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Darkly inclined with questionable tastes in art, music, and life.


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Horrendously Ditzy and Other Life Stories

I plan to write more than I used to (?)


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XxTheSmittenKittenxX Report | 08/11/2015 7:14 am
Thanks so much!

I am super excited for the next episode!~

The Fifth of Two Report | 07/09/2015 11:56 pm
The Fifth of Two
Hey, Sis. Can't read your messages yet. Felt better earlier, but Feeling crappy again. Can't find medicine and took last Dramamine. Even typing this up made me need to close my eyes. When I get to feeling better, promise I'll get back to you.
The Fifth of Two Report | 07/08/2015 7:34 pm
The Fifth of Two
Hey, Sis. Having inner ear problems. Makes it hard to focus on things. Feeling kinda miserable.
brendosaurus rex Report | 04/27/2015 9:05 pm
brendosaurus rex
Thank you!!!!! I like yours also!!!!!
The Fifth of Two Report | 04/26/2015 12:26 am
The Fifth of Two
That's not all of them, because I guess I didn't save where I last picked up, and ended up losing my replies on the remaining ones, so I'll need more time to retype them. confused Dash it all. But it shall be done, m'lady!
The Fifth of Two Report | 04/26/2015 12:19 am
The Fifth of Two
The other half of the comment below this so it wouldn't mess up:

Very interesting collection ya have there, my little mischievous imp! 4laugh
Aw! You love deer, cows/cattle, and goats, then? smile We used to raise goats, when we lived out in the country. I loved them, except for Gruff (yes, we named our main billy goat, Gruff), he was a jerk, that liked to headbutt people for no reason, and chase you. He would be alright with you one second and then try to git ya the next.
blaugh I don't usually make that connection, horned and cloven hoofed creatures being demonic. They're all kosher to me. emotion_awesome blaugh emotion_facepalm

Speaking of mythical creatures and the like: Mermaids... I love mermaids. Ohhhh, sis... I had a story, that came from a freak dream, that I typed up on my old laptop... It's on a thumbdrive somewhere, now... I think you would've liked it. It's "dream strange", of course, being loosely based off my dream, as my dream didn't go on too long, but there was enough dream to write the story from. It's actually the first, and only, f/f I've ever written. There are even lots of cleverly placed nautical words all throughout. It was quite fun to write. emotion_dowant Ooooh, I want to find it now. Would it be dangerous for this laptop though, if I were to stick that drive in it? Viruses and things might have followed my things?

Now, lady, I could not even fit into your jacket, we both know this. I probably wouldn't even be able to fit my arms into. I got some big a$$ arms. blaugh The only way I'd want your coat, is if you were in it.... Naked... emotion_dowant Just kidding on the naked part, unless you wanted to be. wink biggrin But you would very specifically have to come with the coat as a bonus that I could keep forever. emotion_dowant
Oh noes! It's too long for you? sad
The Fifth of Two Report | 04/26/2015 12:13 am
The Fifth of Two
Wow! That is so cool! Imma have ta look into that! And possibly look for some pics... Heh heh heh... Pokemon Yellow? A game? I've only played Pokemon Silver...? I think that's what it was. It either had Ho-oh or Lugia* on the cartridge (thinking it was Ho-oh)... $#1+. I can't remember. Was it both? It was my younger cousin Jacob's. I enjoyed playing it, and he would let me borrow it sometimes, because I caught rare Pokemon for him. I actually caught Ho-oh for him, but at some point the little turd deleted the data, because of dumb reasons. This was when he was a little kid of course, and he did a lot of dumb things then. A lot.... I wonder if he even still has the game...?

Heeheehee! Naughty company indeed! Good naughty company.
Sounds like me, huh? biggrin My possible kintype?
Awww! biggrin Sweet sugarbutts! 4laugh

Awww! Neat! My favorite poison Pokemon was Vileplum! 4laugh I even had a Vileplume pencil sharpener when I was younger, came from Walmart. Not sure what happened to it, but I played with it like it was a toy. I loved that thing. (I also had a Clefairy thing I got from McDonalds (or was it BK?). Not sure what that thing was... It was like a keychain that split at the top of it's head, it's front spearated from it's back, like you could put candy in it or something... I loved it too. Ah, the memories...) I love/d Pokemon... but nowadays, I'm so out of the loop, I don't know $#1+ that's going on. So lost, and I just can't get out of the 90s and early 2000s. Hard to move past that to accept the new... I haven't really watched any of the newer stuff. Do they even include the older Pokemon in anything, nowadays?
The Fifth of Two Report | 04/25/2015 11:56 pm
The Fifth of Two
Pinkies held out, sipping away! biggrin I still want to have a Tea Party with you. This needs to happen. We need to do this. Hah! Which reminds me of a video I watched a good while back. I can't remember the name of the video, but it was on Youtube... I'll have to dig into my brain to remember what the video was called. I thought it was hilarious, and random, I imagined that would be how our Tea Party would be, but with less people. biggrin I'll be trying to remember the name, so that you might find it and watch it.

