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My words...

These are different things i write during my spaced out moments at school !....

Gifts to the bunny!! *updating*

Donators with a heart of gold! Thank you all!

1. Fujita Makos -
Gimpi 3rd Gen
Stone Guardian Mask
Bento Bunny
Princess Kaguya
Bani The Bunny
Nartian Star
Acid Teru Teru Bozu
Cosmic Dust

2. Shikaku of Gaara -
Kottan Bell x3
Scarlet Mist

4. Xxdemonic dragonXx -
Death Whispher
Radio Jack
Bunny Flop

5. demon_knigth88 -
Earl Grey Tea time Waitress Dress
2010 Jan Seal

5. HoneySuckle78 -
Zomg Ribbon

6. W r a t h f u l M e -
Crimson Promise

7. Kartarmar -
Nitemare Sash

8. CosmicDisaster -
Ice Champion Blue Glitter Dress

9. ricebunnii -
Recipe: Strawberry Sundae Sweets

10. Evil Poptard -
Santa Cow Plushie
Black Ops Gear

11. ichigo nioi -
Heart of Gold

12. andrew-w089 -
Herme's Moon 12th gen.

13. Victoria Wolf -
Path of Luna

why do ppl follow the me? O_o


Stuff about Neko !

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Hi everyone and welcome to my profile !
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Here is some stuff you should know about me:

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User Image My name is Gabriela, but everyone calls me Neko or Toki.
I work at a lovely and creepy Maid Café called Hyakky Yagyo Café where I'm a Yokai maid ! You should check it out ^^

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User Image My fav colors are orange, Lilac, silver and metallic blue. My favorite animals are the wolf, cat and weasel.
I listen to all types of music but I especially love techno, rock and salsa.

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I love to act, dance, write and take pictures.
Cosplayer? Yes. Toki Cosplay is my cosplay page :3 ! Show your support? teehee.
Gamer? Yes. Add me on Xbox360 -> FallenLeaves11
I love making new friends so add me and leave a coment !

STuff ppl tell me nowadays hehe ^-^ u know u wanna say stuff too!

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Mac DeMarco Report | 05/02/2014 6:03 pm
Mac DeMarco
the ecchi otaku Report | 11/27/2013 2:06 pm
the ecchi otaku
-sneaks up glomps from behind and huggled my sis-

how be you? and happy pre turkeyday wishes ^U^
Bad Boy Snidey Report | 09/05/2013 7:52 am
Bad Boy Snidey
I know I usually suck at making them to be honest. I usually wait to see if I can find one.
Yesh its pretty cool and seems easy going so it was a good choice. Since its something I wasn't all that familiar with. There is always research I could do when and if i need it though so that isn't a problem
Bad Boy Snidey Report | 09/05/2013 7:40 am
Bad Boy Snidey
Its a harry potter rp its pretty cool smile
Oh I haven't really been in a Mythical one in a while but I think I might have my hands full at the moment.
Bad Boy Snidey Report | 09/05/2013 7:28 am
Bad Boy Snidey
Yesh I should really post in that one soon.
Although i have joined another that is moving rather quickly.
Bad Boy Snidey Report | 09/05/2013 7:12 am
Bad Boy Snidey
Hey smile
Not too bad how about you?
the ecchi otaku Report | 08/06/2013 6:57 pm
the ecchi otaku
they are alot of fun. though you need a s**t ton of hats of many styles kindas and lvls of hilarity. plus not minding sharing hats since hats will be shared swapped and worn throught the night.
i have another pic of me from an actual hat party but i wont post it here because lets just say it could damage the image i put out specially since what i look like isnt what i actually am.

yeah they are but find an a furry on gaia and normally they lead you to the right artists when you become friends with them i found a few that way and al;so spun a few artists in the furry direction as well. but over all finding them are very hard and finding good ones are even harder.,
the ecchi otaku Report | 08/06/2013 5:59 pm
the ecchi otaku
have any luck on the art hunting front found any anthro artists that are truely anthro artists?
and not putting anthro on the list and having humans with animal tails and ears.
the ecchi otaku Report | 08/06/2013 5:58 pm
the ecchi otaku
same here have had a few amazing artists due to live and emotional situations drop my commissions.
one was a ref sheet the other a very belated bday gift for my other little sister.
oh yes his pain is finally over. though at the reception we unwinded by in my dad's memory had a hat party with a spall portion of his hat collection
User Image
User Image
being two of the many hats i wore tonight.

hehehe i bet . though your big brother in the dancing area sucks big time -sweat- and prefers no one should ever be tramatized by it.
the ecchi otaku Report | 08/06/2013 4:02 pm
the ecchi otaku
-puts on some music for the bunny to dance to-

come on lil sis join them your boyfriend would enjoy the veiw wouldnt he cool

on the down side
i burried my dad today at the local cemetry in his family's grave.
i made sure to keep some momentos of his
Evil Poptard
Mac DeMarco

Inu-chan! Shes like a random lil sister i never had and I always have fun when im with her and her randomness! She is really pretty, adorable, sweet, *kinda scawy when mad*, always speaks her mind and has awesome taste in music n clothes!...she draws cute too! Wuv chu!

Neko-chan! My bff, Never met anyone with so much in comon with me we could be soul sisters! wuv u onee-chan!

Kyro-kun! Awesomest random crazy person i ever met! Kick a** at drawing and funny as hell! A total sweetheart and very reliable friend!

Akari-chan! Known her for a looong time, awesome at drawing and a dear friend!

Tenshie-kun! A sweetheart who can always make me smile, you know i love ya J.T.

Fuji-sama! My awesome big brother!! Best avi maker ever! I WUV YOU!!! *huggz*

Levi-san! My angel on a rainy day ^-^ Always giving to others! He always makes me Happy X3