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Welcome to my domain mortal. I am Nekorlie of the Cross Roads. If you haven't figured it out I am a cross roads demon. Well more of a freelance cross roads demon. All the rules were a drag and I found a way of grating wishes without having to be connected to the head cross roads demon. Now I go around making deals in my own little way.

During one of thess deals I met the love of my life. I call him my master because he was the only one able to fully tame my wild spirit. His name is Sorren_Markov. I will fight for him tooth and nail and destroy anyone that touches him.

The real me:

Name: Rae
Age: 26
Sex: female
Height: 5'4"
Weight: more to love
Sexuality: Bi
Occupation: Correctional Officer

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DarkForgoten Fallen Angel Report | 09/05/2017 9:32 am
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel
Um thanks. I get that a lot sweatdrop
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel Report | 08/14/2017 5:59 am
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel
You're very welcome
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel Report | 08/11/2017 6:10 pm
DarkForgoten Fallen Angel
Awesome avi!
MaohXxAlexXxUchiha Report | 08/01/2017 12:46 pm
grand, except for the boring paper work that follows ahah
MaohXxAlexXxUchiha Report | 07/31/2017 10:03 pm
Muahahaha heart
I wouldn't worry about it. It's either really expensive items or practically non-existent in the MP
Bellus Malum Report | 02/26/2017 8:17 pm
Bellus Malum
It goes well enough. How goes married life?
Bellus Malum Report | 02/16/2017 9:21 pm
Bellus Malum
lol Heya tootsiepop
Kaptain Krazee Report | 10/12/2016 7:00 am
Kaptain Krazee
Lol, me too. They come to my country sometimes, to a convention called Asylum. I'm hoping to go to that one one day, but I doubt that I will, cos I think it's too complicated to get tickets. If there's a simpler way to get tickets, then hopefully I will.
Kaptain Krazee Report | 10/10/2016 1:42 pm
Kaptain Krazee
They are, and yeah, I haven't seen any other Fandom that I know/like that does all the things they do. That's why I love them so much. xd
Kaptain Krazee Report | 10/08/2016 11:32 pm
Kaptain Krazee
Lol, I love re-watching/hearing it too. It's so brilliant and catchy. I remember when I first watched it and saw the Cast Members I was like omg, how did they manage to get them in the video. Then that's when I remembered, the Cast of Supernatural are awesome. And they'll do anything for their fans.


α мαи ιѕ иєνєя тяυℓу вяσкєи υитιℓ уσυ ∂єиу нιм нιѕ иαмє.


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