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Hi everyone!
I'm neko, or you can call me snow.
I am currently working as an artist for Gaia.


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Lady Cres Report | 11/24/2015 10:01 pm
Lady Cres
I just wanted to say thank you for the paws rig today emotion_kirakira

So many conversions that I've been waiting for for a long time, like the things set and Dee es :3
And the buns were just a great bonus! :3

`Hydro Report | 11/19/2015 10:35 am
cutest tipper ever~

SmittenRainbowKitten Report | 11/15/2015 11:17 pm
Thank you 4laugh

It was a staff announcement.
I think it's the second one from the bottom.
SmittenRainbowKitten Report | 11/15/2015 9:17 pm
Gaia's artmas contest
SmittenRainbowKitten Report | 11/15/2015 4:08 pm
Stupid phone autocorrect..
SmittenRainbowKitten Report | 11/15/2015 4:08 pm
Hey Neko!
I'd like to include you in my art mad entry (if that's alright with you)

If it is, do you have a particular avatar you'd like?
A fave kin?
And what's your fave color?
Tiny Shoujo Report | 11/12/2015 12:33 am
Tiny Shoujo
Oooh I see 3nodding
Aw thank you! whee
Tiny Shoujo Report | 11/11/2015 5:43 pm
Tiny Shoujo
Thank you for the tip Neko! >.<
Did you recolour the [Animal] Mousse? 3nodding
Shoohey Report | 11/08/2015 1:16 pm
Neko your avatars are too cute, stop it. heart
Sir Baron Humbert Report | 09/11/2015 6:12 am
Sir Baron Humbert
They are very lovely! <3
Keep it up! C;


Blinkie by Arlette!


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