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Bonjour random person smilies/icon_smile.gif My name is Natalie, im currently 14 16 years old and i love to rp. I've been rping for about 4-5 years now, so i know pretty well what im doing. Im just like any other teenage girl; hyperactive at times, fun, nice, funny, and very athletic. And, im always listening to music. I feel it makes my life easier, and if there is none, i am a unhappy person (i cant stand quiet, i have to be listening to something or ill go insane). However, i do have the tendency to be easily annoyed and infuriated by idiocy and cocky/arrogant people. I dont tolerate it, end of story. So sometimes think before you speak to me, because i could make youre life hell. ;D

Some things i love:
✓ Music ♥
✓ Reading
✓ Animals
✓ Night Time
✓ The rain/thunderstorms/snow
✓ Softball, swimming, hockey, sports ♥
✓ My friends and family ♥

And.. some things i hate:
✗ Idiocy
✗Cocky/Arrogant people
✗People who lie to my face

Any questions, feel free to message me. Have a good day. smilies/icon_smile.gif

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