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Hey I'm Victoria or Vicky for short. Some folks like to call me Nat since it's easier to remember c: I'm just your average South Korean American. I've also just graduated with a B.S. in Biology, specializing in Zoology. I'm pretty shy towards strangers in real life but once you get to know me, I'm nuts! I'm currently in love with the most wonderful man I could ever ask for. He deals with my shenanigans like a champ!

Some of my shenanigans include: ADD-like symptoms, a never-ending craving for random food, a terrible habit of procrastination, making sound effects for random actions such as squeezing past a person, and singing Christmas songs all year around. He says they make his life too much fun. Bless his soul.

Overall, I am a terrible person. But if you feel like chatting, feel free to send a pm~ However, I don't accept random friend requests, sorry! I only like adding those who have talked to me several times first. On occasion, I may send a request instead 3nodding


- Italian Food
- Blue/Purple
- Dogs/Foxes/Wolves
- Books
- Trance/Alt. Rock/Classical/Jpop
- Comfy Clothes
- Lots of Sleep


- Peppers/Onions/Lettuce/Mayo/Ketchup/Mustard
- Hypocrites
- Spiders
- Needles
- Roller Coasters
- Passive-Aggressiveness

This is my boyfriend and I
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These are my three chihuahuas at home!

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PRAXlC Report | 05/23/2017 11:54 am
Thank you Nat User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
PRAXlC Report | 05/23/2017 11:52 am
No it's tomorrow c:
C e r u l e a n Report | 05/13/2017 8:20 am
C e r u l e a n
Also, I forgot to say my minimums haven't changed all that much since last time. (I think I've only raised the CG ones by a bit.) Gaia's economy is still pretty whacked up so just offer away. biggrin
C e r u l e a n Report | 05/13/2017 8:17 am
C e r u l e a n
I have minimums on the front page 3nodding but I can't give you a yes or no yet or what not otherwisem I might as well open now. So... I'll quote you again in a couple of months? Definitely interested.
C e r u l e a n Report | 05/13/2017 8:12 am
C e r u l e a n
Yep! ^^
C e r u l e a n Report | 05/13/2017 6:51 am
C e r u l e a n
Hi Naturalist! I know this may be weird but a couple of years ago you were in my art shop and was wondering if I was gonna reopen and I said I would... but I never did sweatdrop So... I'm just letting you know now I'll be reopening again and you're welcome to drop by--if you were still interested, of course. No worries if you aren't. Just thought I should let you know smile
Anamosa Valentine Report | 05/10/2017 6:28 pm
Anamosa Valentine
*looks you up and down*... hmm, I think you must be the original. If there's an old comment of mine buried in your profile, then yes you're the right one.

Do a search of your name and replace the "L" with an "I" and you'll see it turn up!
Anamosa Valentine Report | 05/09/2017 10:38 pm
Anamosa Valentine
Huh, I just saw another account with the same name as yours. o.o
Levi Ackerman Report | 04/27/2017 2:55 pm
Levi Ackerman
Yeah, that scheme it's mocked in is my own scheme. I have two items already submitted and I'm debating which will be my third one ;_;
help me choose pls
Levi Ackerman Report | 04/26/2017 3:30 am
Levi Ackerman
Hey Nat!
Twinkles asked you for permission to recolour your Titania [still need to do the sunkissed one she wanted]
But I figured I'd share with you too. I also love that item <3

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