks. also? BBQ. BBQ trucks need lilty jingles too.