No amount of photography can ever capture how beautiful this world truly is.

Image rotator no longer works, apparently. So here's a picture of my cat Mallow. smilies/icon_biggrin.gif
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A picture of me, if you must.


My bio.

Hi, My name is Maryann and online alias is Riku so feel free to call me that. I am 21 years old and I now reside in the state of CA with my bf, here to follow my goals of becoming a pokemon master! I mean, to get a masters in zoology. (Same dif)
To see a bio of all animals I've had and some of their pictures go Here.
It's quite out dated though, and I've sort of lost track of them all now. ^^;

I like photography and when I'm in the mood I upload some to
My Deviant Art.
I also have some hand drawn pictures there, mostly abstract or symbolic.

Random fact about me:
My nickname is Lux Elli.
I have an affinity for chocobos.
And the pokemon wooper.
My old username used to be Riku4245 here, but I am now a Riku on my secondary account Kilaya Riku.
I am an esoteric.
I'm into social justice, humanitarianism, Naturism, and doing what I can to help the world.
This is my tumblr where I mostly just reblog other cool stuff: My Tumblr.

I don't really do that much on Gaia anymore, the most you'll see me at is in the GD or the Electronica music forum occasionally .

I also roam all over the internet to places unspeakable... along with some that are more nice, like Deviant Art, Youtube and Last.fm, among others. smilies/icon_3nodding.gif

If you'd like, PM me so we can chat, I love meeting new friends.

Bye! =D


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Hi. :3

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Infinite Possibility

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Infinite Possibility

He is noming on a starfish. .. or cthulhu is coming to destroy the planet. Your pick. eek
Dolce Rogue

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Dolce Rogue

Oh well lolol.

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Beautiful! surprised

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Thanks! biggrin
l- Kalooeh -l

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l- Kalooeh -l

Oh and
l- Kalooeh -l

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l- Kalooeh -l

Ah, well I'm not a vegetarian
but there's a lot ;D
Falcone Panch

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Falcone Panch

Thank you 3nodding
I like your profile it's pretttyy

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Check this out in Aurora's Fun House! Win gooooold with your team!


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(❀◠‿◠) Namaste. <3