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I really like ur aviii
S3xy_Azn_Boi Report | 03/01/2011 10:06 pm
Breeder Werewolf Report | 05/18/2010 9:23 am
oh what the squankie .... Stupid Smiley Messed up my post D:<
Breeder Werewolf Report | 05/18/2010 9:22 am
(^_^)/'" wink
S3xy_Azn_Boi Report | 04/07/2010 10:12 pm
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Ace Angel Wings Report | 02/17/2010 8:10 pm
hello there!!!!
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My Stalkers



I'm curently distracted by that bitefight ad i saw here on gaia D= my closer friends know about my werewolf obsession P=

Bidding in the name of Devil Tail! Behold their evilness! =^-^=

Donations are always helpful! =^-^=

Please don't send me angry PMs! It's scary when you do that to me. smilies/icon_crying.gif I usualy ignore them anyways... However, I welcome all profile comments from everyone for any reason, even upset ones! (I check my comments more then my PMs anyways) D=

Due to my high visibility. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
These are the types of PMs I get:

85% People being mean, wierd, ignorant, or down right RETARDED. (I can't raise my bid until I've been outbid, I know your not a real moderator.. asking my pw won't work, Don't try to rip me off... I always check the lowest buy price of all items offered me, Your hatred towards me confuses me, no I won't donate to you.. I dislike beggars, I already told you.. I am not buying your blox for 10k gold, No no! Really! I know your trying to sell me letter for 3k more then they are going for on the marketplace)

13% My friends chatting with me <3

2% Random comments/Friendly Greetings. (Hello to you too, Yes my profile/avatar/pics are nice/cool/godly/awesome/evil/scary/gave you daymares.. and yes I do bite.)

For those of you who are curious about me and why I do those things I do... I did make an about me and even updated my interest tabs! My profile comments are wide open and ready for chat too!

The joy that anyone gets from donating can only be achieved when the idea to donate was originally the donator's. Those who donate when harassed to do so get left with an empty feeling inside. My bids are advertising for my quest. Advertising and begging are 2 different things. Please don't feel pressured to by my bids, they are only suggestions. ;D and as for quest... quests are like assholes, everyones got one.

Even if you don't like the amount of my bid, my bidding does help you out. When anyone bids on your item, it brings it right up onto the default marketplace view page were the newbies get a whole new chance to see your item and I've found in many cases the item I bid on got bought second after I bid on it! D= However not everyone buys items I bid on which would suck for me since it would make bidding pointless to me. >_<

Still Unhappy with my bids? Unfortunately you will have to deal with that yourself. I never check whose store I am bidding in or read the store descriptions. If you don't want me to bid so low in your store then raise your low bid value to something that is acceptable to you. Otherwise, please don't come in here and yell at me for your own mistakes/misunderstandings. It's not like I can fix your store for you, only you can.

Like my Avatar? Thanks I worked hard on it =^-^=

Like my Profile? I converted the old school version of it into the current profile system all by myself! I submitted my profile to tektek so you can use it too! If you want my profile then click HERE! Don't forget to click the good symbol so it comes out of pending to become an offical theme sooner! =^-^=

Mavu-chan is my Gaian Mommy! She is a very talented mommy too! She drew the picture of me above! She has her own DeviantART page and does commissioned artwork! BUY from my mommy!!! I command thee!!! @_@ =^-^=

About Me:
Now! To an about me that's really about me. lol. I am Necrowitch. There ya go, all you need to know about me! hehe, ok ok not enough huh? Well ok then, most of the time I am surfing around on gaia and doing my gaia thing... I am listening to audio books over my wireless headphones. I have listened to over 1.3k books this way so far! I listen to mostly Text to Speech, yes lazy... But, if the technology exists, why not use it? This leaves my hands very free and I am one of those types that really need to keep my hands busy. Hence the bidding I do... its rather mindless which allows me to listen to my hearts content to a myriad of books.

You may be wondering why I read/listen to so many novels. It's because the very first novel I read that didn't make me want to rip it into pieces was a werewolf novel. First time I enjoyed reading. I was being forced fed the classics by my school which had completely and utterly turned me off from reading books all together! To kill a mocking bird, the great gadsbury, Wuthering heights were all attempted murder by the school on my love for reading.

Then I read The Wild by Whitley Streiber. This book is not the best of werewolf novels, in fact I question if it truly is a werewolf novel since they guy turns completely into a wolf and stays that way for the most part.... but either way, it was the first novel I willing read all the way thru and enjoyed. School kept me busy so I didn't think much of it until years later mostly because I was being forced to endure literary hell administered by my school. Then I found myself in possession of another werewolf novel, I forget what... but I read it and enjoyed it quite a bit... it was all down hill from there...

I decided to read every last werewolf novel in existence that I could get my hands on! Soon I was a reading addict and slowly opened my choice in genres to include vampires, fairies, witches, wizards, and more! Due to running out of books to read, I keep on expanding the types of books I will read. I hope one day, you too will find the genre that makes you a reading addict as well.

I rarely watch cable TV but I do watch a lot of anime and usually all before cartoon network gets its grubby dubbing hands on it too. I like Webcomics and Mangas as well.

I am kind of nuts and very playful too. Too much so... oh wells. If you're not well adjusted then I suggest finding a more stable person to talk to. If you don't like that... tough titty said the kitty! Muahahaha!

Holy Hell! I won Mrs. Annual Ball AND Mrs. Dark Room at the 5th Annual Ball!! This is sooo kick a**!!! Thank you everyone who helped me win!! I love you all *hugs everyone tight*

Proof I Won:

You Voted for me and The Darkness Won!!! We triumphed over the light by 12 votes!! oh and umm.. i am getting soo many private messages about it now that if i were to answer all of them thats all i would be doing all day long and thats more typing then i can do, my wrists hurt badly from typing now... sooo don't get mad at me if i don't answer back >_<

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Necrowitch's Journal of Thoughts

As the title says, its about my own thoughts! Yup yup! or at least my gaian ones! its full of my sense of humor, some gaian tips, as well as my rants and ravings!


I will bite you if you click this!

I won Mrs. Annual ball at the 5th Annual Ball! sooo happy! Thanks all!

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Oh soooooo....SEXY...!!!

Let The Sparks Fly

Totally mutant. Oh yeah. Special eye squintness powaz.

Now your going to be my friend and you wont say no XD

Stupidity abounds in that comment!

Loves you! <3 ^w^ <3

You are NOT Jesus. Crazy b***h.

That comment made me laugh for days.


Meow! =^-^=