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I love programming, reading, Gaia, and lots of other things!

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"We do what we must, because we can." -GLaDOS

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lilloulou Report | 07/08/2015 12:17 am
About the MP issue telling us we still own an item even if we already gifted it to someone else. I did some tests with my sis and here what seems to happen with it:

I bought an item and gifted it to her. Over 12 if not 24h later, it was still telling me I was owning it -- she hadn't open her gifts yet. I did another test right away and as soon as she opened her box, refreshing my mp page said I wasn't owning it anymore. The test was done on 2 differents computers, so no, it cannot be a weird cache issue cross-accounts.

(sorry, I thought I had reported it, but looks like I had forgot to do so)
Historical Devotee Report | 06/24/2015 10:21 am
Historical Devotee
I have a problem but I want to make sure it won't get me in trouble here on Gaia. Okay supersonic has refused for over a month to pay me what they owe me, and other people, who aren't on gaia,, have told me to consider getting a lawyer. I want my gc from them so I'm seriously considering doing that. But I want to know if that would get me into trouble here for going after supersonic.
My Styles Of Poetry Report | 06/01/2015 10:00 pm
My Styles Of Poetry
I have to work Mondays and can't ask a question in the forum but maybe I can ask it here? Can you make it possible to like friends statuses and comments or be able to tip them? I would love to be able to tip people's comments and statuses if I think they're awesome.
N1T30WL-XIII Report | 06/01/2015 5:07 pm
since the avi builder is still down and constantly goes down at least 1x a week can you just take it down until you can fix it? its a useless feature if its not going to work at all
Swvxe Report | 05/30/2015 10:52 am
Avatar Builder ?? crying
Idol Girl Rin Report | 05/29/2015 8:22 pm
Idol Girl Rin
The avatar builder is down again. Do you know why? Darn, I love that thing. It turned out great and now it's broke again.
aurora_2003 Report | 05/28/2015 3:47 pm

Thank you for your hard work and for all you do for us Gaians !
YOU are appreciated !
Keep up the good work and again THANK YOU
Cosmirage Report | 05/22/2015 5:26 am
Since the avatar builder arrived, I love it!! I hope avatar builder stays permanent as GO Fusion. It works!! heart heart
Crystal Whitney White Report | 05/20/2015 8:34 am
Crystal Whitney White
BIG features ready for ''your?"… are all the staff members losing there typing skill? surprised
Ettes Report | 05/10/2015 7:29 pm
All I have to says is :

I'd love to be a tester! Xoxoxo