Oh, you went to Crystal Springs?! That where you were going before you came to H-Town? How long did you go there?
Indeed it is. emotion_donotwant
When the group and I invaded your personal space that first day we all became aquainted, you seemed quite approachable to me, shy, but friendly.... I understand what you mean. In social situations, if I'm not my usual stoic self, sometimes a more charming, bold side of myself comes out of nowhere and takes the lead (and I'm just like "The hell does this come from?" ). I don't think I have split personalities, not too sure about that whole thing (plus, I'm always fully aware of myself, or at least I think I am...), but I tend to feel like a "different" me sometimes (I don't always like it either, and I'm sure I'm not the only one). I think it may be hormonal imbalances.

blaugh Awww! I had a mental video of the scenario, and it was so strange and cute at the same time. I imagined your head on a baby deer body. Ya even had the little spots on ya. emotion_kirakira

blaugh Haha! Awwww, sis!

I prefer the company of friendlier, more down to Earth people. Usually, people who it may seem I have something in common with, tend to be a$$y, Negative Nancies, the kind that drain me and make me feel like Danny Glover (Too old for that $#!+), I'd rather not have those around too often, I am, unintentionally and reluctantly, negative enough on my own, I don't need that to be fueled, I love being happy. I prefer to have other people make the first move as well, only rarely do I make the first move, but I do so to gauge the person's reaction to me, so I can see if there is a compatability, of sorts. Other than that, I just tend to let things take their course.

emotion_hug emotion_bigheart emotion_hug Just... Ditto, sis. I love and enjoy the moments we create as well. I'm glad I make you happy, you make me happy. Out of the few friends I have/had, you feel like the truest.
T^T I feel the same way! My sister from another mister. We should have a ceremony! emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart
The Fifth of Two Report | 04/25/2015 11:49 pm
The Fifth of Two
Oh no! Why didn't she just have you lean backwards? sad

I love to go for a swim, every now and then. I would protect you! You could ride on my back, or shoulders. I would carry you, and you would be safe with me. There is actually a pool here at the complex. It get's pretty deep at one end. We have swam in it multiple times before. Not at all last summer, they changed rules and said we needed to go through the office to get a wristband. We were like fuq that! blaugh

I actually met my little buddy Gemma at the pool. Young girl, 15 or 16 then. Mama kind of pushed me into the friendship. blaugh We've had some good times, but I can't handle too much of her at a time. She drains me... And when she lived out here, she didn't give me time to recharge. She'd pop up whenever, mostly in the morning, while I was sleeping. She complains far too much (often about the silliest things), brags far too much, can be quite rude (she even brags about being rude like it's something wonderful), texts in the middle of conversation, (mostly when I'm talking), she even interrupts me when I'm speaking, and mostly shows no interest in what I'm talking about, like I just exist to listen to her, my input is optional.... I'm known to be a very good listener, and I prefer to listen, but when I do speak, I'd like to be listened to as well as I have listened to the other person. Having ADD makes me have to put in that much more effort into listening to the speaker, because my mind has been known to take adventures with random words that come out of the speakers mouth, and that is a hard thing to stop from happening, but somehow, I manage to do so. On top of that, my hearing isn't the best, and sometimes (especially in loud places), if I miss something that is said, my mind fires up, trying to place what was actually said, and I end up missing anything afterwards. Heh, and sometimes if someone says something, I may mishear it, and think they said something else, then, I look like a jerk that wasn't really listening when I don't answer accordingly. I'm sure that has happened to me more than what has been pointed out to me. confused
The Fifth of Two Report | 04/25/2015 11:40 pm
The Fifth of Two
What is a drabble? Seen that word before as well.

blaugh I understand that. blaugh I laughed like an idiot the other day when my mother asked the guy for nuts, at McD's, for her sundae. He handed the ice cream to her through the window, and then she innocently asked him, "Could I get some nuts?" I started laughing (laughing about it now as I type), entirely too hard, but I muffled myself, and he said, "Sure." but was looking at me, then looked at my mother, like we were joking with him. Kind of a stare look, but he could see that I was the only person amused, I turned my head away, so he went ahead and grabbed the nuts, giggity, to give them to her. My mother turned and asked me what I was laughing about, which only made me laugh harder, so I repeated what she said as we were driving off, in the way that she said it, but with more emphasis on "nuts", and then she started laughing.

Heheheh! Of course, sis. Gimme dat readin' material. emotion_omnomnom



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