For those that are curious....

My name is Chrisanna and I am a sweet and loving girl but please don't that fool you I have a temper when it comes to someone messing with a person I care deeply for or something I believe strongly in. I am Cherokee and Chippewa, German, French Canadian, Irish, Scottish, Swedish and Pennsylvania Dutch. I am a southern belle and pretty proud of it, got a sassy attitude and ain't ashamed of it either. I love dogs and cats, though I tend to lean more towards a dog than a cat at least they love you without glaring at you like you have done something to offend them. Haha. Really if you wish to know anything else just PM me, I don't bite...much just kidding! Maybe, nah I am kidding. xP

Fall is my favorite season, I am a my favorite color is blue I am a total book nerd I love my books. Romance novels mainly though I love the Harry Potter books to pieces and yes I liked the Twilight Saga books and I know all five of those. Also I adore Tweety bird! I love music too.

Note I rarely accept random friend requests, so if you wish to be friends at least talk to me don't just add me and not say a word to me.