My old Store

4laugh Welcome 2 all you wonderfull Buyers out there biggrin

Me ?? I am - like most of us - doing my best to achieve a unusual house, Aquarium and a avi - yeah we all like to be somewhat unique lol

i do my best to ensure i sell under the "new"store price and do so for non-shop items too ... to bring you lots of usefull bargains !!!!

- constructive criticism is appreciated -

If you see an item and dont quite have enough gold for it, pm me an offer - haggle.
(please keep in mind that while I am willing to accept offers, I will decline offers that
equal a lot less than then the current marketprice of an item.)

oh btw- i dislike and detest self centered, self serving, dogmatic, elitist, arrogant, snobby,
patronizing and greedy people - if you are one of those pls stay away from me & friends


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