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Birthday: 08/31



please enjoy! i try to keep the price as low as i can!

thank you!
If you have any problems with the pricing please tell me and i'll lower it!


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some advice

I dont think death means that. death is sitting at your own funeral and watching the people who love you cry... as you see their hearts tear get to see EVERYONE who was in your life fall apart thinking "what could've I said, what could've I done?! DID they even know I love them?" you might even end up watching the people you love most follow your footsteps into death... you'll have see everyone who loves you go mad over your death. That is death... it is not painless nor sweet. In Death things get worse... so much worse... so instead of taking the path of watching your loved ones hearts shatter.. talk to them... even if its only over the internet.. know that you are loved... when you truly speak out you realize how many people love you... and thats something you will want to learn in life and not death were it is already too late... please... even if its a "im in a blue mood, I need a hug" jut try talking... You are loved... more than you know. LIfe is hard and Depression is a b***h,but talking about it or even just sitting in silence with some when you cant find the words to speak helps alot.... the world might feel like its baring its weight on your shoulders, but with your loved ones it lightens the load... Please believe me... I know what I speak of.... no one deserves that pain... not you nor anyone else....... (Learn from my mistakes and call your loved ones up... wither you need to talk or think of someone while reading this talk to them.... Dont be a fool like me when its too late)


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None of your buisness...


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greenmote Report | 05/21/2014 8:13 am
Thank you for the purchase! emotion_yatta
Sandraous Report | 08/30/2010 5:05 pm
dhappy birthday how aree you doing (random comment)
Ravyn Dove Report | 02/07/2010 12:38 pm
Ravyn Dove
Hey... um... you know Deatharmy20?
GuardianMoonsword Report | 02/04/2010 5:46 pm
GuardianMoonsword Report | 12/24/2009 10:46 am
Happy Holidays
Usayasha Report | 10/12/2009 4:13 pm
It's okay, I'm sorry, I overreacted a little. It's just that I'm tired of people always mispronouncing my name, so seeing it misspelled after I had already typed it made me feel like I was in a world full of idiots. But I shouldn't judge, afterall, you're still a freshman. (Which I laugh at. Once you stop being a freshman, THEN I will stop making fun of you. But until then, you shall be a Fish.) Anyways, I apologize if I insult or hurt you, but I will be mocking you slightly on occasion from now on. Wow, I'm gonna start ranting if I don't stop typing soon... Bye bye!!!
PasteI Wishes Report | 10/12/2009 3:55 pm
PasteI Wishes
You paste the code as a media
Usayasha Report | 10/11/2009 8:28 am
That you spelt my name "cullin" after I specifically said, "Cullen, duh." offends me. To mispell some one's name after they TYPE it to you is so stupid, it should be punishable by law. But yeah, Hi!!!!!!!!!
Usayasha Report | 10/10/2009 4:39 pm
Bunny Boy (Cullen, duh.)
natasha_san Report | 10/10/2009 2:32 pm
dose any1 know how to put a playlist on ur profile? if so please tell me